Daniel Hauser’s father now has leukemia.

Remember Daniel Hauser, the (at the time) 13-year-old illiterate kid out of Minnesota who was ordered by the court to get chemotherapy to treat his cancer over the protests of his alt-med preferring parents? His mother took off with him rather than follow through on the court order, but after a few days they eventually showed up again and complied with the judgement on the stipulation that his parents could include alternative treatments as part of his therapy. Six months later Daniel finished his last chemotherapy treatment as was cancer free.

You’d think the parents would’ve learned a lesson from this experience. A lesson they can now apply as Daniel’s father has just been diagnosed with leukemia himself:

One year ago today, Danny Hauser, from Sleepy Eye, MN, flew to California with his mother to avoid going through court-ordered chemotherapy after he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Authorities and the FBI searched for Danny and his mother for six days, before the two finally returned to Minnesota. Danny eventually went through chemotheraphy and radiation and is now in remission.

A close family friend of the Hauser’s, Dan Zwakman confirms Danny’s father, Anthony Hauser, was diagnosed with leukemia two weeks ago after feeling ill and exhausted for the past month.

Zwakman says Hauser is choosing to treat  his leukemia using natural healing treatments instead of going through chemotherapy. The Hauser family, who lives on a farm in rural Minnesota, holds a strong belief in the advantages of alternative medicine and natural supplements.

Nope, they didn’t learn a goddamn thing.

But that’s OK. His father, being a legal adult, has every right to refuse proven medical treatments in favor of alt-med bullshit if he really wants to. Maybe he’ll get lucky and the cancer will go into remission on its own. I won’t be holding my breath in anticipation of that happening, but it’s been known to happen every now and then. The article does note that Anthony has had three blood transfusions over the past several weeks so perhaps he’ll come to his senses before it’s too late to do anything about it.

If it’s the same leukemia his son had — Hodgkin’s lymphoma — then it’s one of the more curable cancers you can get. When treated properly survival rates are between 85 and 98% depending on factors such as your age and how early it was detected. Even with a worst-case scenario an 85% chance to cure it is pretty outstanding. What constitutes proper treatment? Chemotherapy. I’m not sure what his chances of survival are without chemo, but Daniel’s doctors only have him a 5% chance of making it with the treatment. Being that his father is older I’d guess his chances are even more remote, but I guess we’ll find out before too long.

One interesting side note: In researching this entry I learned that the current staging system for lymphomas is named after the town it was developed in: Ann Arbor, where I currently reside.

13 thoughts on “Daniel Hauser’s father now has leukemia.

  1. Poetic justice, eh. Too bad that except for the rare spontaneous remission, he’ll find out that his trust in alternate treatments is misplaced.

  2. Unfortunately for the Hauser’s this time around they are dealing with acute erythroleukemia which is fairly rare and rather dire. Even with a treatment regimen not based on bullshit his five year chance of survival is around 20%.

    Orac did a write-up of this as well coming to the conclusion that Daniel’s father is SOL.

  3. Even though it will just make the woo worse, I do sincerely hope dad will be ok. This poor kid is going to have enough scars to deal with in therapy when he’s older.

  4. Inigo, that is bad news indeed. He’s an idiot, but my heart goes out to him and his family just the same.

  5. Could be a Hoax. With medical privacy being what it is, he’s free to claim that he’s sick with just about anything that’s not easily diagnosed by a visual inspection and later claim his alt med treatments cured him.

  6. Forcing medical treatment on a kid. And you Americans are actually deluded enough to think you live in a “free” country. Unbelievable.

  7. You’re right. How silly of us to take steps to protect a child from himself. We should roll back the child labor laws while we’re at it and not intervene when they’re playing in traffic or doing any of a number of other stupid things that put their lives at risk. Because kids are just like adults: Fully capable of making rational decisions of a life and death nature, right?

  8. The odds of developing cancer is low for a healthy person. Even lower for blood cancer. And lower still for two people in the same nuclear family. What I want to know is what were they exposed to that wrecked havoc on their immune systems.

  9. What I want to know is what were they exposed to that wrecked havoc on their immune systems.

    Answer: Fundamental Christianity?


  10. Re-reading the original post, I should have said the Answer was Fundamental Quackery. Looks like the Roman Catholic family was also following a Native American naturalist group.


  11. To all of you, if you don’t want to be in the dark side turn on the light and read about the New Medicine and the 5 Biological Laws of Dr. Hamer, anyway you must show a little inteligence to understand, if you are not, shut off the light and remain in obscurity.

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