Michigan-based Christian terrorist group raided by the FBI.

So we had a bit of excitement here in Michigan over the weekend thanks to the FBI taking down a Christian terrorist group that was plotting to kill a cop and then bomb his funeral in hopes of starting an uprising that would overthrow the government:

Seven men and one woman believed to be part of the Michigan-based Hutaree were arrested over the weekend in raids in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. The ninth suspect was arrested Monday night after a search in rural southern Michigan.

FBI agents moved quickly against Hutaree because its members were planning an attack sometime in April, prosecutors said. Authorities seized guns in the raids but would not say whether they found explosives.

The arrests have dealt “a severe blow to a dangerous organization that today stands accused of conspiring to levy war against the United States,” Attorney General Eric Holder said.

Apparently these yahoos have been running around in Michigan’s rural woods pretending to be literal Christian Soldiers since 2008. Like all good religious nutcases they even have their own website where you can learn more and watch a YouTube video of them simulating hunting down the Antichrist in a forest. What these nine idiots were planning is nothing short of a terrorist attack in Jesus’ name, because that’s how he would’ve handled things.

The sad part is that when you see their mugshots they look like a perfect cliche of FOX News watching redneck assholes:
Hutaree Christian Militia Members

Hey, that guy second from the bottom left looks kinda familiar. No, that can’t be me. I’ve never had the shaving skills to managed a half-way decent looking goatee. Besides, I’m still sitting here typing so that also rules me out.

As I’ve said before, a lot of hillbillies came north to work in the automotive industry and I can only assume that years of working on the assembly line absorbing all the various semi-toxic chemicals involved in car production is to blame for them going crazy on religious fervor after they’ve been laid off for awhile. Surely it couldn’t be an irresponsible “news” channel that acts as the unofficial propaganda wing of the Republican party and which promotes pundits who have a tenuous grasp of reality as though they were prophets, right?

What’s even more amazing is that instead of calling these terrorists what they are — terrorists — there are already a number of Right wing bloggers stepping up to defend these idiots:

Glenn Reynolds smells a politically-motivated conspiracy.


So does American Power.

Hey, is the administration taking after Christian militias to get in good with CAIR and the neo-communist left?

Dan Riehl finds something about the terrorists to praise.

Just three days ago, members of the group were assisting LE in a rescue search. Must be some really evil people there, what?

Classical Values sees nothing illegal going on.

Last time I looked, wanting to start a civil war (insane as it is) was not a crime.

You can hear echoes of “black helicopters” and “Ruby Ridge” and “Waco” in Confederate Yankee’s lament.

I question the wisdom of using such heavy forces (including armored vehicles and helicopters according to witness reports), when light, fast and quiet raids would have been at least as effective. More than the timing, I question the leadership.

And Roy Edroso flagged this reader’s comment at NRO.

We have to take a stand against creeping totalitarianism. I’ll take the risk that the regime will somehow get the NRO donation list and use it to round up the freedom-loving counterrevolutionaries.

You’d think these pundits would be clamoring for them to be shipped off to Gitmo and water boarded repeatedly what with how well it supposedly works on Islamic terrorists. The fact that these are Christian terrorists and stereotypical fans of FOX News wouldn’t have anything to do with the lack of calls for harsh interrogation methods, would it? Why that would be callously hypocritical and no Republican would engage in blatant hypocrisy.

You can bet your sweet ass on one thing though. The revelation of this extremist right-wing militia group will not get Republicans to admit that the report on right wing extremism put out by the Homeland Security department last year, which they had a fucking fit over, was in any way valid. Sure, they’ll happily paint every liberal as being a Communist clone of Stalin, but don’t you dare suggest that these nutcases are anything but an aberration among their mass of moral purity.

22 thoughts on “Michigan-based Christian terrorist group raided by the FBI.

  1. It’s kind of hard for the right-wing-rabble-rouser set to come right out and condemn this — they’ve been flirting with advocating armed rebellion for quite a while now, and since they long ago gave up anything more than the most tenuous grip on reality, it’s tempting to start hinting that the government must have staged the whole thing somehow, to make Christians look bad or to create a pretext for martial law.

