My last minute entry into Everyone Draw Mohammed Day!

This little exercise was a lot more painful than I expected it to be. Not because I’m worried about offending someone’s religious sensibilities or because I have some heretofore unknown deeply held respect for the “prophet” Mohammed, but because it reminded me of my total lack of talent at drawing anything. This became especially obvious to me after seeing both ***Dave’s and DOF’s entries for the day. Compared to them alone, I have the artistic ability of a retarded fruit fly that’s been dead for a week.

So I did what everyone who lacks any ability to draw a straight line does in this situation. I resorted to a stick figure. And here it is:

A stick figure Mohammed.

I did this all by myself!

Yes, I believe I’ve managed to create a spectacularly offensive depiction without really trying. That’s supposed to be a turban on his head, but it looks more like a pile of shit. I modeled the beard on my own and it’s probably the most realistic thing in the picture. That’s supposed to be a sword in his right hand even though it looks like a giant leaf of some sort. Based on my drawing, Mohammed was a stunningly short man with a surprisingly huge head and an arm span of at least 10 feet.

So there we go. With just two minutes to spare. My not-meant-to-be-offensive-but-probably-is-anyway entry for Everyone Draw Mohammed Day.  It’s sad to think that this means I have bigger balls than all the people at Comedy Central.

14 thoughts on “My last minute entry into Everyone Draw Mohammed Day!

  1. Heh, nice work! Funny, I was thinking today that if I were to draw Mohammed I’d make him a stick figure with a turban. Great minds, and all that.

  2. Take that, Comedy Central! Of course my drawing was “me chickening out” while you and ***Dave took the bull by the horns and kicked it right in the nads.

  3. Fuck U Bitch!!! Be Happy In hell….i can draw a better apple than this.. Go to hell asshole…

  4. well sir/madam. I am a muslim and all i have to say is that we respect ur religion and i dont understand that y u have to disrespect our religion. Islam was spread on the basis of love and peace.. so this proves that despite ur this inhuman act we still have patience as Islam teaches us peace. so try to respect other ppls views and beliefs.when we never say any thing coz we too believe in Moses and Jesus and the last and Final prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) so whats ths use of hurting our feeling with this attitude. this shows that i being a muslin didnt react at ur teasing me coz i belong to a peace loving religion so pls learn to respect other ppls religion n belifs. i could ve said bad things to u too but my this paitience shows how muslims are.thanku

  5. Fuck U Bitch!!! Be Happy In hell….i can draw a better apple than this.. Go to hell asshole…

    You certainly showed us how ‘paitient’ muslims are.

  6. Uzma requested I delete the first comment he — I’m assuming he’s a he — left, but I thought it was important enough to include as it seems to prove the point of Everyone Draw Mohammed Day. Especially given his claims that he didn’t react poorly to my drawing in the second comment. Apparently he did not realize I see all comments left even if you ask to delete one.

    Uzma, I don’t see how you can respect my religion because I don’t have one. I’m an atheist. I don’t believe in Gods, yours or anyone else’s, and I do not agree that the rules of your religion apply to me. You may have an injunction against drawing Mohammed, but I do not. The fact that you describe this stupid cartoon as being “inhuman” is exactly why I drew it.

    You guys seriously need to get your priorities straightened out if you think what I did was inhuman. Where is your outcry about the extremists among your religion who set off a car bomb in Iraq today that killed 22 people? THAT was inhuman. It’s also just one of many examples of how your “religion of peace” isn’t all that peaceful.

    I also find it very humorous that your religion apparently considers it a greater sin to draw Mohammed than to lie about your reactions to someone else doing it. Of course I seem to recall that my being an infidel makes it OK to lie to me, but you don’t appear to have realized that at the time you left your comments.

  7. I don’t have a scanner so I can’t put it up, and I drew the picture a day late, so you will have to forgive my ineptitude in celebrating “Draw Muhammad Day.” At any rate, I drew a picture of Muhammad with a really big head and called him “Big Headed Muhammad”… since he thought so much of himself. And I of course had to draw a small picture of his pre-pubescent wife next to him. It is interesting, when you stop and think, just how many religious prophets were perverts or child abusers in one way or another.
    As for the notion that Islam spread peacefully; give me a break. Everyone knows that Muhammad fought wars and slaughtered civilians and prisoners of war. Islam went on to expand its dominion from Morocco to western China through violence and conquest. In this very decade radical Islam has not only killed thousands of Americans, but also thousands of their own fellow Muslims all over the globe. Whenever someone tries to be critical or, worse yet, satirical in response to Islamic radicalism, as is their right in constitutional democracies, they receive these subtle or overt threats from these Islamic fundamentalists. These of course being the same Islamic radicals that burn American flags and then talk about the need for respect. If you expect people to respect that, then you are crazier than your prophet. The right to insult someone else’s religion is a sacrament in any free or civilized nation. If you do not like it then try living in one of these Islamic theocracies and see how many websites they allow you to access, which will be the least of your problems.

  8. hahahahahaha i pity u and ur thoughts.. mr atheist.. do u think u scared me?? Aaaaa.. to be honest u ppl dont undertstand sweet language.. i really pity u…. by the way ur site name is as u r urself. STUPID,EVIL,BASTARD. hahahahahaha

  9. No, Uzma, I don’t think I scared you. I have no idea why you would think I was trying to scare you. As for being able to “undertstand [sic] sweet language” it seems clear to me, based on your comments, that that may apply more to you than to us.

  10. @Uzma

    Nice one! No one has ever thought of that glib retort before. You’re the first one. Honest.

    Also, keep lying to yourself. You’re doing great.

  11. U r an Atheist? Thought they don’t have time for Allah or God or Jihoba or the creator! I thought they were people who don’t believe in any god, at all!! But an Atheists do not necessarily go around insulting other peaceful people cos educated & well-mannered people don’t have time to ridicule something that they don’t even believe in the first place!!! But rules of society don’t apply to u…cos u don’t belong to any society. Society rejects people like u everywhere, not because of ur ugly face but because ur ugly behavior. There’s so much u could do with ur time but u went ahead & killed it by drawing a random stick figure & calling it our prophet! :v it means, u spent time thinking about our prophet Mohammad, peace b upon him, as much as I do, but u did it so u can insult him!!! Wow!! U spend time on him & don’t get any reward, or even worse, u will get punished in hell. & if there’s no hell or heaven, I won’t go to heaven but won’t go to hell either! So why bother drawing our prophet Mohammad peace be upon him??? Cos, u r lonely, ugly & have nothing better to do…nobody wants u or luv u or respects u..all u have is a silly blog & ur sorry ass! Oops! It’s ur face, actually!

  12. I think I touched a nerve with Humayra. Look at how much time they spent forming a nearly incoherent response that is so full of well-reasoned logic that it has left me crushed and dispirited as a result! Oh woe is me!

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