“The Expendables” trailer hits the net.

This movie might suck balls, but I’ll still have to see it in the theater for the simple fact that it’s bringing together so many action movie icons at once:

Please don’t suck.

11 thoughts on ““The Expendables” trailer hits the net.

  1. If only Steven Seagal and Jean-Claude Van Damme could have been included somehow (Stallone tried to get them), it would have been perfect. As it is, this is going to be awesome, even if it’s just these guys standing around mumbling in the middle of ‘splosions.

  2. they listed everyone but Arnold (isnt he a governor?!?) and Bruce..

    Is this because they need no introduction, or are they just playing cameos?

    I wonder how they could afford all these guys. The last two (and Stallone) are the expensive ones..

    But only Stallone was mentioned in the mini-credits at the end..

    Meh, it looks OK for an action movie.. The military heroes get all soft for a female and rescue her.

    Hmm.. SOunds like a 500,000 year old story.. Written into the genes.. lol

  3. Arnold and Bruce’s appearances are indeed small cameos. From what I understand, Stallone had a big part in putting the movie together and recruiting all the stars to be in it.

  4. Could be fun. I’ve never been a big Stallone fan, and I prefer his comedies to his action movies. The Rocky movies are the cheesiest crap since cheddar, and the Rambo movies only slightly less silly. And not to be a star hater, but somebody needs to tell him that he’s getting old, and it’s okay to get old, so props on the rockin’ abs grandpa, but lay off the botox and make-up, okay? It’s not helping.(same to Mickey Rourke, BTW.) I wonder if Bruce and Arnold made fun of him for looking like Nancy Pelosi? I will say his acting has vastly improved over the years…uh, decades!

    All my b.s. criticisms aside, there is some real action movie talent there, and it could be pretty good. Statham is great, Lundgren is a better actor than he gets credit for, Jet Li is awesome, and the cameos look fun. I’m not sure about Austin and Couture. I’ve seen very little of their acting, but it wasn’t too bad…we’ll see. Also, Terry Crews is still underrated in my book even though he’s been acting for years now. I thought “Gamer” sucked ass, but Crews was pretty convincingly scary, and he was funny as hell in Idiocracy.
    I’m glad they didnn’t get Van damme or Segal. Sure, they can fake-fight convincingly, but in twenty years neither one bothered to learn how to act, or even speak clearly and change expressions once in a while.
    Was that Angel from Dexter as the bad guy? It went by too fast for me to tell.

  5. Ok. I have to say that the trailer looks good. Hope the movie is just as good. 🙂

  6. My Brother in law claims all the actors took union scale on this film to get em all in. I’m with Les “please don’t suck”. This is the only film on my “must see list” for the summer.

  7. Heh, you know, I decided to go see this.. Probably wouldn’t have had I not read about it here..

    Hey, I’m not above a little pyrotechnics..

  8. This is the kind of movie that even if it sucks, will still be awesome; awesome cast, many shiny explosions, mousie is a happy girl. I just can’t believe I hadn’t heard about it till now.

    I wonder if I could convince Jason Statham to leagally change his name to Jason Fucking Statham? Everything I see him in, when he starts kicking ass, I always end up saying, “because he’s Jason Fucking Statham.” If you see what I mean.

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