    The positive is that, bit by bit, they’re discrediting themselves. People don’t like terrorists and cop-killers, and they’re not going to like people who seem to be legitimizing them.

  2. Well, Freerepublic.com doesn’t even have a post on this, apparently. Weird.

    The captcha is hilariously fitting for my response: “state acted” – now if I was a militia member, I would be feeling VERY paranoid at reading that on my computer 😉

  3. Gee, This surprises me how? Actually not at all. It reminds me of the movie/documentary “Jesus Camp”. Just another example of religious crazy. You can lump these zealots in with Westboro and those fucks in Texas Repent Amarillo. Now not all of the faithful are crazy like this, but it does show that Muslim Extremists are not the only crazies out there. These are the type of people that people like Sarah Palin is reaching out to with all of her “Tea Bag” speeches.

  4. After seeing a clip of their “training exercise” and now the mug shots of “America’s Doughyboys (and Girl) Im wondering who was shown in the clip. Except for the guy in the lower right corner, none of these people look like they spend much time roughing it outdoors. Even the son looks like he never emerges from the bunker/trailer/basement.

    Sure don’t look like they could bust the commando moves.

  5. The rules of engagement get a little fuzzy when you declare war on a country named ‘Terror’.

    Also, is the the singular for a Hutaree a ‘Hutard’?

  6. Why does it seem that a majority of right-wing nutballs and religious wackos are convinced that their singular act of belligerence is going to prompt an uprising. Tim McVeigh thought this. So did Koresh’s cult. I get that there’s this American ideal that a single act of defiance can spark a sea change but who thinks that murdering innocent people is the act that’s going to rally a nation?

    Does anyone who reads “The Turner Diaries” loose the ability to tell fantasy from reality?

  7. Extremism comes in all packages, Right and Left…Beleivers and Non-Believers. These folks crossed many lines of basic civility. A fully automated unregistered machine gun was built for only one purpose.

    I can’t really compare them to anyone of recent appearance. They do appear more like David Karesh with the whack-jobs down in Waco. I will be interested to see what the Sealed-Indictments reveal about these people. Other than speculated gossip and rumor, there is really no way to tell what was going on with them. Some will wait for that specific evidence, and some won’t.

    I do suspect a general lack of intelligence with common psychiatric disorders. I would also like to say that I think more people are driven to insanity by religious hysteria than probably all other causes combined. I don’t know that for a fact, I just suspect it at this point.

  8. The only comparison I can see is with the Posse Comitatus, when one of their leaders shot a couple federal marshals in North Dakota back in the ’80s. At least in their actions, if not their principles.

    Extremism comes from many directions. All you need is the belief that the end justifies any means.

  9. Watching the news reports on this were damned amusing. The local ABC affiliate had the leader of the Michigan Militia, a group that came under a lot of scrutiny after Timothy McVeigh was linked to it, on the phone and he was quick and emphatic to point out that this group had nothing to do with his group. He was definitely not keen to have the FBI crawling up his ass with a magnifying glass a second time.

  10. I wonder who they planned on calling if one of their children were missing, or perhaps became victim of a robbery, car jacking, wife being kidnapped and raped at gun point in the mall parking lot.

    This is just so FUPID !!!

  11. No Dick and Liz Cheney out calling for these people to face military tribunals?

    It is easy to overreact when you hear this kind of story. I hear this and my first instinct is that these people should be locked in GITMO and that Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh should be waterboarded and charged with sedition for encouraging these people. But of course I don’t really believe that and would not call for it. I suppose that this is what makes us better than the right, that we don’t have the same visceral reaction to this kind of rhetoric and behavior that the right would have if it were directed at them. We’re a bit more civilized. Put these guys on trial and then in prison, and do the same with KSM and the underwear bomber. We on the left believe in the constitution, while the right pays it lip service.

  12. Paul:

    Extremism comes in all packages, Right and Left…Beleivers and Non-Believers.

