The big move of 2010 is almost over.

I mentioned in the last post that we were getting ready to move into a smaller apartment this holiday weekend and, for the last three days, that’s what we’ve been working on. Friday was largely eaten up by the the laundry rental guys showing up to move the washer and dryer we rent over to the new apartment and the AT&T U-Verse installer who was hooking up our new service, but we did get some boxes moved that day. My buddies JethricOne, Andy, and Bob came out to help by getting all the big, heavy furniture moved on Saturday. And yesterday my in-laws were out to help move all the rest of the crap we had.

By the end of the day yesterday we had at least 95% of everything moved and my legs were totally useless. My knees were bothering me something fierce, but it was the calf muscles that were the real problem. If I needed a reminder of why I need to exercise then yesterday served that function well. My in-laws will be back out later this morning to help get that last 5% moved over and then we’ll do a quick cleaning of the apartment and turn in the keys tomorrow.

One thing is for sure, I’m going to make the time to go through a lot of the stuff I have and see if I can’t reduce and simplify a bit. Of course I say that every time I move and realize just how much crap I actually have tucked away in boxes and stuff, but I’m going to do my best to actually follow through on that this time. Wish me luck!

10 thoughts on “The big move of 2010 is almost over.

  1. LUCK!

    And if you are successful, let me know how you did it. I, too, accumulate crap at a fantastic rate. And moving is certainly one of my favorite activities, also. It ranks right up there with root canals and IRS audits.


  2. LUCK!

    Just go by my grandmother’s guidelines for getting rid of stuff…If you won’t use it today, didn’t use it yesterday and won’t use it tomorrow…throw it out. Of course don’t be too literal, but you tend to hang on to things because you *might* use it or find a use for it later. Just throw it out! 🙂

    Also…FREECYCLE is AWESOME if you don’t already use it. I have gotten rid of a lot of stuff there. and look for a group for your area. 🙂

  3. Freecycle sounds awesome, but alas none near me. I have accumulated way too much stuff. Trying to get rid of some of it every week.

    Les, are you wearing some kind of knee brace?

  4. Hey Les, check out The Fly Lady ( she is really helpful for those of us who need to establish cleaning routines, and she has some great suggestions for when you move to get rid of things you don’t really need.

    Yes, she is a Christian, and her faith does come through in her writing, but IMHO, not offensively so…she even warns you when a post is entirely faith-based so you can skip it if it doesn’t correspond with your beliefs!

    Check it out on one of your breaks today

  5. I already know there’s a Freecycle right here in Ann Arbor and I’ve been meaning to look into how they work. Looks like the local group uses Yahoo Groups for posting about stuff you want to get rid of.

    DOF, no knee brace at the moment, but it’s not the knee joint so much that’s killing me as my calves. Yes, my knee is sore from all the moving, but that’s tolerable. It just I’m using muscles I’ve not used much in awhile. Which is why I had the knee surgery so that I can start using those stupid muscles.

    Rosie, I’ll check it out. I have no problems accepting good advice from the faithful. Thanks for the tip!

    Oh, and we’re done with the move. Finished around 1:30PM in fact. Got back to the new apartment after cleaning the old one just as the rain started to fall for a massive downpour. Timing was impeccable. I once again owe a large debt of gratitude to my friends and family for going above and beyond the call for us.

  6. Well, you could always get three boxes – “keep”, “ebay” and “trash”. Might even be fun, and get you some money.

  7. I wish you luck. For myself, I have to do the sorting and purging BEFORE any boxes are loaded on the truck. When I’m flabbergasted to discover I own (fill in the blank). That’s when I strike, reasoning I’d rather dispose of it by whatever means than raise any sweat hauling it and replacing it in storage. I’m already in packing and sorting gear, so shoving some stuff in the “Good Riddance” box is easy.

    Once I’m in my new digs, it’s too overwhelming. Taking inventory and purging becomes low priority while trying to find the box with the cereal bowls.

  8. What’s really sad is that Les and I have almost as many boxes in my parents’ basement as the amount in our new townhouse basement, lol. DOH!

  9. We seem to use our Parents house as storage space. L.O.L.! I got some of our crap in the garage. Was a tough job moving that stuff. Helping you get you stuff moved made me think. I am now trying to limit the amount of crap starting to accumulate here and getting rid of things unneeded. When we move we hope to not have to much stuff. Good thing about it was that I wasn’t feeling sick after moving your stuff the hard labor boosted my immune system. Nothing fights a cold like hard labor! Kidding. Glad things are getting in order.

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