Just 10 days old and already being denied health insurance.

This is why the recently passed Health Care Reform is so badly needed:

10-Day-Old Baby Denied Health Care Coverage – cbs11tv.com.

FORT WORTH  ― Houston Tracy is just 10 days old, but the little boy has already lived through trying times.

“He was born with what’s called transposition of the great arteries.” his father, Doug Tracy said. “It’s heart wrenching; I hated it.”

The congenital heart defect causes the two major vessels that carry blood away from the heart to become switched.

It’s a condition rarely detected before birth.

[…] The baby was rushed to Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth where he had life-saving surgery.

“He’s doing really good,” his mother said with a smile, “he’s a little tough guy.”

While baby Houston is fighting for recovery, his parents found themselves in another battle: Fighting the insurance company, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas.

The Tracy’s are both small business owners and do not carry health insurance for themselves. They do carry insurance on their two other children and tried to get insurance for Houston, but they found out Wednesday his coverage was denied.

“They kept saying it’s preexisting, it’s preexisting, but I don’t know how it can be preexisting on a baby that was just born.” his father said. “If it’s mandated that everyone have health insurance, than how can one be denied?”

The Republicans ranted and raved about how “Obamacare” would put a bureaucrat between you and your doctor all the while omitting the fact that there’s already one there if you have private insurance. The one in place now has a bottom line he’s looking at in determining whether you or your loved ones will get the care they need. Even worse is the fact that his bonus is based partly on how much he can reduce or eliminate costly payouts.

Chances are he doesn’t care that your newborn son is only 10 days old and will die without the needed surgery. He doesn’t care that covering the cost out of your own pocket will bankrupt you. Even if he does care, the pressure to keep the money flowing only one way is enormous.

This kind of bullshit is why health care reform was long overdue and badly needed. Remember that not a single Republican voted for it even after it was modified to make them happy by eliminating stuff they didn’t like (public option, Medicaid buy-in) and to include several Republican proposals and amendments. They’re not on your side either.

11 thoughts on “Just 10 days old and already being denied health insurance.

  1. Oh, boy, here I go…

    It’s hard for me to articulate my thoughts on this issue sometimes, because there are so many things to consider, so many individual facets of the bigger picture. I appreciate that we the people are obliged to keep a vigilant eye on government spending and power, but to me, the question at root is a practical and moral decision, not a decision that should be based solely on partisanship or political philosophy. Yet the issue is almost always viewed solely through the prism of political philosophy, mostly because of the rabid anti-government propaganda of the right wing. How can one debate the merits of various systems, when half of the debaters automatically refuse to consider any possibilities that involve collective action?

    It is obvious to any observer, and has been for decades, that any of the richer nations can afford national healthcare for all. It can be done successfully, and I resent the constant smoke screen of fake doubt that conservatives spew. They should either be honest and admit that they don’t care who or how many suffer and die, or get on board and use their talents to work on making a comprehensive system as efficient as possible.

    Once it is technologically and economically possible, the first decision for me is a moral one. Simply put, are our fellow humans worth the trouble? Do we want to live in a country where at least basic healthcare is a right for everyone who wants it, like we treat basic education? Is that level of security worth the expense? I say yes, and I believe that many if not most Americans agree. If we continue to prosper on the whole while still leaving millions at risk, that number will grow.

    If we say yes, then it becomes a practical issue, and political philosophy becomes a bit more relevant. How do we pay for it without spending too much or sacrificing any liberties? Is a system of insurance the best? Private insurance with government subsidies? A public/private insurance partnership? Or should we ditch the private insurance racket altogether and make one big national risk pool where care is payed for with federal tax money?

    In my American Utopia, we would realize that making private health insurance the standard is immoral, impractical, and wasteful in modern times. We can easily afford to completely socialize at least basic healthcare, and it could be done with no loss of rights or liberties for anyone.

    I am all for insurance on property. Fire insurance, flood insurance, car insurance, etc. It is a great economic invention to cover the risks of private property for a cut of said property. We could never really get rid of it or socialize it, because nobody wants to risk destitution, yet nobody thinks that middle-class and lower-class tax money should go towards fixing some careless or unfortunate rich person’s mansion or Mercedes.

