Frat boy’s ass branded by his “brothers” while he’s passed out.

Here’s a tragic story of a fraternity initiation gone awry.

Who am I kidding? I find this funny as hell:

“Most college students returned for the spring semester rested and relaxed. Amon Carter IV headed back to class with the mark of his fraternity burned into his backside.The family of Texas Christian University student, who returned from a winter break ski trip with second and third-degree burns from being branded by his fraternity brothers, have already hired a lawyer to pressure school officials and police to punish all involved.

Carter, who goes by Chance, will require surgery to repair the damage done to his buttocks with a hot coat hanger after he passed out during a night of drinking.

Apparently it’s not enough to be obnoxiously insufferable once you join a fraternity these days; now you have to be branded as well. Not surprisingly, the family already has plans to sue… someone… over the incident.

Interestingly enough I only just learned about this practice the other day from one of the kids here at work when I noticed the bottom part of what turned out to be a huge letter I that had been crudely branded in his bicep. I was incredulous that he had had it done intentionally as it makes even the worst tattoo look like art by Michelangelo. There was also the fact that this kid was black which made the brand suggest some slave imagery to me and I was surprised he’d want to make that a permanent part of his body, but apparently this is something that’s been common among African-American fraternities for some time now:

Branding has been a rite of passage in black fraternities for decades, but is still a fairly uncommon ritual among white fraternity members.

Lawrence Ross Jr., author of “The Divine Nine: The History of African American Fraternities and Sororities,” told that he’s starting to hear more and more cases of branding among white fraternities, which he attributed to Internet videos and pictures glorifying the ritual.

“I tend to look at it as a personal choice,” Ross said, adding that he chose a tattoo, not a brand, during his frat days with Alpha Phi Alpha.

Our hero here, however, is white and the brand he got looks like it makes sitting down an uncomfortable activity:

Branded Ass Picture

Texas Christian University student Amon Carter IV and his amazing ass brand.

Johnson, who is close to the TCU sophomore, told that Chance Carter had drunkenly consented to letting his fraternity brothers finish branding his rear with the Kappa Sigma symbols, a mark he had started during spring break, unbeknownst to his family.But his fraternity brothers took it upon themselves to continue the branding — this time large triangles to represent the Tri Delta Sorority — on his other buttock while he was passed out.

Johnson said the Tri Delta mark was mingled with numerous other brands, most of which are unrecognizable, since they overlap.

“They are large,” she said.

As if this story weren’t already awesome enough, it turns out that Amon Carter IV comes from a very wealthy and renowned family:

The Carters are one of the most prominent families in Forth Worth. Amon G. Carter was the president and publisher of the Forth Worth Star-Telegram newspaper in the 1920s and was credited with bringing several major businesses to the area, including a General Motors assembly plant and the company now known as Lockheed-Martin.


Craven said the Carters, who brought Chance Carter to the emergency room for treatment as soon as he returned home, have already consulted with a plastic surgeon who estimated it would take at least six procedures to repair.

Craven said the possibility of a lawsuit is “nothing I can say at this point.”

“As far as I’m concerned,” Johnson said, “his backside is a crime scene.”

It’s hard to say whether there’s anything that can be done, other than the plastic surgery, in this case. Amon did technically consent to the procedure before he passed out so it’s possible the people directly responsible might not be charged with a crime. As for suing, well, the family is already pretty wealthy so it’s hard to see the point outside of revenge.

If I were dumb enough to allow a bunch of drunken frat buddies to take a hot coat hanger and draw doodles on my ass I’d just write it off as a lesson learned the hard way and try to move on as best I could considering that my hips would probably catch on the inside of my jeans when I walked from that point forward.

10 thoughts on “Frat boy’s ass branded by his “brothers” while he’s passed out.

  1. I can’t imagine myself ever being in such a state as to have this happen to me, let alone ever doing it to someone else.

    I guess they teach a type of morals at Texas Christian University far different from the detestable Atheist morals with which I am burdened.

  2. Years ago I had a friend who came back from Southern Miss with one of these. I was confused, because he’d dropped out. So basically he went off, got this stupid looking proof of stupid brand on his arm to get into a club, and then went home where no one gave a shit. Genius.

  3. Emergency Rooms are full of stories like this, Branding the Human body can lead to a really bad Staph infection, which can then lead to endocarditis ( Heart Valve Problems ) if the immune system becomes compromised. I could name a couple of dozens lethal scenarios that they are playing chicken with in their right of passage. Pretty stupid for people attending a center for higher learning. Maybe they should have considered Super-Gluing his ass to a toilet.

  4. Or drugging him and taking advantage of him? You know, to get all the fraternity business up front.

  5. TCU is not a “Christian” school and hasn’t been one in years, despite the name. It’s openly secular.

  6. As a teacher, I see children out of control on a daily basis – the pre-runner to such as the above activity – all of which is FAR TOO FREQUENTLY allowed to be done with the excuse of “They’re just kids”; the worse is that there are NO CONSEQUENCES given. I frequently find myself holding back from asking PARENTS, not CHILDREN “Just how damn stupid are you?” It’s clear that children are in charge now, not their parents. If this is bad, wait another 20 years – and once my generation is fading out of control, it’s the idiot generation with the branded asses that will be running things – and GOD help us then!!

  7. “Apparently it’s not enough to be obnoxiously insufferable once you join a fraternity these days;”

    Someone didn’t get a bid card….

  8. I have 2 fraternity brands and I want them removed. Did you ever find any additional info about removal? I came across Dr Rebat Halder’s name in this article:… He’s at the Department of Dermatology Howard University Hospital.

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