Soldier uses torture on his 4-year-old daughter.

27-year-old U.S. Army Sergeant Joshua Ryan Tabor has served 15 months in Iraq and apparently he picked up some less than appropriate parenting techniques while he was there:

“We had a report of [Tabor] walking around his neighborhood holding a Kevlar helmet and threatening to bust out windows,” Stancil told today. “In the process of talking to Tabor’s girlfriend about what was going on, we learned that he had also been abusing his daughter.”

Stancil said that when the cops coaxed the little girl out of the bathroom they saw that she was covered in “multiple bruises pretty much all over her body.”

“She was very open with us,” Stancil said of the young girl, whose name is not being released because she is a minor. “She basically came right out and said, ‘Daddy does this to me. He uses his hands.'”

Both the girl and the father admitted to the torture, even detailing how Tabor would sit the girl on the edge of the bathroom sink and hold her head down until it was nearly submerged in water, dunking her if she refused to recite the alphabet, said Stancil.

Yes, the terrible thing this little girl did that prompted her punishment was refusing to recite the alphabet.

But at least Tabor is being upfront and honest about what he’s done:

Tabor told authorities that “his purpose was to punish her by putting her in the water because he knows she is afraid of it and he wanted her to cooperate.”

“She said her letters after that,” Tabor told the cops, admitting that he had grown frustrated with the girl after practicing the letters for “approximately three hours.”

After three hours of practice I’d refuse to say the fucking alphabet as well.

It seems Tabor felt that his daughter was not mentally up to where she should be for her age. And we all know that the best way to motivate a mentally deficient child is by repeatedly dunking their head into a sink full of hot water. Tabor’s girlfriend may also end up facing charges in the incident. She noted that Tabor has an “anger management problem” to police. Gee, ya think?

Oh, and according to investigators, the 4-year-old girl seemed quite articulate and without any developmental problems. Though after living with this asshole for the past couple of months – he has joint-custody in five months increments – she’ll probably need some therapy in the future.

9 thoughts on “Soldier uses torture on his 4-year-old daughter.

  1. Wow. He has more than anger issues…

    I admit I get mad at my kids…but NEVER have I ever thought it was ok to threaten my kids with something they were scared of. The most I threatened my son with is not getting a cookie or putting his toys away or time out.

    And for the record…the mom SHOULD be charged with something for allowing him to do something like that (assuming she knew of it). They both need therapy and some parenting classes…at the least.

  2. There are lots of parents out there who put pressure on their kids to perform. I’ve also heard of them being punished to varying degrees for not living into expectations.

    I understand heat and pressure make diamonds.. but they also make.. whatever the fuck this is.

  3. Oh yeah Sandy, if I were the ex-partner of a demonstrably violent man who was trained to use violence against people, and who clearly has major issues surrounding impulse/anger control, it’d be TOTALLY appropriate to blame me if I were too scared for my life perhaps “irresponsible enough” to “let” him abuse my child, especially when we don’t live together for me to be around during the abuse.

    Way to go, nice to see that as always it’s possible to pass the blame away from violent men onto women.

  4. I’m not sure the girlfriend mentioned in the story is also the mom? It sounded like the little girl lives with him for 5 months and with her mom the rest of the time; I got the impression the girlfriend is this guy’s current girlfriend.

    Anyway. Yet another example of how the armed forces does nothing to ease these combat veterans back into society after their tours of duty. Fantfrickingtastic.

  5. I think Sandy meant the girlfriend and not the mom. It may not have been totally clear in the excerpts I posted that Tabor was living with another woman who was not the girl’s mother. That’s who the police are considering charging, not the girl’s actual mother.

  6. This man is pathetic excuse for a human who has NOT (and I repeat has NOT) been trained to use violence against people. He was trained to repair heliocopters and saw little to no actual combat in his deployments. This I know.

    The girlfriend is not the mother of the child, that is his ex wife, and he also has a current estranged wife as well. And as I hear it, a child with each.

    I guess we figured out two things this guy does well procreates and apparently torturing. He deserves to rot in jail.

  7. Here is an update for you. Tabor got a lousy 60 days of jail for 3 counts of 2nd degree child abuse. He should have gotten 15 years for each count! Just out of coincidence the judge’s last name was also Tabor. He should have removed himself from the case regardless if he was related or not. He was thrown out of the Army & not allowed an appeal. At least the Army got it right! If this had taken place on base property he would still be in prison!
    The child is now 10 years old & has been officially adopted by her maternal grandparents. She has made an amazing recovery.
    Tabor is now living in Texas under the alias of Yuri Tulchin. He has a transmission repair shop. It is on Facebook. Sorry don’t remember the name of the town maybe Granville or something to that effect. He is listed as a registered Child abuser & his current girlfriend probably has no idea what a monster she’s mixed up with!

  8. im the ex girlfriend of this loser…not the one who abused with him the one came after i got pregnant and found out he was a child abuser I now have a 4 year old of his… hes my beautiful angel.. but I hate what that man did to his children and im glad he wants nothing to do with us…. but mad cuz i could use child support… and yes since he kept this all from me he lied about his name age where he was from everything.. im sure he is doing that t0 her to, he is an evil evil man,… he told me his name was ryan which was his middle name.. and lied about his birthday and where he was from to keep me from finding out by googling him or anything… and when he had to go to court he told me he got a dui and was confined to base becasue of it…. and i found out he would run off and cheat on me with his ex he had the baby with…. her name was callie.. his oldest sons name is xander and his daughters name is emma…. and i have his i think youngest.//// who knows he probably knocked up a bunch of other women and lied his life away…. funny since hes only got one working ball… ugh okay im done… sorry had to get that out

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