Red State Update offers a prayer for Tiger Woods.

How in the hell did I not know about Red State Update? These two are hilarious and I’ll be spending part of my weekend watching back episodes. Here they offer up a prayer for Tiger Woods:

They make me proud of my own redneck heritage.

4 thoughts on “Red State Update offers a prayer for Tiger Woods.

  1. Fun videos. What were your thoughts on the Brit Hume incident, Les?
    I thought it was amusing, since Fox pretends that he is their one objective journalist… even though he is as conservative as anyone else on that network. I think his O’Reilly interview was perhaps even worse. Proselytizing on a supposed News network and in particular denigrating another religion are bad enough, but when you get your buddy on the station to do an interview where you pretend that you didn’t proselytize and didn’t insult Buddhism… he should read the part of the gospels that talks about hypocrisy.
    Still, even that probably wasn’t in the top 10 for the dumbest, most bigoted things said on Fox News for that week.

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