Now he’s just showing off: Jesus found in fingerprint and lung X-ray.

Pic of Jesus in thumbprint.

Jesus knows where your thumb has been!

It’s been awhile since we’ve had any stories about images of Jesus showing up in odd places so here’s two such stories to make up for it. First, Jesus took the time to freak out an 8th-grader:

Austin Coleman says he found Jesus on his thumbprint. He says he put the thumbprint on a piece paper for a school science project then stepped back and noticed the resemblance. He admits, “I got a little freaked out.”

You can see the picture to the left here. It took me a moment to see the face as I was busy looking at where the arrow was pointing and not realizing it’s actually in the middle of the print.

Doesn’t look like any depictions of Jesus I’ve ever seen, but then it barely registers as a face to me.

Pic of Jesus in MRI.

I'm sorry sir, but you have a terminal case of Jesus lung.

As if that wasn’t enough, Jesus also took the time to show up in some poor dude’s chest x-ray:

Images from a thoracic spine examination by Christopher Vittore and Kevin Tribble, radiologists in Rockford, Ilinois and clinical assistant professors at University of Illinois College of Medicine. MRI technologist, Deb Savala assisted with the technical data. This was performed on an open MRI machine, a General Electric Signa 0.35 Tesla MRI scanner. (Details: 40 x 40 cm field of view, sagital plane, frequency 256, phase 128, image slice thickness 5 mm with 2mm skip interval, no phase wrap.)

You can see that image on the right. The face is a bit easier to see here than the fingerprint, but, again, it doesn’t look all that much like Jesus to me. Mohammed maybe, but not Jesus.

Oh wouldn’t that be awesome if an image of Mohammed showed up in some big anti-Islamic preachin’ televangelist’s lung? Now that would be some serious irony.

5 thoughts on “Now he’s just showing off: Jesus found in fingerprint and lung X-ray.

  1. Don’t be silly. That’s obviously Rasputin. Didn’t you see Anastasia?

  2. Just hope you’re not using a certain MS OS, because I’ve justtrealised that “Stupid evil bastard” is an anagram of “Vista-bred plaudits” 😉

  3. Elwed, further reading seems to indicate that those dark lumps are actually a cross section of his heart and not part of his lung. I didn’t read the article closely enough as it’s not an x-ray, but an MRI scan.

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