SEB is now running on WordPress 2.9.

Most of the changes are to the back end of the sight, there’s a new built-in image editor and deleted posts and comments go into a trash bin before being deleted, so if you only ever see the front end you shouldn’t notice much difference.

But, as always, there’s a chance for weirdness so let me know if you spot anything not working.

8 thoughts on “SEB is now running on WordPress 2.9.

  1. LOL Moloch hates wordpress.. Didjanotice yet?

    Hey Les, as I just posted under the Keith Olbermann thread, the edit post functionality is seriously fucked up, at least for me.Could it be a local error of some kind?

  2. I see on their introduction video that embedding things like YouTube videos is much easier. Just include a link to the video on a line by itself, and WP takes care of the rest. Quite a few sites are apparently supported.

    By the way, are you using a plug-in for comment editing, or is that a new feature I haven’t discovered?

  3. DOF, what do you want to know?

    Frac, yeah I’ve not tried out the new YouTube embed yet. And yes, I’m using a plugin. It’s called WP Ajax Edit Comments and I mainly chose it because it’s the only one that didn’t require editing the PHP files to use.

    Though given that the AJAX is giving some folks fits I may switch to one of the lesser fancy ones.

  4. Ole Phat Stu: To put words in Les’ mouth; I’m betting that Google News Reader is to blame for the content deterioration (also :evilgrin:). I know it sapped/served-as-an-outlet for my creative efforts. It’s taking a conscious effort to spend time producing original content beyond just comments on an RSS feed.

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