Obama unveils a new slogan for 2012.

Obama's new 2012 campaign slogan.

Obama's new 2012 campaign slogan.

It might net him a few more Republican voters if they’re not happy with their nominee, but I don’t think it’s going to go over well with those of us who bought into his first campaign slogan.

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15 thoughts on “Obama unveils a new slogan for 2012.

  1. The undeniable sameness of the Obama administration makes those damn teabaggers look even more unhinged than they already do. It’s comical and frightening all at the same time.

  2. The teabaggers have no idea what his policies are, the only thing that they are protesting is his epidermis.
    Most of legitimate criticisms of his administration are coming from those who voted him into office. Like Bill Clinton, he seems to believe that liberals will vote for him no matter what, that it is best to triangulate so as not to upset moderates or even conservatives… as if they would ever vote for him. He furthermore does not have the fortitude to confront the special interest group shills like Lieberman or the war hawks in his own cabinet, much less those on the right.
    Well, President Obama, now all sides are turning on you; well played. You have not fought for health care reform, regulation of the banks, the prevention of global warming, gay rights. You are keeping America in a needless Afghani quagmire and are preserving the unconstitutional provisions of the Patriot Act. You are ensuring a path to further American decline, rather than putting us on a path to the type of progressive society that the American people elected you to undertake. You are the wet dream of your opponents on the right, they could not have asked for a better first year of your administration. Everything that you told the American people that you were not going to become you became. You are the perfect example of the Washington-corrupted politicians that you criticized during your hypocritical campaign.
    I will not even mention what I think of the Congress.
    We should have saved Bush the trouble of having to move. Or, better yet, this country should stop pretending and should simply invite the lobbyists and special interests groups to run the Congress and the White House directly. Better to be transparent.

  3. You guys are kidding right? You think because the guy is a liberal that equates to virtuous? He is a politician! All they do is lie!

  4. Obama is a liberal… Are you kidding?
    It is not a matter of being virtuous, it is a matter of him making stupid decisions and caving to the right when these things do not serve him politically; forgetting the fact that those decisions will sink the country. The majority of Americans want health care reform, if he does not deliver it should cost him politically.

  5. This is why teabaggers and other conservative loonies make me sad. Obama had a real opponent in Jack Ryan when he ran for Illinois senator. But Ryan slipped on a (very minor) scandal and dropped out of the race, so Obama wound up running against Alan Keyes. Then in the presidential race he wound up running against Sarah Palin (pay no attention to the old guy; he wasn’t much better and besides you had to reckon what would happen if he couldn’t serve).

    If Alan Grayson runs, I’ll vote for him. I will under no circumstances vote for a Republican or any third party candidate whose candidacy simply means a Republican might get elected.

    If conservatives were this side of the sanity line, Obama (or whoever else ran on the Democrat side) would have a real battle to shape himself on. But having unelectable, loony opponents means our guy could get lazy.

    doG, I miss Gerry Ford.

  6. “Obama is a liberal… Are you kidding?”

    Ummm, OK, he’s a staunch conservative who appointed a Communist activist, who never created a job in his life, into his Green Job Czar. What’s happening here is he can’t change a bunch of campaign happy talk into policy. I refrained from voting for either candidate, though I really wanted to vote for Obama, I could not because of his ludicrous policies and plans.

    Example: Obama promised to quickly withdraw all troops from Iraq.

    Reality: Those troops will be there until the job is done.

    One major reason my son voted for him was that John McCain wanted to keep troops in Iraq “forever”. I just chuckled at that. I’m retired military and my son spent the first 10 years of his life in this place called Europe, where it seems 10s of thousands of US troops have been continuously stationed for 65 years!

    That’s reality!

    Oh and you might consider that spending 100s of billions of dollars that we do not have might also “sink the country”.

  7. The current healthcare system is sinking the country. We spend more on healthcare than any industrialized nation yet in life expectancy we rank 38th. Great system… if you buy into special interest talking points.
    Obama has appointed Republicans and conservatives; appointments are not a measure of his political leanings, contrary to what the Mormon gold salesman might tell you. Obama has not governed as a liberal, and it is not to do with liberal policies being impractical. We spend more on these wars of choice than we would on a government run healthcare system.
    As for the Iraq withdrawal, to be fair, Obama has not completely contradicted himself on that issue; a rare achievement for him. He said that he would scale down over time. He never said that he would pull out immediately.

  8. While I sympathize with the sentiment of the poster and am frustrated myself with the slow progress of the progressive agenda, overall I think these statements and images are still unwarranted.

    To think Obama or any other liberal could take a firm stand on the issues and succeed is crazy. The circumstances of our government simply don’t allow it. The Democratic Party is broad tent that has many conservative members that don’t agree with all of the liberal agenda. The Republican Party has turned into some anti-intellectual monster that abuses it’s power and forces a 60 vote majority on every issue under consideration in the Senate. On top of that we have one media organization (Fox News) that deliberately misinforms it’s viewers on a daily basis, while the rest of the media broadcasts Republican talking points as valid options under the air of false equivalency and lazy journalism. To think that Obama could take a firm stand and not compromise in this political environment is crazy.

    What progressives need to do is be patient, be consistent, and support their president. I’m not talking about blind support, but the worst thing that could happen is 1 year from now progressives not show up to the polls and keep their candidates elected because they were feeling sorry for themselves over the slow progress. Change is going to be slow. We’ve had 8 years of Republican presidency and more years of Republican congressional leadership before that. Obama has been in office 10 months. Our media is stupid. Liberals must keep pushing their cause, arguing their case, maintain momentum, and slowly shift the ship of public opinion; otherwise, the battle is already lost. Images like this run down the whole movement.

  9. Reality itself is against conservatives. The future is by its nature progressive, unless we actively destroy knowledge. Today’s conservatives would be mocked as liberal, far-left douchebags by their great grandfathers. This is why terrorists fight us and it’s why Republicans fear us. We’re going to win. We’ve already won. We were winning when Bush was in office, and we’d be winning if Limbaugh took office with Sarah Palin in his lap taking notes.

  10. Hypocrisy: atheists don’t worship gods, so they worship obama.

    Hope and change, am I right?

    Hope you atheists like the flavor of your feet on this one.

  11. That’s a pretty stupid comment, mnfcp. Not only do atheists not worship Obama, but there are plenty that didn’t vote for him. The rest of your comment makes even less sense, which is a pretty good trick considering how little was in the first sentence.

  12. How’s that Hopey/Changey thing working for you libidiots? You elected an empty suit and now you’re whining.

    Only you LIBERALS could elect a cabal of fools who are so corrupt that they came up with ObummerKare where we get taxed for FOUR YEARS before ANY benefiots are “given” to us by the Imperial Gov’t.

    Try reading the 10th Amendment you morons.

  13. I thought his new one is officially…….Are you in-sane! He just handed it to us. I can’t believe that they didn’t think that one thru. Too damn funny and also sadly true!

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