    I believe that healthcare, the ability to access preventive and emergency care at the very least, is a very different issue. While I claim ownership of my body, it is not property in the same sense as my other possessions. It has no inherent value that I can access except the labor I can sell. If it gets broken and isn’t fixed, the game is up altogether, and I am not only unproductive and valueless, but a drain on society and a waste of potential productivity. It is better for everyone, in the long run, if we simply make the moral and practical decision to provide health care for all. The only victims, the only ones who lose anything, are current health insurance salesmen. A group of people who are nothing but very expensive middlemen who also have every incentive to cheat. The more they cheat the system and their customers, the more money they make, and the less healthcare is accessed by paying customers. It is nothing but a parasitic drain on the industry, and it doesn’t just cost people a cut of their earnings. It affects their ability to earn and their very survival. Insurance on property takes a cut of your earnings to protect what you have earned, a more-or-less fair deal, and very much subject to pressure from the customers. Private health insurance is too easily turned into a gateway of paperwork, where because of the nature of the service, the cost of the service and the neccessity of the service, any extortion can be justified. And all they are doing is pushing around bits of paper, collecting fees, mailing payments, taking a huge cut for doing almost nothing, and certainly not anything that a government couldn’t do cheaper.

    We could have a paralell system, where private health insurance and private practice can still flourish, but with a minimum guarantee of service for all. The free care may not be as good as what the rich get, but like our education system it would be vastly better and more effective for many than private-only or the piecemeal compromises in place now. Healthcare providers need not lose any freedom at all, or be required to work for the government.

    I am also, unlike most people on either side of the issue it seems, concerned with bodily freedom and patient’s rights. In the long run, it would still be cheaper and more beneficial to us all to have access for all, regardless of lifestyle or personal habits. I hear a lot of so-called conservatives, who are really just nosy, stingy, petty moralists, whine about having to pay for drug addicts, smokers, aids patients, drinkers, the overweight, etc,and who use this as a way to either refuse collective action completely, or at least penalize people they don’t like. Just the tiniest bit of logic could dispell this issue completely.
    Everbody gets sick, and everybody dies. Period.
    Those who get a disease from risky behavior, like aids or lung cancer, that requires permanent, expensive treatment, are a tiny minority. The benefits of access for all outweigh the costs that some will bring. There would be less stigma over disease, more raw data for research, more experience in treating the disease, more knowledge and support given to the infected, and thus less chance of spreading the disease. Smokers and drug users particularly, actually cost less than average. I hate the lying propaganda about the staggering healthcare costs of smoking and drugs. Only a small minority of people end up abusing themselves to the point of needing years of expensive treatments. Most drug users do not become disabled or permantly ill. Most of them work for a living and contribute to society. Most smokers live a slightly shorter than average life span, and die after fewer illnesses than non-smokers. Those who live to 90 or so years old through clean living end up costing much, much more than smokers and druggies ever could, and linger on long after their productive years are gone. It frustrates me that even the some of the most compassionate liberals and the most freedom loving, die-hard libertarians often use these popular punching bags as scapegoats, to either seek more control over individual liberty or use as an excuse to demonize collective action.

    Sorry to go on so long and in so many directions, but that was kind of my point. There are many facets to this issue, but because of anti-government propaganda and the desires of unneccessary and overly-influential middlemen, we can’t even get the full discussion going on the national level.

    I am happy ( and a bit surprised, honestly) that the current administration was able to get anywhere at all on this issue. From what I understand, I believe that this legislation will make healthcare more accessible for many people, and I regard that as a good thing. However, it seems that we are leaning towards a system that will somewhat regulate private insurance but still allow them too much influence, and there will have to be further changes to get the whole job done, and it will probably cost a lot more than it should, with the flow still going into private bank accounts instead of better results.

