“Don’t Be A Sucker” film clip from 1947.

You can learn a lot from your elders. Here’s a film clip from 1947 produced by the U.S. War Department that is stunningly apropos to today:

This is how I grew up viewing America. We are a nation of immigrants and minorities of one form or another. It’s what makes us unique and part of what gives us our strength. It’s something to be proud of as it takes a lot of effort to make a country such as this work. There will always be people, both knowingly or ignorantly, who are willing to destroy what makes this country great. Who will seek to divide and undermine for their own gain. Who will preach hate and wrap themselves in the flag while doing it. We have a major news network that seems to have been custom built just for that purpose. The only defense we have against them is to remain ever vigilant and do our best to not be a sucker.

Found via A Blog Around A Clock.

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