John Oliver covers the RNC meeting in Hawaii.

The Daily Show’s John Oliver travels to Hawaii to cover the RNC’s winter meeting. Republicans manage to reveal their hypocrisy without a hint of having a clue that they’re doing so:

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RNC Meeting in Hawaii
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It’s amazing how they can stand there and complain about fiscal irresponsibility by the Obama administration while engaging in it themselves. I really wish the legitimate news organizations would question some of them about shit like this.

2 thoughts on “John Oliver covers the RNC meeting in Hawaii.

  1. :looks at camera, shakes head:


    WWWOW…” as she continues blabbing, utterly clueless to the fact that she’s being mocked, never mind the fact that she’s mocking herself…

    We literally laughed ourselves to tears. Classic stuff. Oliver’s priceless.

    (Ack… no preview function!!)

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