    While this is obviously true in a literal sense, it doesn't describe the real situation in America by a long shot. There are lots of these groups, of varying degrees of reactionary radicalism, and there are millions of people who agree with them. Their ambitions, if not their tactics, are shared by millions. Major right-wing political figures, cultural & religious leaders, and media outlets egg them on constantly, playing on fears to get votes and power, assigning evil motives and apocalyptic designs to opponents, and dehumanizing their hate objects. Even if it is mostly rhetoric to whip up the political base, the effect on the gullible is quite real, as should be obvious.

    One of my biggest pet peeves these days is the very common tendency to take a stand in the perceived "middle" of a political playing field that is actually tilted heavily in one direction, and declare that all things are equal.

    When was the last time that gays shut down a prom rather than admit an outgroup they didn't like? Or beat a chrisitan to death for being a chrisitan? Or tried to outlaw christianity? When was the last time the ACLU (or anyone, for that matter) turned down a donation from Christians so as not to offend anyone? Has any president ever suggested that religious folks aren't good citizens?

    Is there some violence and destruction on the part of far-left or anti-capitalist activists? Sure. But if you are looking at the militia movement, chrisitan nationalists, and chrisitan white supremacists on one side, and comparing that to…who, really?…maybe the Earth Liberation Front, Peta, and Greenpeace on the other, and seeing them as sides of the same coin, you have one eye that is not working so well. You could even argue that E.L.F. and Greenpeace have caused as much damage in some ways, as right wing groups have…a few McDonald's have been torched by ELF, a few whalers have had their work disturbed by Greenpeace, sure…but where are the weapons stockpiles? Where are the threats of death and political upheaval? The calls for assassination or purges? An unoccupied McDonalds being burned to the ground or throwing blood on somebody does not equal say, the Oklahoma City bombing. Not in scale, not in death toll, not in cost, not in the callous disregard for other humans. Not Equal. Not even close.

    Perhaps most importantly is the way that our "illiberal" media and reactionary culture spin the events…and how they are perceived by average Americans. In the past, there has been greater "left-wing" or at least anti-authoritarian violence. The Weathermen, maybe the Black Panthers… a few names, never very influential, but for some reason widely feared. Did they have millions of like minded bretheren filling churches every week? Did they have talk show hosts not only considering their points, but legitimizing their views and feeding the fires? Did they have state and national politicians pretending to threaten secession over the same pet issues?

    If large numbers liberals and non-believers actually started acting as entitled, as violently, as authoritarian, as Chrisitans and conservatives have been acting for the last forty years, we would be labeled terrorists and extremists within a half hour. People would think it was a revolution in the making, when in fact, all it would be is a level playing field, for once.

  13. Neil Says : There are lots of these groups, of varying degrees of reactionary radicalism, and there are millions of people who agree with them. Their ambitions, if not their tactics, are shared by millions.
    Millions ? Really ! I don’t see that and I travel all over the United States. This is a very isolated incident involving some idiots with very low intelligence. I don’t think any type of comparison would be fair to any Militia. Not even the Nazi types, or the Black Panthers. I can’t for the life of me compare them to any group. They hatched a plan on murdering the police at funerals. They are just Fuckin Stupid.

  14. Thomas says: “Why does it seem that a majority of right-wing nutballs and religious wackos are convinced that their singular act of belligerence is going to prompt an uprising[?]”

    Don’t forget Joseph Stack!!

    Maybe it is because deep down they know they’re F.O.S. and fringe, but their cognitive dissonance has them believing that there are ‘millions’ of folks just like them who are waiting for “the signal” to begin.

    Kinda makes me shudder to think that one of these idiots might probably go off if s/h/it misinterpreted a tragic event as “the signal” to begin their rampage.

  15. You’re right, Paul, “millions” was probably way over the top…and our cultural acceptance of right-wing fringe groups does seem to be declining on the whole, but this change has been a darn long time coming. While an extreme minority, there are people who think of guys like these, or even Tim McVeigh, as patriots doing necessary evil. Hell, the Tiller Killer has people trying to justify his violence and offering to help with his defense out of religious conviction. How many far-left eco-warriors or anti-corporate or anti-technology activists stepped up to defend the Unabomber?

