Film at 11…

The Onion can always be counted on to get to the core essence of a news story:

No nonsense news reporting. That’s what makes The Onion America’s Finest News Source.

6 thoughts on “Film at 11…

  1. When I was younger than I am today, I recall getting quite excited about the concept of a cable channel totally devoted to news. Free of the time constraints of network news, I reckoned they’d be showing news stories from around the entire planet. How else could they fill an entire viewing day with information? We could see what the rest of civilization gets up to.

    Never in a million bleems would I have predicted how ludicrously they fill the time with…bullshit.

  2. I’ve often wondered why the news channels aren’t more like NPR. Get the headlines in at the top and half hour, but then devote the rest of the time to lengthy pieces looking at different issues.

    The only time they spend more than a few minutes on something is when it’s happening right now and then most of that time is wasted watching nothing in particular happen while the anchors speculate wildly.

  3. Good point Les.

    My own thinking on this subject is simply that humans love two things 1) gossip, and 2) their opinions to be validated. I think we tend to like real news less than gossip, since the former is typically nuanced, while the later is more simplified. As for the opinion validation, well, what right-winger doesn’t like to hear the wild speculation that Obama sacrifices babies to appease his muslim / atheist gods? It doesn’t matter that it isn’t true, it simply reinforces those people’s biases, and we all like to hear that we are right.

  4. Les, you bastard…I have a respiratory problem today, and that video made me laugh so much I almost suffocated! You need to warn people if your content is hazardous.

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