Preliminary SEB templates are in place.

As you can see, if you’ve stopped by the site instead of reading its RSS feed, I’ve got a half-assed port of the old SEB template moved over to WordPress. It’s missing a few things here and there, but it appears to be functional so I wanted to try it on the live site and see how well it holds up. I may yet try to make use of one of the frameworks instead of doing it this way, but for now this feels more like home.

One other advantage is that I’m able to incorporate plugins when and where I want them instead of hoping they work with the theme I was using. You’ll note, for example, that there is now a “preview” and “post” button on the Comment form. Try ’em out and let me know what you think.

As always let me know if there’s any glitches or bits that don’t work.

21 thoughts on “Preliminary SEB templates are in place.

  1. the side bar covers text on the front page (I haven’t checked others, though this individual post page seems fine). When I change the size of the EI window, the text expands but doesn’t come out from behind the sidebar

  2. Nitpicks:

    The CSS for the sidebar could use some tweaking. Larger/bold font for the headers, less indent for the list items, perhaps do away with the bullet.

    I miss the 100-char or so comment preview for the recent comments.

    Haven’t checked what I need to do to update my twit filter.

    I liked the black-and-blue color scheme better than the Halloweeny black-and-orange.

  3. I think the non-linked people in the Stupid Evil Comments section should get a lighter color so it doesn’t disappear against the orange next to the comment link. Also, this input box doesn’t seem to have any hard right edge, causing it to scroll the right edge of my screen a bit.

  4. I’ll confess that while the black on white was very bright and stark, I kind of think the white on black is similarly stark (and more difficult to read).

    So … how are you doing the Preview button (I suppose I could look up “Comment Preview” in the Plugins page, but …)?

  5. Deviant, what screen resolution are you running at so I can test things properly? I’m using a 1680×1050 monitor myself.

    Elwed, the CSS for everything needs some tweaking. This was just to get things ported over. And I’ll probably be switching over to the garish Christmas colors before too long. 🙂 I’m using the standard Recent Comments plugin that comes with WP at the moment, but I’ll look for one that’s closer to what we had under EE.

    MM, it looks like the comment box is unusually big. Not sure why. It doesn’t scroll on my screen, but then it all fits on my screen.

    ***Dave, I’m using Filosofo Comments Preview.

  6. The side bar on the main page is covering part of the the text in the blog entries for me as well. Running in 1680 X 1050 resolution. Just thought you might want to know.

  7. Nope, I still can’t even see the right edge of the field by scrolling to the right.

  8. Much better, for me. And, I can finally login, again. Orange and black is better than the glaring white background; hope the Xmas one will be OK. Comment field is fine for me.

  9. What browser are you guys using MM and ESA? It looks fine in Firefox and Google Chrome. Haven’t checked it in IE or Safari yet. Will do that when I get home tonight.

    Moloch, the login is at the top of the sidebar and you can get a Gravatar here.

    This is a very rough port and I’ll be working on it over the coming days so hopefully I’ll clear a lot of this up as I go along. If worse comes to worst I’ll go ahead and find another theme to use, but it won’t be the Atahualpa theme I was using before as that one was interfering with some plugins.

  10. What browser are you guys using MM and ESA? It looks fine in Firefox and Google Chrome. Haven’t checked it in IE or Safari yet. Will do that when I get home tonight.

    I’m running Firefox 3.0.15 on Ubuntu. BTW, whatever changes you might have recently made have fixed the issue for me.

  11. Well I checked in all the browsers I’ve got on my system when I got home and the only one I saw a definite problem in was IE8. It slide the left sidebar all the way down under the content.

    That said, I’m wrapping my head around a couple of frameworks which I may end up going with instead of just coding by hand. The one problem I’m having is that they all want to insist on a fixed-width layout and I much prefer a fluid content area.

  12. I’m still seeing the “comment field has no right edge except the scroll bar” issue, but I can’t think of what I might have going on that might make it different that anyone else’s browser.

    For comparison though, I loaded this page into my IE8 browser to see what it would do. The comment field is fixed over there, but the left sidebar doesn’t appear until after the captcha field. My IE8 is unused enough that it still nags me about taking the tour for its “exciting new features” so I probably don’t have anything interesting loaded in there.

  13. The sidebar appears below the rest of the page for me. That is below the comment entry box for articles and below the last article on the main page.

    I’m viewing it in 1024 X 768 resolution. The problem is only in IE. Firefox and Safari display properly.

    Edit: And I now see that you’re already aware of the problem. Nevermind.

  14. I’ve switched over to a temporary template until I can manage to work through something new on my own. The old ported template was causing too many problems.

    The good news is that I think I’m getting my head around how to develop child themes for the Thematic framework. The bad news is that all the examples I’ve comes across are fixed width layouts like this one. It seems that’s the law of the land in web design these days and so far my attempts to make a fluid design in Thematic have been… tragic.

  15. Under Windows Vista the site resembles the old SEB. Well Kinda… But under Linux the site takes on a black and white look. It looks good, very crisp… It required 11 plug ins. The only thing it lacks is a history. You can’t see the recently posted on the left side. I can see it in Windows however.

    I downloaded Linux to a 16gb flash drive and booted. Also used the Linux installed on my computer. Both are the same…

  16. hum…Booted into Windows. It looks the same. And now I look like an….Well never mind. I booted into Linux this morning without looking at it in Windows.

  17. Just got my $100 18″ widescreen monitor in. I must admit, this makes the website make a lot more sense than all of the scrolling to the right that needed to be done previously.

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