    And I’m sure your offhand phrase was not meant to legitimize right-wing violence. It’s just a pet peeve of mine. Only in the last couple of years have groups like these been called “terrorists”, while that label has been applied to groups of left-wing extremists for as long as it has been applied to Muslim extremists. Personally, I feel the word is overused and overhyped, but if it’s good enough for Muslims and anarchists, it’s good enough for white chrisitan doctor killers and wannabe revolutionaries.

    It’s not official U.S. policy or anything, but our general attitutde as a culture seems highly skewed to me. There are still plenty of citizens on the far right who are able to spout all manner of nonsense and who are not only tolerated, but sometimes encouraged by media outlets and politicians. You can accuse a democrat president of being a non-citizen, you can spread rumors of gun-grabbing plots and internment camps, claim that bailouts equal a communist takeover of means of production…all kinds of right-wing silliness can be spouted, and you might end up with a very popyular blog and maybe even get interviewed on Glenn Beck. You might even hear a congressman pretending to be concerned about these “issues” to get the crazy vote. Of course, there are conspiracy theorists and equal silliness on the far-left, but much fewer people take it seriously. It gets no traction in our culture the way that right-wing extremism does. If a far-left activist tries to compare Republicans to Nazis, they will most likely not end up being given a platform on Olbermann or Maddow. Democratic politicians will not be willing to be seen with them, much less repeat their talking points. But if you compare Obama to Mao enough times, you could be Fox news’ next pundit.

    America is a conservative nation in many ways, and I believe history shows that violence and extremism on behalf of conservative principles, intended to keep the staus quo or even regress us to some biblical or constitutional “golden age” has always gotten a better reception than violence and extremism in favor of radical change, whether in politics, economic theories, or social issues. Therefore it bugs me great deal when I perceive that they are treated as equal, in philosophical/political content, or just how common and popular they are.

    I actually read a comment on a semi-related thread on Fark where a person claimed the opposite…that there was a lot more left wing violence and extremism than right-wing in this country. I wondered how a person could ever even get that idea, except through all the spin that conservative pols and media outlets provide. I had to point out that Tim McVeigh killed more people in one day than left-wing extremists of any kind have killed in the entire history of the U.S. He claimed that he never really thought of McVeigh as “right-wing”, yet immediately connected Weather Underground to the”left-wing” as though they were part of the Democratric Party platform.

    If the far-left is really as guilty and likely to do this sort of thing….well where are they? Where is the black liberal KKK that hates white christians and terrorizes their families? Where are the communist groups planning to kill cops? So far we’ve had one abortion protester killed(possibly not because of his protesting, but a personal problem)…let me know when there are an equal amount of bodies on both sides. Are organic food co-ops doubling as weapons stockpiles? Where are liberal Universalist preachers calling republicans agents of Satan or telling people to vote democrat if they want to go to heaven?

    Again, I’m probably going way beyond anything you meant, and I concede that there are at least a few whackos of all kinds, on all sides…but in vastly different numbers and levels of societal acceptance. Our reactionary culture and the highly emotional, demonizing, jingoistic hype that conservative leaders and pundits spew daily, provide a rich soil for conservative extremists, a fertile breeding ground that has never existed so visibly for the far-left in this country.

    Just my two cents on a pet peeve, anyway!

  16. Surely it couldn’t be an irresponsible “news” channel that acts as the unofficial propaganda wing of the Republican party and which promotes pundits who have a tenuous grasp of reality as though they were prophets, right?

    Only kooks who believe video games cause crime, would believe something like that.

  17. Right Consi, except that there’s plenty of proof that FOX News just makes shit up. One doesn’t even have to look that hard to find it. Take, for example, the nuclear reduction treaty Obama just signed with Russia. The Daily Show even pointed out how the Republicans, in the form of Newt Gingrich and Sean Hannity, flat out lied about what the treaty actually contains:

    The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
    The Big Bang Treaty
    Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Tea Party

    How do you explain that away, Consi?

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  19. As they aren’t following the teachings of Christ, as evidenced by their violence, they’re “Christian” in name only

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