I have succumbed to the Snuggie/Slanket fad.

Living XL Sleeved Wearable Blanket

The one person who doesn't look like a douchebag wearing this blanket.

Been really busy at work and as such I’ve not had as much time for keeping up with what’s going on in the world which has resulted in my lack of posts. So I thought I’d mention that I broke down and bought a Snuggie or Slanket or whatever the fuck you want to call them. I got it from the Living XL online store which is an off-shoot of the Casual Male XL clothing company (also known as the Big Fat Bastard Store). They just call it a Textured Wearable Sleeved Blanket which probably means it’s not a Snuggie or a Slanket brand name item. It’s the same damned thing, just doesn’t have a stupid name attached to it. Normally they go for $60(!), but they had a sale recently where they were selling them for $20 and I figured what the hell. It gets pretty cool in this basement here sitting at my computer and a sleeved blanket might be just the thing I need. Even if it doesn’t work it’s only $20.

Thing is, the fucker works great! It keeps me right toasty. Hell, sometimes it’s a tad too warm when in the heat of killing dangerous zombies in Left 4 Dead 2 and I have to take my top down to cool off.

So to speak.

Yes, it does make you look like a giant douchebag just like in the commercials, but if looking like a douchebag means being warm and toasty while sitting in front of my computer then so be it. I’m not proud.

It has a little pass-through pouch thingy on the front that you can stick your hands into to keep warm and an oddly placed pocket right in the middle for holding your TV’s remote control (they obviously know what lazy-assed bums would be buying this thing). The problem with the remote holder is that it’s positioned in just the right spot to make it look like you have a remote-shaped penis that’s just peeking out of the top of a hole in your blanket. It really is an unfortunate placement unless you’re a guy with a similar sense of humor to myself, in which case you’ll have endless fun with that feature of the blanket much to your wife’s regret.

You’d be amazed at how many Remote Control Penis jokes you can come up with on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

So all in all it was worth the $20. Don’t know that I’d spring $60 for one, scratch that, I definitely know that I wouldn’t, but for $20 I’m quite happy.

10 thoughts on “I have succumbed to the Snuggie/Slanket fad.

  1. I have heard that after several washings it changes the dynamics of the cloth. If you like it, you may want to consider washing it in cold water with woolite. And let it dry natural in the sun.

  2. Elwed, it’s completely open in the back so you need to have something like a couch or chair behind you, but there’s enough material to wrap around your sides that it’s almost like it’s enclosed. Interestingly I discovered that the hem is sewn in such a way as to make a pocket for your feet to slip into if you’re not wearing slippers. It’s actually a pretty clever design.

    Paul, the folks at The Consumerist had Consumer’s Report review the Snuggie awhile back and said that it does suffer from repeated washings:

    I hope that embeds properly. As for this non-brand name version I can say that the first couple of times I wore it it shed more than my cat leaving little chartreuse balls of lint all over my clothes. I imagine that if I wash it it would wind up similar to the above Snuggie test.

    And, finally, for my dear mother who never has enough crocheting projects to do: Here’s a link to a free pattern for folks who want to crochet one themselves. Not that I’m saying she should make one, but if she’s looking for something new to try then that would fit the bill.

  3. That is a possibility, Richard. Though the ones I got are supposedly much bigger than usual. They are aimed at people much heavier than I am. I don’t doubt I could’ve gotten cheaper ones elsewhere though.

  4. Somehow I don’t think “Topless fat middle-age bloke who looks like a douchebag” is how the sales executives were trying to position tyje product.

    Admit it- how many times have you mad your poor wife retrieve the remote hereself, rather than just passing it from the pocket?

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