A quick update on what I’ve been up to.

Haven’t posted in a day or two so I thought I’d take a moment to let folks know why. We’re trying to get ready to move out of our current apartment to a smaller unit some four doors down as it’ll knock about $300 off our rent. This has been complicated by a couple of things. The first being my ongoing recovery from the knee surgery.

At this point I’m able to walk with only a minimal limp, but my knee still isn’t up to full strength and it keeps wanting to buckle every few steps. The entry wounds from the surgery have healed up well and are down to just small scabs at this point and the only pain I have occurs if I spend an extended amount of time walking. Walking being one of the things I’m supposed to be doing a lot of to get the knee back into shape. I’m good enough that I should be able to help quite a bit in the move, but still weak enough that I’ve called in some friends to help with the heavy furniture. That’s supposed to happen on Saturday. We get the keys on Friday and I’ll begin moving some boxes over then. Sunday will be spent moving whatever didn’t get moved on Saturday and then doing a thorough cleaning of this apartment. My hope is to be able to relax on Monday.

The other thing that’s been complicating the move is my wife’s health. She’s been having problems with headaches, IBS, and high blood pressure. We ended up seeing the doctor today about it and the diagnosis is excessive stress. Her job has been more stressful than usual lately and when you combine that with the upcoming move and my continuing unemployment the Doc decided she needed to take a few days off to decompress. Needless to say we don’t have as many things ready for the move as we would have liked, but if worse comes to worst we’ll clear off the heavy stuff to be moved on Saturday and get that much done and worry about the rest on Sunday.

Speaking of my unemployment, I’m trying to ensure that I get at least one resume out a day using the various job finding websites that are out there. So far I’ve been pretty successful at that which is impressive considering how a lot of the jobs listed are well beyond my skill set. Those that are in my skill-set are, of course, being inundated with applicants. I’ve yet to have any interview calls, but at least one company sent me a follow-up questionnaire which I answered and sent back.

Finally, I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has sent in a donation to the SEB Spring Fundraiser. You guys have been a huge help and we really appreciate it. Some of you sent along notes apologizing for only being able to donate a small amount like $10 and I want you to know there’s nothing to apologize for. Ten bucks is still ten bucks more than I had before you donated and every little bit helps. SEB gets around 2,500 unique visitors a day on average with the occasional peak of 10,000 plus on some days due to an entry gaining popularity on Stumble Upon. In short, there’s enough folks pitching in that your $10 goes a lot further than you might think. Again, I thank each and every one of you who has tossed a few bucks my way. It is sincerely appreciated.

7 thoughts on “A quick update on what I’ve been up to.

  1. The husband and I are pretty able bodied at the moment and live in your area, so if you need extra hands, we’d be happy to help in any way. Hit me up through my e-mail if you could use the extra hands!

    We’ll count it as my donation to SEB, as I dig the site but don’t have extra cash to donate.

  2. Hang in there…everything will settle soon. If I was closer I would totally help you move and pack…but I’m not, so I can’t…make sure to call in favors and put the guild trip on people instead. 🙂

  3. I hope you and your wife start feeling better soon. Don’t over-do it on the move. This is a time to call in favors and get friends to help. Downsizing to a smaller (and cheaper) place is a good plan. That will help you hunker down while your economic situation gets better. BTW, a small donation is on the way from the Stormin’ Norman household. I pay for a lot of memberships in things I enjoy. SEB is no different, so consider my donation a payment for the all wonderful things I enjoy here.

    Hope the job search is going well…hang in there, Les. If I can help in any way, shoot me an email.

  4. I love the jobs in my field that are “entry level” yet I don’t even qualify for them after all the time I’ve spent on the job. Cataloger for a library, please be fluent in the romance languages… YEAH RIGHT!!

  5. Hear ya loud and clear, Les. Take it easy – you’re not out to save the world or perform any kind of miracle. It gets better.

  6. Just got back up and running after being off-line for the past day or so. The shut down our AT&T U-Verse service in the old apartment early Friday morning. The installer was out on Friday afternoon to get things ready in the new apartment, but I didn’t get the computer moved over and set up until just a few minutes ago.

    Several friends were out today and helped us move all the big furniture over. There’s still a ton left to move, but it’s all either stuff we need to gather up and haul over or boxes that never got unboxed when we first moved into the old apartment. My feet and knees are killing me, but I’m hoping to get some more down once things cool off a bit here as it’s currently a sweltering 85 degrees. Once the sun goes down and things cool a bit I’ll try to haul a bit more over.

    Tomorrow my in-laws will be joining us around noon to haul whatever’s left, which I’m anticipating to be mostly boxes from the basement at that point. (I hope.) Then we’ll probably be spending our Memorial Day cleaning the hell out of the old apartment. But tonight we’ll be spending our first night in the new place.

  7. Why don’t you monetize your blog with ads? No reason why you couldn’t pull a few hundred dollars per month to help pay the bills!

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