National Geographic looks into mystery of Brazilian town with tons of twins.

There is a town in Brazil where the birth rate of twins in almost 1000% higher than anywhere else on the planet. All manner of explanations from aliens to nuclear tests have been put forth to explain why, but one theory stands out from the rest. That the infamous Nazi Joseph Mengele’s experiments into creating a master Aryan race are somehow responsible for the high ratio:

Joseph Mengele, the escaped Nazi war criminal and SS physician, known as the Angel of Death, spent years doing bizarre medical experiments on twins at Auschwitz working to determine if twins held the key to building a blond-haired, blue-eyed master race for Adolf Hitler. Now a historian says he has evidence that Mengele’s attempts may not have ended at Auschwitz, and that his obsession to engineer an Aryan master race continued, and that succeeded while he was on the run in South America. Deep in the Brazilian outback in a tiny town among the 80 households in a one-square-mile area are reportedly some 38 pairs of twins. Blond, blue-eyed twins. Bizarre and inexplicable, could they be the product of Mengele’s machinations? Now, with exclusive access, EXPLORER goes inside the investigation; From the secret agents who trailed him, to the scientists now uncovering the facts behind the fantastical phenomenon, no stone is left unturned.

Yep, that should be a fascinating episode. It’ll air this Saturday at 7PM and I’ll be setting my DVR to catch it in case I forget.

Found via The Huffington Post.

4 thoughts on “National Geographic looks into mystery of Brazilian town with tons of twins.

  1. It looks like it will be a fun show to watch. Discover Magazine doesn’t seem to think Mengele has anything to do with the twins there though.

    While they don’t come out and say it, the ad seems like an attempt to lure readers into their show with the promise of some new dirt on Mengele’s experiments. This all seems odd, since National Geographic News ran a story a week ago about how Mengele had nothing to do with the twins in Brazil.

  2. I really wish I could watch this, but I suffer from a lack of NatGeo channel.

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