Teen nearly kills himself for a free soda.

Are you stupid enough that you would clamp wires to your nipples and give yourself a 120 volt zap just to win a bet for a free soda?

High schooler Kyle DuBois is and he damn near killed himself:

Police released an interview with Kyle DuBois and his teacher, Thomas Kelley, after the teen shocked himself in class, sending him to the hospital.

Students in the electrical technology classroom say Kelley was in on the prank, even offering the teen soda if he did it.

Police say they interviewed the teacher hours later, at which point he vehemently denied taking part. He alleges he even told the students to knock it off.

“The one thing I remember him saying is, ‘What will you give me if I clip these to my nipples?’ ‘Nothing.’ ‘Give me a Mountain Dew, Kelley,’” the teacher can be seen telling police during the recorded interview.

Authorities interviewed the teen a week later when he was out of the hospital, who remembered a friend taking part in the dare, not the teacher.

“I bet ya free Mountain Dew first year every day, the friend did… to zap myself,” said DuBois to police.

via WHDH-TV – Police record talk with shocked NH teen, teacher.

His heart stopped and the teacher had to perform CPR to save his dumb ass. You can see part of a video one of the other students recorded with his cell-phone in the original article.

Given the almost ubiquitous appearance of defibrillators and how they are used in TV shows and movies, you’d think this kid would know that running electricity over his heart might be a bad idea, but I suppose some folks just have to learn this stuff the hard way.

4 thoughts on “Teen nearly kills himself for a free soda.

  1. What a good thing so many people are trained in CPR. This almost qualified for a Darwin Award.

    BTW, did he get that Mountain Dew???

    Have YOU renewed your CPR card lately?


  2. This sounds like something someone – anyone, really, except me – in my family might do.

    When younger, my son repeatedly drank entire bottles of red-hot sauce, stuck his hand in fire ant mounds more times than I can count, drank so many energy drinks that he landed in the ER with cardiac symptoms (and undoubtedly did a lot of other things I probably don’t want to know about), all because his friends offered to give him something for doing it.

    The strange thing is, he didn’t need or even want what they offered him, anymore than this kid needed a Mountain Dew.

    He’s hardly the only one, though. My grandmother married my grandfather – a man she had never even seen before – after a friend with whom she worked in a local “beer garden” dared her to “marry the next man who walks through that door”. She married him the very next day, and there wasn’t even anything in it for her other than knowing she didn’t stand down from a dare.

    I could go on, but you probably get the idea. Let’s just say this kind of behavior might actually be genetic. LOL

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