The SEB Podcast is finally happening.

So the long-planned and consistently procrastinated SEB Podcast is going to happen this Saturday thanks to the very responsible ***Dave who’s been pestering me that we should actually do what we said we would do. This will be our first attempt and I fully expect it to be… interesting. Yeah, interesting is a good, positive sounding word. I just hope it’s interesting for the right reasons.

Here’s the thing: As most of you who follow both SEB and ***Dave Does the Blog already know, outside of him being a theist and me an atheist, we have more in common than not. My concern is that we’re going to ask each other questions about topical items and we’re going to agree with each other so much that the entire podcast will be similar to this:

Me: I think Pat Robertson is stone-cold crazy.

***Dave: I agree completely. And I think the Teabaggers are a wee bit deluded.

Me: I totally agree.

Which is going to make for a fairly boring podcast. So I’m opening this up for you guys to participate. Got a topic you’d like to hear us pontificate on? A question burning a hole in your brain? A query you’re curious if we can help you with? Leave it in the comments or alternatively drop me an email or drop ***Dave an email if you prefer. Topics can be anything you want – politics, religion, technology, pop culture – and we’ll do our damnedest to talk about them in an amusing manner.

Yes, I know I’ve made this plea previously only to have it go nowhere, but we’re really going to do it this time barring the world coming to an end. Remember, this is our first try at this and neither one of us has done it before. Which, if nothing else, should add an air of unintentional comedy to the proceedings.

6 thoughts on “The SEB Podcast is finally happening.

  1. It’s about time! you’re way over due for a podcast! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I think ya need to talk about the Jesus Gun Scopes.. I’m sure ya have something to say about the company in Wixom that’s been making them for years… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Will be listening & subscribing!

  2. Well, it’s not the world coming to an end, but (per email the other day, which you may have missed) Margie declared (prior to my mentioning the Podcast schedule) Saturday to be Date Night. So … maybe notsomuch podcastiness this Saturday night.

    Sunday looks good, though. Or Saturday afternoon.

    I’m not too worried about running out of stuff to discuss or being a big echo chamber. But I do like the idea of soliciting questions. Heck, we could rail at length about the gun scopes for a full ‘cast, I suspect, even if we agree on them.

  3. You could talk about why every time I get interested in a new Joss Whedon project it either gets cancelled (Firefly, Drive, Dollhouse) or abandoned (Wonder Woman). Neither of you probably cares a whip about this but that’s what popped into my mind.

    Remind me to think more before I comment.

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