New Left Media covered the recent Tea Party Convention in Nashville.

And they brought back video of what they found. As you might expect, it makes for painful viewing. Check it:

From the official synopsis:

After criticism of the convention’s cost, for-profit status, and payment to Palin, multiple national Tea Party organizations withdrew their participation.

But the event went on.

And so did the paranoid, conspiratorial assertions–that President Obama was born in another country, that he has covered up his college transcripts, that he is pushing a communist/socialist agenda, that he is protecting terrorists and endangering our country, etc.

The organizers of the convention made great efforts to limit access to the press, and even held “new-media training” sessions to help the Tea Partiers sound and look better on camera–the more people see inside this movement, the less like it. But we got ourselves into the event, where the right-wing, fringe sentiments were on plain display.

That said, these Tea Partiers–able to pay the cost of attendance–are more affluent than those at the 9.12 DC March, and more self-conscious of [how] they are portrayed in the media. There were fewer signs and homemade t-shirts here, but the attitudes, if more subtle in delivery, were the same.

It’s amazing to think these people can vote. Which is why it’s important to make sure their beliefs and opinions are made as public as possible. Only by exposing the massive ignorance and self-delusion these people have can we be sure they don’t gain power in this country.

2 thoughts on “New Left Media covered the recent Tea Party Convention in Nashville.

  1. Oh, man, I walked past that guy and that crowd about a dozen times because the Blissdom blogger conference was literally next door, right through that archway to the right. I was presenting and dressed up for once, but unfortunately wore a short red suit that would have been sort of Victoria’s Secret somewhere else, but was totally Palinesque in that environment. It was horrifying. So many people thought I was with the Tea Party that I ducked into the hotel shop and bought the first pair of jeans and shirt that didn’t have sequins all over and presented in that instead.

  2. Keep the Tea party stuff coming ! ROFL! I can watch these videos all day… I guess it’s schadenfreude to see these people make complete fools of themselves.
    This is my first visit… love the blog so far. I have recently started blogging myself so I was checking out other liberal and atheism blogs… you come highly recommended from a few of my friends. šŸ™‚

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