Group wants “Confederate Southern American” recognized by the Government.

There is a repressed minority in this country that is crying out for an end to the harassment and persecution they have suffered under for so long. You may even know some of them without realizing it. Who are these poor put upon people?

They are southerners with Confederate ancestors and the folks at the Southern Legal Resource Center think it’s time for the U.S. Government to recognize such people so they’re encouraging people who have Confederate ancestors to answer question 9 of the 2010 Census form — the question asking about their race — with the phrase “Confederate Southern American.”

No, I’m not kidding:

According to The Washington Post the rationale is as follows:

Federal law makes it illegal to discriminate because of a person’s birthplace, ancestry, culture or language. The South North Carolina-based Southern Legal Resource Center believes that people with ancestors who were citizens of the Confederate States of America should be entitled to ethnic identity and protection since the country no longer exists.

“Fill in ‘Confed Southern Am.’ … This will put your Confederate nationality on the record. It’s just that simple,” SLRC Chief Trial Counsel Kirk D. Lyons says in a video posted on YouTube (see above) and Facebook.

Lyons continues: “We can start the process to give the southern community here in America a voice again, so that our concerns will be heard, and so that we will stop being harassed and persecuted because we are proud of our southern and Confederate ancestry.” The group has defended teachers and other activists who have been fired or disciplined in other ways for refusing to remove the Confederate flag from classrooms and other public places.

It’s been 145 years since the South lost the war in 1865. Get the fuck over it and stop acting like you don’t have a voice. Holy fuck, one of your Poster Boys ran the fucking country into the ground for 8 years. You don’t get much more of a voice than that.

I realize I was born and raised in the North, but I have deep roots in the South myself. I come from a long line of Rednecks who moved north to work in the automotive industry back when it was a great career move to make. I’ve had enough exposure to that part of the family that still resides in the South to know that they are decent people who are about as far from being oppressed as you can get.

Perhaps you folks wouldn’t be regarded as racist bigots quite so much if you didn’t cling to a flag that represents an attempt at starting a nation based on racism and bigotry. When you continue to insist on proclaiming yourselves to be part of a non-existent country that got its ass-kicked when it tried to break off on its own, well, you should expect a bit of mocking from the folks who stopped looking at themselves as being Northerners and Southerners a long time ago and now consider themselves to just be Americans.

Considering the amount of damage you folks regularly do to the political process in this country there are times when I wonder if preserving the Union was such a great idea.  If you had been allowed to break off on your own you’d probably be much less of a nuisance than you are now and we’d have someplace to ship all the stupid people. As it stands, were all in this together and it would really help if you folks would pull up your Big Boy pants and stop with the self-pity.

19 thoughts on “Group wants “Confederate Southern American” recognized by the Government.

  1. I’m going to have to choose between “Jersey Girl” (first 18 years) or “Hon” (lived outside of Baltimore, Md for the last 14) as my race

  2. While I have no sympathy for the SLRC, I have to ask why ‘race’ appears on any kind of government form including a census. It shoud be completely irrelevant to the government.

    And as long as one is required to classify oneself, I don’t see the problem with using Confederate or Hobbit or Andorian or anything else.

  3. Apparently this isn’t a fringe phenomenon – they have yokels in office. According to rep. Broun from Georgia, the health care bill is just like the “war of Yankee aggression”.

  4. Give me a break! I was married to a North Carolinian for 17 1/2 years. I was taught to cook, think and raise three children by him. Although I didn’t follow all his rules because unlike many wives from those marriages I have a mind of my own. I honestly feel that my children received a fuller understanding by being raised by two different cultures than most people do.

    I also believe that this is another tactic to try to destroy this country rather than to reunite it for a stronger future.

  5. Julian, according to the U.S. Census FAQ:

    Why does the Census need to know about race?

    Race is key to implementing any number of federal programs and it is critical for the basic research behind numerous policy decisions. States require these data to meet legislative redistricting requirements. Also, they are needed to monitor compliance with the Voting Rights Act by local jurisdictions. Race data are required by federal programs that promote equal employment opportunity and to assess racial disparities in health and environmental risks. The Census Bureau has included a question on race since the first census in 1790.

    So answering with idiotic classifications is probably a bad idea as it could affect various Federal programs, policy decisions, and redistricting. This isn’t a new question. It’s been on there for a couple hundred years now.

  6. I saw this on Fark yesterday…I don’t have anything witty or enlightening to say about it myself, but if you have some spare time and want a mean-spirited laugh, the thread there was about 500 comments of some of the most troll-tastic silliness I’ve ever read.

    I did learn some things there, though…according to at least one commenter, only an incredible minority of southerners are racists or extremists, and it is actually liberals who are bigots for stereotyping southerners, and racists for keeping the black people as legal slaves through the welfare system!

    …The more you know….:P

  7. @Les: The people that cling to that flag aren’t just seen as racists and bigots, they are racists and bigots. If you see a big Confederate flag sticker on a vehicle, you can be at least 90% certain the person driving it pronounces African American with a double g. I’m giving them a 10% margin because I haven’t met ALL of them, but I’ve met a whole lot and that shoe fit every single one of them to some extent or another.

    @Runaway Lawyer: I’m from Alabama and it’s probably not possible for me to be any more liberal than I am. So you’re aware of 5 total now. A full 25% increase!

  8. I lived in Miami, FL, for one year. The entire year there, everyone in my family was a “damn Yankee.” Can I claim the race of Damn Yankee???



  9. I’m even from Tuscaloosa …

    Not a racist. I think my sister and daughter would have told me at some point.

  10. encouraging people who have Confederate ancestors to answer question 9 of the 2010 Census form — the question asking about their race — with the phrase “Confederate Southern American.

    I believe if they simply answer “Yes” to the question, everyone will know where they come from. 🙂


  11. I think they would get more out of it for themselves if they tried to claim it as a handicap instead of a nationality. If they hurry, they can get it included in the DSM5.

  12. I’d be tempted to call the South ‘the Russia of North America’, but don’t want to insult Russians.

  13. Reminds me of the (would-be) feminist coed that wanted to be referred to as a Gyno-American.

  14. Holy fuck, one of your Poster Boys ran the fucking country into the ground for 8 years.

    Hey Les – I’m going to have to call you on a clear fucking violation: Any sentence containing the word “fuck”, or any of it’s fucking derivatives, fucking better well attempt to maximize the use of the fucking word. You were clearly in a daze from Mr. Lyons’ skink-eye when you wrote that, since it’s clear you were’t even trying.

    If you had, the above would have gone more like:

    Holy fucking fuck! One of your fuck-faced Poster Boy fucks fucking ran the fucking country into the fucking ground for 8 fucking years.

    Lyons would be more credible if it weren’t for the copious bat-shit crazy of his ideas. I wonder if those ideas incubate in his mustache.

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