It’s really amazing we’ve survived as a species…

That’s what you’ll be thinking to yourself if you watch this compilation of people finding new and entertaining ways of injuring themselves and others in their immediate vicinity:

Several of those people are probably still feeling the pain from those adventures. Yikes!

7 thoughts on “It’s really amazing we’ve survived as a species…

  1. I believe that people like these are instrumental in our survival as a species. Somebody has to try that plant first to see if it was poisonous. Whoops! I guess I shouldn’t eat that… your sacrifice will be remembered 🙂

  2. Hmmm. Somehow I doubt that it’s instrumental to the survival of our species to learn that, say, trying to jump over a canyon in a dune buggy is probably a bad idea…

  3. The thief getting owned by the guy that kicks him in the face is one of the best!! It’s right after the music starts.

  4. I really don’t like to watch these type of videos. Call my a wuss but the fact that some of these people may be seriously injured is very disturbing.

  5. Not only should their antics be on the web, but when they finally succeed in killing themselves, they can earn a Darwin Award for their effort.

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