    Conservative politicians and business leaders have sold their propaganda very well, and many people believe that government involement and collective action can never, ever be a good thing, except for police and military to enforce the wishes of the ruling class. Republican politicians and businessmen have a decades-long record of actively tearing down any public institution that they can’t take complete ownership of. The “ownership society” philosophy that they pimp as being about “individual freedom” and “responsible, limited government” is actually extremely far-right corporatism. They seem to want to live in a world where the leaders of the ruling class, by virtue of money alone, are above the law and have more power than all the people and their government put together. Over the last few decades, they have convinced a lot of people to abdicate their power as citizens, pretend that government is the source of all problems, and look only to for-profit corporations for any and all needs. This is going to make the continued healthcare debate a very slow and painstaking process. Hell, now that one bill has passed in decades of trying, it may be another decade or two before we get the chance to do anything but watch Republicans do everything they can to undermine and demonize the will of the people.

  2. Well, he’s obviously of no good to society. If he can’t become a productive cog in the corporate machine he’s better off dying. Why should insurance CEOs give up their $100+ million per year salaries so useless lumps like this can get care? [/sarcasm]

  3. I honestly believe that both sides are wrong. Universal Health Care is wishful thinking and ( The Current system ) appears for the most part cruel and unusual punishment since the words ( Health Insurance ) were brought into being

    No one is going to win until another application of economics and political environment changes.

    Take a look at almost any product line..Practically everything we wear, and anything electric and notice the word China or India proudly stamped on the product.

    America has the FDA, OSHA, EPA, on and on. Then the States join in with individual laws, Then County and City Ordinances.

    The Tax in this Country is used to for the upkeep of Government, who just keeps writing more laws. Finally businesses make the move to outsource everything overseas. China does not have a lot of restrictions nor does India. America simply cannot compete with these Country’s. Before Health care can be discussed an environment that is conducive to successful business has to be in place.

    I don’t have a lot of faith ( no pun intended ) in either party. I think they are both equally wrong. This Nation is divided to the point that I don’t see it coming together or working together towards success of any idea.

    I do favor employee owned businesses that are free to rebuild our manufacturing sector with as little interference from the Government as possible, so that Health Insurance laws can be re-written to provide for everyone. A one penny tax on the dollar at the point of sale for those who are not blessed with good health, or employment. This can be fixed…But the hatred is going to have be replaced with unity.

    As for the child in Texas. I hope some of you can stop by Bank of America and Donate- The fund is listed as TRACY, HOUSTON SAMUEL. $1.00 from several thousand should fix this immediate situation.

  4. Universal Health Care is wishful thinking

    If you’re saying that we seem to be unable to pull it off, you might be right. But it’s an everyday reality in a lot of other countries that seem to manage it pretty well.

    Another word for wishful thinking is “dream”, as in; “I have a…”

  5. So the fact that so much is made in the far east is due to laws, and nothing to do with the fact that a graduate in India gets $3000 pa?

  6. Excuse my “Buffy” is it? I am close personal friend to the Tracy’s. They are two of the most had working people that I know. They own their own businesses, their own house, and have raised two beautiful children. You are a cold hearted bitch to say that their son should just die to something noone could have prevented. They are not on welfare or any assistance at all. Who the fuck are you to judge anyway. I don’t agree with everything that has been said of the healthcare bill, but nonone should be denied life or a little help. They never asked anyone for anything. It is out of the goodness of the hearts of their friends and family that htey receive the assitance they need. Not the government or your $100+ million dollar earners. You may just eat you fucking words. Karma’s a bitch so watch out for your own misfourtune!!!

  7. Whit14, I should point out that Buffy was being sarcastic. Hence the closing tag in that comment. Buffy wasn’t being serious.

  8. I find it cruel and unacceptable that the child was denied medical insurance. It’s a BABY!! Even if the parents didn’t work and collected medicaid, it wouldn’t be fair to punish the child for it. It’s a separate being in it’s own right and deserves the medical care it needs. That goes for ANY human being. We all have basic needs…food, water, air, etc. Health is just another one of the NEEDS, and without it, we can easily succumb to any illness that we get. People shouldn’t have to be rich in order to get health care.

