The Washington Post wants to know your favorite webcomic of the past decade.

Webcomics are a topic near and dear to my heart. While they don’t show up in my sidebar blogroll that’s only because I have a whole separate list of webcomic links I keep in my Google Reader and it would make an already long sidebar list even longer.

The folks at the Washington Post are having a little unscientific poll asking folks to vote for their favorite webcomics and I thought you guys would like to know about it.

Last week, Comic Riffs put out the call by asking: What are your favorite webcomics of the past 10 years? Readers soon responded strongly and passionately (via comments and Facebook and Twitter), nominating hundreds of titles. (For the uninitiated and even for the true fan, it made for a healthy wealth of recommended reading.)

Many of the comics that made the cut were deadlocked — and among some of the worthy titles that just missed the cut were: “Anders Loves Maria”; “Cat and Girl”; “Goats”; “GPF”; “Templar, Arizona”; and “Wondermark” (that excellent exercise in “illustrated jocularity” that had ties to the print world, too, appearing until a coupla years ago in The Onion.).

Now, we’ve got the Big Ballot — and it’s time to vote for your faves as we all narrow this down to a handful of finalists. Balloting will close midnight Wednesday. (And if not all these strips fit your definition of a “webcomic,” feel free to sound off on that interminable kerfuffle, too — some obviously have seen the light of print at times.)

via Comic Riffs – THE BEST WEBCOMIC: It’s time to vote on your nominations….

Several of my favorites made the list: PVP, Penny Arcade, Sinfest, xkcd, and, surprisingly enough, Jesus and Mo. Another surprise was the fact that the amazing Wondermark did not make the cut. It was tough picking out my favorite, but I had to go with the one that got me started on reading webcomics, PVP, even though Scott Kurtz said he wanted PVP votes to go to Penny Arcade. If I could have voted for all my favorites I would have as those are the only ones I tend to read. The current front runner is one I’ve never read called Least That I Could Do and, while I hold no animosity towards said author, it is slightly worrisome that some of my favorites haven’t even gotten a percentage point in votes yet. Not that they have to win, mind you, but it would be nice if they had more than 0% of the vote.

So if you enjoy participating in pointless Internet polls that really don’t prove a damned thing then head on over and see if your favorite is on the list and then vote for it whatever it happens to be. You will have done your part in nothing of any consequence at all and can feel good knowing your small effort will result in the Washington post getting more traffic on a single entry than they probably have any right to get.

3 thoughts on “The Washington Post wants to know your favorite webcomic of the past decade.

  1. You need to read Least I Could Do. It is absolutely hilarious and incredibly well-drawn by its current artist Lar DeSouza. It’s been through two other artists; the first was bad, but only lasted a month or so, and the second, Chad W.M. Porter, I believe, was great in a totally different style from the current one.

    It’s geek humor, sex humor, and guy humor all wrapped up into one amazing package. Plus I’ve met the writer and the artist and they’re both amazingly cool. Lar drew a free caricature of my fiancee at a party at Gen Con Indy a couple of years ago.

  2. Unfortunately is getting zero of the votes. J.D, (Illiad) Frazier is on hiatus working out some family issues, so he probably has NO knowledge of this survey, which is sad, since the Dust Puppy and the rest of gang at Columbia Internet hit their 10 year anniversary some time ago. PVP and Penny Arcade are high on my list also…but who can’t resist the puppy dog eyes of a dust ball?

  3. I never got on with PvP, which is odd because I like CAD. I wouldn’t vote for CAD as my favourite but I’m actually surprisingly happy to see the likes of Least I Could Do, Girl Genius, Questionable Content, and Devil’s Panties on the list.

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