Arizona’s new tourism commercial.

Well, I can see how it might appeal to some Republicans…

2 thoughts on “Arizona’s new tourism commercial.

  1. Since I travel quite a bit in the Southwest, I try to hear both sides of the story, It’s not unusual to pull into a town like Nogales Arizona and have a legal documented Mexican, load or unload the Truck. This person works legally within the US Territory. He may live in Mexico, but he works here in the US. He plays by the rules, pays his share of tax, obeys the laws, even speaks the language.

    But if I found a good job in Canada, and sneaked in daily to work that job. Avoided all the rules of commerce, got paid under the table, and prevented a Canadian citizen or other documented legal person from that work. The Canadian government should be held accountable to the public for allowing the employer and myself to take advantage of the situation. By undermining Canadian economic, and legal due process that will only make Canada less for tolerating the situation.

    And I have been through many border check points in Arizona. I am a darker skinned person. I could easily be mistaken for a lot of nationalities. The usual questions ask by Border Inspection personnel. And just a side note…They ask everyone the same questions regardless of skin color.

    What is your citizenship ? What are you hauling ? Is there anyone else in the vehicle ? This has been SOP for the last decade.

    If they have a Dog on duty he may do a quick walk around the vehicle.

    I have never been ask to show ID. They are looking for a specific profile of a person. And not necessarily based on the race of the individual. Border personnel are very good at looking for specific body language that makes a statement in itself, that would cause them to take a more in depth look at a situation or individual.

    I have also met the other side of the story ( Illegal undocumented workers ) at loading docks, and yes they should be looked at more closely as well as the employer. If the dog at the check point goes off, I can be assured of wearing the pretty wrist bracelets for a few hours or even be detained on suspicion. Drugs and contraband make it’s way into the US by the ton on a daily basis. Our order of Society is being compromised by the ( where with all ) of illegal trafficking, both in goods and services as well as the people themselves.

    It’s just my opinion but from what I have witnessed. This is an economic and public safety protocol that has been ignored for so long, that catching up on it looks bad. Once it is caught up, and the rules are in place it will not take the high profile that it appears to have in the media.

    I am sure there are many other sides to this, but the bottom line is we need to be protected from predatory business practices that undermine the US economy. Stream lining any working program, be it a blog, a job, even a computer program has to start somewhere. And it’s usually imperfect from the beginning. That’s just human nature.

  2. I’m of two minds with this. The first is that it’s a stupid law.

    “No.. our officers won’t abuse the language of this law” Bullshit. They will, and the state will defend them. It happens. It will always happen. You leave language in the bill (like in this one) that can be interpreted to do bad things, someone will do bad things and the state will be too embarrassed to prosecute effectively.

    On the other hand, illegal immigration is a problem. Arizona is acting because the Federal government refuses to, and immigration is firmly in the jurisdiction of the Federal government. I don’t pretend to know the answer… probably somewhere between total amnesty and finding and deporting all illegals, but if the Feds don’t do SOMETHING, more states are going to take matters into their own hands like Arizona.

    Does anyone want to see what kind of law Texas will come up with?

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