The short film “Logorama” gets an Oscar nomination.

Update: Looks like it’s back on Vimeo again. Re-embedded it.

I thought this was absolutely brilliant. Not sure what the message is supposed to be, but it was fun picking out all the real and fictional logos and brands used throughout. Warning: Some NSFW language is used.

Logorama from Marc Altshuler – Human Music on Vimeo.

Written and directed by the French team of François Alaux and Herve de Crecy, and created over the course of a few years, this Best Animated Oscar-Nominated short film features a world full of brand logos and corporate mascots (I’m sure a couple thousand appear in all — it even features fictional companies like the Buy N Large logo from Pixar’s Wall-E)

via /Film.

7 thoughts on “The short film “Logorama” gets an Oscar nomination.

  1. Damn… missed it! I guess anything that a corporation doesn’t like can be erased by a “copyright claim”.

  2. Looks like the video is back up on Vimeo. I’ve re-embedded it for those who missed it on the first go-round.

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