SEB Pro Tip: Having “Magic Jack” doesn’t make your phone number untraceable.

It’s always amusing when dumb asses think they can’t be found when, in fact, they can:

Gregory Giusti of San Francisco allegedly called Speaker Nancy Pelosi at least 48 times over a seven week period and in one voicemail left at her Washington home warned,”If you like your home in [Northern California], don’t vote for the healthcare bill,” according to an affidavit supporting the criminal complaint unsealed today.

Giusti, 48, is charged with making harassing and threatening telephone calls to a government official. During an initial appearance in federal court in San Francisco today Giusti wept but did not make any remarks.

Pelosi told agents that in one case she picked up the phone in her Washington home and Giusti “used extremely vulgar and crude language and threatened her, stating ‘when you go back to California you won’t have a home to go back to,'” the complaint alleges.

[…] Giusti made the alleged calls using an Internet phone service called Magic Jack. During one call to Pelosi’s San Francisco district office, Giusti allegedly claimed, “and the number I’m calling from is untraceable so if you’re trying to trace it have fun.” Authorities did so nevertheless.

Look, just because they call it “Magic Jack” doesn’t mean it’s actually magical and will keep the authorities from finding you when you use it to threaten public officials. If anything it’s amazing you got 48 phone calls in before they were knocking on your front door.

I have to admit that I do love the fact that this asshat cried in court. Perhaps he’ll think twice before being such a dumb ass in the future.

Naaaaah, probably not.

8 thoughts on “SEB Pro Tip: Having “Magic Jack” doesn’t make your phone number untraceable.

  1. And the irony–as with most other “Teabaggers” (I always giggle when I use that term)–is that he would most likely benefit from that reform, as I doubt someone with as much free time as he apparently has would be holding the kind of job that includes a high-end health plan (think CEO or other executive type).

  2. Actually magic jack is untraceble but you have to properly cover yourself. First of all don’t register it under a true name credit card, second don’t register it to your true name or address. You can register it under any name and address you want. Just don’t use one that can come back to you. You can pick what ever area code and state you want to use. A magic jack user can appear to be calling from lets say California but in reality could be anywere in the world and no one would ever be able to find the person if they properly covered themself, they would not even be able to tie it to an ISP. They even had a hard time finding this idiot that was harrassing Pelosi and he was right here in the US and was really careless about it. Imagine what someone could do that knows what they are doing and is really carefull.

  3. The only reason why this guy got caught is because he did not have enough common sence to use an alias name and address that could not be traced back to his true identity. He actually used a name and address of someone that he knew when he registered the magic jack. When you are developing a cover you don’t use anything that could be traced back to you. He should have come to see me first I could have taught him the way to do it correctly so that he would not have been caught. There is always a way to find someone if he used a credit card to register it they could have also found him that way if they already knew what he was using. They would have to go to the magic jack company with a warrant and get the credit card info of whom ever registered that number. Of course you would have to be doing something pretty serious other than a few prank calls, like threatening the house speaker.

    There are ways if you know what you are doing and if one were so inclined to procure non-attributable cell phones and lan lines. There are certain Government agencies that do this to conduct espionage and diseption operations. Someone could also use these skills to commit crimes such as extortion, ransom, and robberies. With this magic jack device you can very easily make yourself anonymous and untraceable if you do it right, and now this kind of technology is no longer just available to expert computer hackers and other freaks. Anyone can access this type of technology for $39.99 at any radio shack or on-line. I have one and it sure is nice to be able to call any where in the states for free from a foriegn country.

  4. Personally I think Nancy Pelosi is an arrogant lying power hungy bitch, but that does not give anyone the right to call her harrass and threaten her. I cannot believe they did not do anything to her after she got caught in a huge lie. She said that she was never briefed on the fact that the CIA was using water boarding techniques and that they mislead the house. Then it turned out and was documented that she in fact did get briefed on that. She accused the CIA of flat out lying when it was her that lied. I don’t really understand why she felt she had to lie. What law was the CIA breaking by using water boarding techniques? These are people that don’t technically fall under the Geneva Convention, and it’s not like they were arrested in the US and have criminal rights.

  5. John, do you have some sort of mental problem that makes you leave three comments in a row each more marginally about the subject of the entry than the last one?

    I cannot believe they did not do anything to her after she got caught in a huge lie. She said that she was never briefed on the fact that the CIA was using water boarding techniques and that they mislead the house. Then it turned out and was documented that she in fact did get briefed on that. She accused the CIA of flat out lying when it was her that lied.

    Actually it seems to be that she was telling the truth:

    After the torture memos were released, the torture apologists tried to claim that Congress had been briefed on–and had approved–of torture. But Pelosi pointed out that when CIA briefed her in September 2002, they did not tell her and Goss that CIA had already gotten into the torture business. In spite of the fact that that was completely consistent with Porter Goss’ tales of Congressional briefing, the press took Pelosi’s story as an accusation that the CIA had lied. So the right wing transparency group Judicial Watch FOIAed the records of Congressional briefings, with a focus on proving that Pelosi had lied about having been briefed about the torture that had already happened.

    Perhaps in response to this hullabaloo, the CIA’s Inspector General started a review of Congressional–particularly Pelosi–briefings on June 2, 2009. After about six weeks of reviewing their documentation, they came to the following conclusion (starting on PDF 27):

    • Pelosi was briefed on April 2002, before CIA started torturing Abu Zubaydah, and in September 2002, in the briefing under discussion.
    • CIA’s own records regarding the September 4, 2002 briefing are so erroneous they show Jane Harman, not Pelosi, received the briefing.
    • The only CIA record on the content of the September 4, 2002 briefing is the set of cables between Jose Rodriguez, (probably) Jonathan Fredman, and one other CTC person; this is the cable altered after the fact.
    • People from the Directorate of Operations, and James Pavitt personally, repeatedly made claims about the content of the Pelosi briefing over the years, yet none of that sourced any first-hand knowledge or documentation.

    That is, as is the case with CIA’s other briefings on torture, they have no fucking clue what they briefed to Pelosi.

    Which leaves Pelosi and Goss’ consistent claim that CIA didn’t even tell them they had already waterboarded Abu Zubaydah 83 times by the time they briefed them.

    And I’m not surprised that someone as obviously brain-damaged as yourself would advocate for torture not realizing the danger it puts our own troops into. It’s bullshit that these people don’t fall under the Geneva convention. It’s a war and simply renaming the participants to “enemy combatants” doesn’t make it OK to torture them. The fact that you think that simply changing what we call them makes it OK shows how morally corrupt and bankrupt you are.

  6. @ John:
    You need a credit card to register no?
    So it can be traced thru that. I f not how is it attainable to not be traced?

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