SEB will be going on a little walkabout this weekend.

There’s been a few WP modules that weren’t working quite right and the documentation said they needed PHP5 which I thought we had on this server, but apparently we don’t. When I inquired I learned that SEB is still on one of EngineHosting’s PHP4 clusters, but they’d be happy to move me to one of the PHP5 clusters they have running. So I requested that they move us.

So sometime this weekend, and I’ll post an update when it’s due to happen, they’ll be bundling us up and shunting us over to the new server. As always any comments left during that period might not make it across depending on when you leave them, but the move shouldn’t take long so that should be kept to a minimum. It does include a change in the IP address which will have to propagate through the Internet so there may be a short period where you’ll be unable to reach SEB. Beyond that it should be relatively transparent.

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