    The problem with health care is that if you have a pre existing condition, it can be nearly impossible for any insurance to accept you, regardless of whether or not you have a job. Everyday, people die or end up going bankrupt due to health conditions that health insurances refuse to pay. It seems as though the only people health insurances want to cover, are those who are perfectly healthy.

    What’s the point of paying for health insurance then? It’s like we’re giving away free money for no service in return! They’re SUPPOSED to cover illnesses! Nowadays, the insurances want to take our money, but offer no service if we’re actually sick. Our money is probably better spent being given to a random homeless person on the street rather than to a health insurance company…at least you know where your money is going, and don’t expect to get anything in return, from the start. Why are we only making the rich, richer?

    Why are people still dying or going bankrupt every day that have health problems, and get denied insurance? People with Cancer, AIDS, heart conditions, diabetes, etc. are denied insurance. Not only that, but there are cases were even acne, a couple of irregular menstrual cycles in the past, pregnancy, rape, domestic violence, are denied insurance. The rape, because there’s the risk of HIV/AIDS, the pregnancies because of hospital costs and other costs during pregnancy, domestic violence, because the woman is considered a high risk.

    It’s unacceptable and disappointing that the system that is supposed to HELP us, is killing us, including victims. Just google the topic, and you’ll find people from all walks of life, with and without jobs, etc. that are denied insurance for the craziest reasons. Someone in a previous comment mentioned “cruel and unusual punishment”, and that’s exactly what this is. It’s unconstitutional to do this to so many people, and for what? Only for someone to get rich. This country isn’t FOR the people anymore, it’s only for the rich.

    If you think that child should be able to die, then you must be one of the rich people that can afford to pay for all of your medical services, in cash, minus insurance. Or, you’re just one of the lucky ones to have the insurance that is basically healthy, other than maybe getting the flu each year. There are MANY hard working, honest people that have to go uninsured and can’t get the medial treatment they need, everyday.

    In my opinion, this country, or the insurance companies, seem to practice eugenics…selective breeding. The behavior of the insurance companies reflects this when they refuse to insure or cover services for those who need it. As a result, MANY people are dying because they can’t afford to pay the medical bills…tons of bills. I already had a neighbor die from cancer because of this. There are people that die of AIDS because the insurance companies know the individuals will cost them a lot of money, and it does happen, because I remember a guest speaker from a hospital speaking about the problems those with AIDS face.

    Though the insurance companies aren’t exactly forcing selective breeding, they DO fall under another part of the eugenics philosophy, which is the extermination of groups of people that are considered undesirable. They KNOW that the majority of people can’t afford to pay for hospital bills, surgeries, continuing treatment and tests for their conditions, so they know the result after a period of time is death. They CHOOSE not to cover the ill, and therefore, KNOW they will probably first go bankrupt, and if they don’t get better by time they’ve exhausted their savings, they die. That IS the selective extermination of people they consider “undesirable”…the ill. If you aren’t healthy and rich in this country, then you aren’t desirable.

    So, before anyone points a finger and calls the parents of this child “lazy” or “they should get jobs”, etc….think of the many others out there that have jobs that are in the same boat. Also, some conditions render people unable to work…maybe not both parents in this case, but there are conditions out there. Empathize with these parents…they face their child dying. Wouldn’t you want to spend time with your child as well? They could be at work trying to earn money to save their child, but it may never be enough money. My grandmother spent three days in the hospital, and her bill was $99,000, including the surgery (she had insurance). These parents could work every minute of the year, and still not have enough money to save their child. How do you know they don’t have jobs? Put yourself in their shoes…imagine that being YOUR child. If that were you, you know you’d be mad as hell and do whatever you could to help your child to live. That child has no fault in this situation, it’s innocent, and unfair to condemn the child to die just because the parents can’t produce the money, in cash, to pay. How quickly can you come up with at least $99,000, in cash? What if you make only $55,000 per year, before taxes? You have a job, but it still wouldn’t be enough to save your child. Think before you judge another.

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