The Darwin Awards announce the 2009 winners.

The annual Darwin Awards, given out to those people who have most improved the gene pool by removing themselves from it, are back with 2009’s winners:

DOUBLE DIP (2009 runner up)
For the first time ever, a woman–yes, a member of the safer sex–made it into the year’s Top Darwin Awards! 2009 Antepenultimate Winner is the North Carolina woman who jumped into a swollen creek to rescue her drowning…moped. Read on.

DYING TO GO (2009 runner up)
We’ve all been in his shoes, taking that fateful whiz at the side of the road. After all, “You don’t buy beer, you just rent it.” Team Darwin Awards is proud to announce the 2009 Penultimate Winner. Read on.

CRUSHING DEBT (2009 darwin award winner)
And the winner is… deceased! The city of Dinant, Belgium is the backdrop for this rare Double Darwin Award involving two bankrobbers attempting to make a sizeable withdrawal from an ATM. In hindsight, a debit card would have been safer. Read on.

Congratulations to this year’s winners! They managed to beat out a lot of other highly motivated contenders over the past year to take the top prize. And it’s already looking like it’ll be another hectic year of competition coming up.

2 thoughts on “The Darwin Awards announce the 2009 winners.

  1. I always find myself disappointed in the Darwin Awards nominations since they deliberately exclude idiots people who have removed themselves from the gene pool for religious reasons.

  2. “Liger Menu”

    Hey, I know that liger from Broken Arrow! That thing was anything but a “big baby”. Any cat that can stand up and reach to the top of a 12 foot fence is not something to mess with unless its heavily sedated or dead.

    Peter’s stupidity cost far more than his own life. The sanctuary had to close their gates to public tours and volunteers because they couldn’t afford the insurance premium increase. Now kids won’t learn about the true cost and risk of exotic pets.

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