SEB’s spam filter is being overly aggressive at the moment.

Not sure why, but for the past couple of days several comments left by SEB regulars have ended up in the Akismet spam queue. This happened for a couple days a few months back and then it settled down so I’m hoping it will do the same this time around.

In the meantime if you leave a comment and it gets moderated or tagged as potential spam don’t worry too much about it. I check in on the site throughout the day and I’ll get it approved before too long.

6 thoughts on “SEB’s spam filter is being overly aggressive at the moment.

  1. Some of the captcha graphics have been unreadable.. What happens if you enter the wrong thing? If it can’t be read by computers, how does it know you’re right?
    Have these been already read by a human somewhere, after having succeeded in fooling a computer, and that’s why they’re used?
    None of thast may have anything to do with it, but, have been wondering about captcha.. Guess I’ll go google it.. LOL

    This time it’s “congressional sonata”; that certainly brings to mind some interesting images of dancing old men…

  2. Not getting the captcha right just means it asks you again, it’s separate from the spam filtering process. You know that if you register an account and login you don’t have to answer a captcha at all when posting, right? I don’t even ask for anything personal in the way of info.

  3. Hmm. Well, I just tried that and it didn’t work. I am logged in, and registered, and my cookie usually delivers my login info to SEB.

    So, I typed a response, and clicked submit without entering captcha and it said “Wrong, try again”


    Oh well it doesn’t matter.. But for the record, it does make me enter it, so I was surprised to hear that it was unneccesary Not sure what’s up with that..

  4. “The reCAPTCHA project advances the digitization of printed texts by using a pair of words that were difficult for an OCR system to identify as a CAPTCHA.”

    So these have been pre-screened as machine-unreadable.. Thats what I thought.

    Pretty cool stuff! Stop spam, and help digitize books!

    LOL, sorry, I’m gettin’ along in years, and still think digital watches were a pretty neat idea, so forgive my naive enthusiams


  5. Well, I’m logged in now and you’re right; no captcha.

    What happened was the site was picking up a cookie and auto-filling my email and stuff, (and also loading the gravatar), so I guess I thought I was logged in (all these months) 😐

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