Just a quick note…

… to let folks know that things have been a bit quiet around here because I’ve had the week off between the old job ending and the new job starting next week. Combine that with running around getting ready for my knee surgery tomorrow and I’ve not spent much time blogging.

Did I not mention I was having knee surgery? Well, yes, I did mention it on Twitter more than once, but if you don’t follow me on Twitter then it’s probably news to you. It seems I’ve managed to somehow tear the meniscus in my left knee. So they need to go in, fill my knee with fluid, and remove part of the meniscus so that what’s left will work properly and my kneecap will stay in one place. I’ve been through this before on my right knee back when I was 25 and it was so much fun that almost 20 years later I’ve decided to get a matching set of knee scars.

You may recall my resolving to start exercising back on New Years Day. You may also not recall me saying anything else about it since then. It’s hard to exercise when your knee is messed up as fixing it needs to come first. Once I’ve recovered I plan to figure out what I will be doing to lose some weight. This is important for more reasons than just my knees as I’ve broken the 300 pound barrier for the first time in my life and it’s causing all manner of issues. Sleeping on my sides, as my weight keeps me from sleeping on my back, has damaged my rotator cuffs in my shoulders. My blood sugar level is way too high making me technically diabetic, but not to the point of needing insulin shots… yet. With exercise and weight loss I should be able to get it back down. My good cholesterol is too low as is my Vitamin D. The latter probably from staying indoors too much and not getting enough exercise, plus I should probably eat more green veggies.

Other than those things I’m not in terrible shape, but I will be if I continue down the path I’m on so I’m taking the time to do something about it. Now, if I can just figure out how to motivate myself…

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  1. How to motivate?

    For starters, your daughter needs her father, and your wife needs her husband. And then, well, we, your Internet friends, don’t want to lose our stupid evil bastard.

    Damn, Les, do it! You’re important.

  2. Get Anne involved – set a regular schedule and do it, no matter what. With two of you, one of you should have the gumption to say screw it and go. That will get the other person involved (because, let’s face it, they don’t want to be the deadweight).

    In your case, if you’re that heavy, walking might be an issue, so I would recommend swimming – all the movement, less of the gravity-kicking-your-ass. Plus it’s relaxing. Part of that should be stretching, too; consult someone to see what, precisely, you’ll need, and how to get it in while having some fun.

    I know we’ve seen this conversation before, but more water inside your body. Helps in all kinds of ways, from muscles to mind. Did you ever manage to drop the soda habit all those years ago?

    Read a quote recently, don’t know who said it, so I’ll do my usual and paraphrase:

    Motivation will get you started; habit keeps you going.

    I’m back to the gym, independently, after a hiatus of almost 2.5 years. One you’re established, you won’t want to not exercise. If, for some reason, you do stop, go out of your way to get started again. I stop exercising because of stress, which is the stupidest reason to do so.

    Neither here nor there; bottom line is, there’s lots of opportunities to get ahead. Seize a few, get some partners, and get started!

  3. Motivation–what you need! Try falling and having great difficulty gaining leverage to get yourself up because your body is too big to get into position to push up. Sleeping—You want to sleep but your arms. shoulders, hips, and legs ache every time you wake up. Exercise—-do it before your age kicks you in the ass and makes it difficult to even walk lot alone exercise. How do I know this because my son I’m in the problem now and don’t see much of a solution for it!

    How appropriate my captcha is grasp futility—Is it trying to tell me something??

  4. I’ve had the week off between the old job ending and the new job starting next week.

    Whoa. Your getting another job went right by me. Guess I about worried about you folks for nothing.

    My blood sugar level is way too high making me technically diabetic, but not to the point of needing insulin shots…

    Now, if I can just figure out how to motivate myself…

    Then you are not technically a diabetic, you are a diabetic. That’s not enough motivation already to exercise and stick to a diabetic diet? 😉

  5. Watch Jamie Oliver’s food revolution on ABC. Yes the series ended last week but you can watch it online. It helped motivate me to start cooking again. Cheap woks online are easy to come by and are really easy to cook with and maintain. But really Jamie’s system works because its easy. Eat fresh food that is cooked at home and stay away from pre-packaged preservative crap.

  6. Go to the store and get some Glucerna bars and even limit those, 1 can of Campbell Healthy Choice soup per day.Take your pick. And that’s it. Well maybe 2.

  7. Be wary of starvation diets. Your body reacts by going into survival mode and converts more food to fat – defeats the reason for dieting. Being morbidly overwieght, you may consider lap band surgery – talk to your doctor. It’s not for everybody, but it brings the weight down dramatically in the beginning. And, if you exercise regularly, eat healthy food, abstain from alcohol and wild women, you’ll still die. You may enjoy life a little more with less weight to carry, however. Most importantly, live each day as if it were you last and you can become happier and help those around you become happier. Hope this cheers you up a little.


  8. Thanks for the tips everyone.

    I ventured down the stairs into the basement today and have a ton of email to catch up on. So far the knee is sore and annoying, but not so incredibly painful that it’s affecting my mood. The Vicodin I’m taking is probably helping in that regard though the dose is low enough that I don’t really feel it and the pain is still there.

    Overall I’m doing pretty good and looking forward to being able to take a shower tomorrow. Today, well, sponge baths are somewhat less satisfying, but you do what the doctor tells you to do.

  9. Sounds like things went well enough, and I’m glad to hear it!
    One thing that helps with getting in shape is doing it every day. It’s a lot easier to maintain a habit of something you do daily than something you do every other day or three times a week. In the case of exercise, though, you want to do different exercises on alternating days because that gives muscles time to recover.
    Another thing that helps is to find a method of exercise that you love. I’m in pretty good shape because I drum, but I don’t really drum to stay in shape, I drum because it’s fun and invigorating and it makes me feel good. Some people I know have found that running is really fun for them, and while I think these people are clearly mutants, that’s what works for them. With the recovering from knee surgery, that might not be the right thing, but if you can find a method of working out that you also enjoy doing, it’s a hell of a lot easier to stick to. When you love what you’re doing to stay in shape, it’s a lot easier to make a habit of it.
    My final thought is that in terms of working out, just doing muscle strengthening exercises tends not to lose you much weight, although it will put you in marginally better shape anyhow. But what I think would be most helpful to you, and it’s worth noting that I am neither a doctor nor do I play one on TV, would be something more cardio related. Generally, the more you’re sweating the more weight you’re losing, although this is a rule of thumb and not a guarantee.
    Obviously, in addition to exercise, diet is important, although there seem to be tips up there already. Plus, as a college student I am eight kinds of not qualified to discuss what constitutes a healthy diet.
    Those are my thoughts on the subject, hopefully at least one of them is actually useful!

  10. While daunting at first, group training will help direct you. Misery loves company, so seeing “most” other people hurt will strangely motivate you to stick at it. Diet choices, make small steps at first to limit risk of failure. Small steps like cut all sugar based drinks including juice. Then move on to spreading your 3 meals a day out to 4 smaller meals. After that onwards to cutting carbs in the evening meals. Thats the key to making long term changes. We are creatures of habits and they prove hard to break. Good luck Les, hoping it works out.

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