Lessons learned at “Skeptics in the Pub.”

A beer mug.

Skeptical beer is still skeptical.

You may recall me posting about the upcoming Skeptics in the Pub event that was scheduled to take place on the 25th of the month. Well that was yesterday, last night specifically, and I took the afternoon off work to attend.

I was, as I often am, later in my arrival than I had intended to be. A good chunk of my afternoon was spent writing up the email reply from the previous post and arguing with an anti-vaccination nut over Twitter. (Not recommended as 140 characters just isn’t enough room when you get on a good roll.) Then I had trouble locating the Garmin so had to resort to Google Maps only to find I hadn’t installed a printer driver after I last restaged my computer.

There were just under a dozen or so folks in attendance when I did finally arrive and Michelle, the host of the event, introduced me as a real-life Internet Celebrity, which is a first for me and probably more fanfare than I deserve. I was impressed with the age range represented with the oldest being a surprisingly sprightly 84. Alas, because I was so late, I only got to talk to some of the folks for a short while before they had to head home. I also didn’t manage to memorize everyone’s names, but in addition to Michelle I can also recall the names of Ethan and Dan as two of the folks I enjoyed chatting with.

This was the first meeting so things were a bit fluid in terms of what to talk about, but if there was one message I took away from the event it was this:

Nick really doesn’t have any excuse.

This was a point that was brought up repeatedly and often. The same way many Republicans like to repeat whatever talking point they’ve latched onto. I’m not quite sure what Nick doesn’t have an excuse for, but I’m pretty damned certain he doesn’t have one and should have known better right from the start. In fact if you see Nick and he tries to give you an excuse, you should probably stop him in mid-sentence and let him know, in no uncertain terms, that he doesn’t have any excuse whatsoever that could possibly justify anything. It’s all his own damn fault and he’s got no one to blame for his situation other than himself.

Perhaps, one day, I’ll have a clue as to who the hell Nick is. The big question right now, however, is would I go to another one? Yes I would. Or at least I would be willing to if I’m not working that night. Plans are to make this a monthly event so I may not make it to March’s event as I should still be working afternoons, but April is a possibility depending on if it falls before or after my contract ends. If you’re in the area and would like to hang out with other skeptics and myself then you should make plans to attend as well. I’ll be posting details on when and where as soon as Michelle announces them.

1 thought on “Lessons learned at “Skeptics in the Pub.”

  1. “I’m not quite sure what Nick doesn’t have an excuse for, but I’m pretty damned certain he doesn’t have one and should have known better right from the start.”

    Michelle here. In my defense, I was about 3 beers into the evening and regaling folks with tales of my wild youth (with the help of one of the gals that I normally have Thursday Night Beer with). Someone commented that living with me must be quite… well… interesting and just how the hell did my husband, Nick, put up with it. This may or may not have come after my commenting that one of my goals in life is to be arrested for civil disobedience and/or drunk and disorderly conduct.

    Les is right — Nick has no excuses. He dated and lived with me for just over five years when we got married and should have known what he had gotten himself into. Poor unlucky guy. You should probably buy him a beer (or a Captain and Coke) if you ever meet him. He needs it.

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