SEB breaks 80,000 comments.

Congrats to Julian who posted comment number 80,0000 in the Obama video clip thread I posted yesterday. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would preside over a site that generated so much discussion. For those of you keeping count, that works out to around 10,000 a comments a year for the eight and a half years SEB has been around.

Your input is what makes running the site worthwhile. I have learned a lot from you folks over the years and have had my points of view and preconceptions challenged in a multitude of beneficial ways. I am grateful that many of you drop by on a regular basis to see what nonsense I’ve written and to offer your comments. Thanks for helping make SEB the wonderful community it is.

9 thoughts on “SEB breaks 80,000 comments.

  1. WHAT?!?! Only 80,000? With topics as juicy as visions of the Virgin Mary and Healthcare?

    Actually, quite an accomplishment! Kudos, Les.


  2. Congratulations! If the 100 readers per comment ratio that I just made up holds, you are read by the entire population of Lima, Peru.

  3. Congrats man! I too have learned a lot here and its one of the reasons I keep coming back. SEB to me is a community and I appreciate that someone takes the time out of their day to support it and let it grow. I can’t wait for the next 80,000!

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