Not much to say at the moment…

So here’s a quick update on what I’m doing.

New semester starts today and I’ll finally be taking my Cisco classes, which was the whole point of going back to school. Two seven and a half week courses back to back so it’s going to move at a breakneck pace. Plus I get out of class five minutes before I start my shift at work. Which means I’ll be a little late to work, but I usually end up staying past the end of my shift anyway so it all works out in the wash. Boss is OK with it and that’s what matters.

Been sending out resumes like complementary breath mints. My contract at Big Dot.Com company comes to an end at the end of April so I don’t have much time left to find someplace else to work. There’s been a fair amount of postings for IT people, but they’re asking for people with a lot more job skills than I currently have. May have to, once again, consider looking out of state for work. Can’t really afford to be out of work for any length of time.

All of that is what has been keeping my attention which is part of why I’ve not been blogging as much lately. I’ll try to devote some more attention to the blog in the coming weeks, but it’s hard to think of stuff to write about when you’re busy preparing for a looming deadline like the one I’m dealing with.

What have you guys been up to?

8 thoughts on “Not much to say at the moment…

  1. I have been off since December 23 getting caught up on Truck maintenance, It’s annual stuff I usually do, I have been drinking Glucosomine hydrochloride in hopes of getting my knee to come back around. And it is better. I can walk without limping. I think the cold weather is really to blame for the overall event.

    I mounted 2 five foot long belly box’s under the trailer portion of my ( Eighteen Wheeler ) so that we have more living space on the truck. We are ( Today ) in the process of getting back on the Truck and hopefully running to Southern California and keep it in the Southwestern US until winter lets up some.

    Les, I visit a lot of big company’s and usually see the (Job posting wall) around employee break-room area’s. If I knew exactly what you do, I would be happy to give you some contact numbers. Could you live in Phoenix, Las Vegas, El, Paso or even the L.A. area ?

  2. Same as you, Les.

    I’m considering relocating to my home province of Saskatchewan after being unable to find full-time, gainful employment out here in a year. I’m running a hefty deficit and I need to find more work, like, right now or face the many unsavoury consequences.

    Responses have been slim, so I’m still looking.

    The reason I hesitate is that, for the first time in my life, I feel established. Everything except finance is great.

  3. Hubby and I both out of work right now, collecting unemployment but that runs out in March. Ugh.
    May have to get into our IRA account. Another Ugh.
    Good news, my daughter’s Labrador may get to go home today after check-up with the Vet in Lansing at the University. (he’s been with me for two months to nurse him back to health after knee surgery)
    Oh, and it looks like a warm-up is coming, nothing spectacular but in the 30’s! Whoo hoo.

  4. Les-

    Good that you’re planning now for the next job move in April. After a few months’ hiatus, I just got a new gig in December, so I know the feeling. I work under contract as a consultant, so I am in perpetual job-hunt mode. Something will come up for you and hopefully you won’t need to pull up stakes and move. But if you are considering relocating, I’ll keep my eyes open for opportunities here in the Twin Cities area. The weather is not any better but it’s not a bad place to live. The recession has hit us here, though not as hard as in many other locations.

    I would be happy to review your resume if you’d like another set of eyes to go over it. I’ve certainly tuned up my resume more than a few times, and have helped a number of friends and relatives with theirs as well. Shoot me an email.

  5. LH, I don’t know that he’s lauding me, but he did used to drop by regularly and I am still in his blogroll so I can only assume he still visits occasionally. I think some of the crap I write about is probably nothing he’s too interested in, but he links to SEB every now and then when I happen to get the scoop on something so I know he at least drops by every now and then.

    Which is cool as hell as I am a bit of a PZ Fanboy.

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