The Daily Show on the latest Wall Street bonuses.

Jon tries to explain why it seems like the only people to have recovered from the economic collapse of the past year are the people who caused the problem to begin with:

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The most upsetting part is that this all seems to be happening with Obama’s blessing. Sure, he’s making some noises about taxing the banks now and the banks are basically telling him to go right ahead and they’ll just pass the cost onto their customers.

Next time one of these too big to fail banks gets itself into trouble, let the fuckers fail. Yeah, it’ll probably leave us in a fucked up position, but at least they won’t be around to fuck us over a second time later.

3 thoughts on “The Daily Show on the latest Wall Street bonuses.

  1. I want to laugh when I watch that video, but I have a hard time doing it cause it fucking pisses me off so fucking much. Seriously? This is what we got?

  2. I don’t really understand how it’s the President’s fault. Part of the big problem I had with Bush was that he was exercising powers that the Presidency simply didn’t have. Should Obama ignore the constitutional limits of the Presidency too? I’m not sure what Obama is supposed to do about this – a firm verbal scolding that highlights his legal inability to do anything about it maybe?

  3. I wonder about our position economically, socially and politically if the banks were allowed to fail, seems like to me, that there would be others ready to take their place. Corporate welfare at it’s absolute best. So, we’re getting taxed twice. They used tax payer money to bail out the banks, check. The banks will be taxed, and as a result prices for consumers go up. Taxed fucking twice, this is bull.

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