Mom calls police when her son refuses to stop playing video games.

A Ms. Angela Mejia lost her shit when she woke up in the middle of the night to find her 14-year-old son playing video games hours after she had told him to go to bed. Out of frustration she ended up calling 911 to report her son to police:

Mejia’s son – one of four children the 49-year-old is raising alone – was playing “Grand Theft Auto,” an exceedingly violent video in which the gamer assumes the role of ladder-climbing criminal.

An argument ensued as Mejia unplugged her son’s PlayStation. Then, this mad-as-hell mother dialed 911. Police responded and managed to talk the boy into shutting off the game and going to sleep.

“They (police) were just like, ‘Chill out. Go to bed,’ ” the boy told the Herald.

The details in this news item are brief so it’s probably unfair to judge, but I can remember being 14 and getting into arguments with my parents over stuff and I can tell you this: They never had to call the police in to deal with me.

Were my parents perfect? Far from it and there’s probably plenty of situations they could’ve handled better, but then the same could be said of me. They made it clear, however, that they had rules for a reason and that they were doing their best to look out for my better interests whether I could see the truth of that or not at the time. We had our fair share of screaming arguments and there were times I know they were so frustrated as to want to smack me silly, but call the police?

The closest we ever got to that was the one time I stole some candy and rolls of cap-gun caps from a from a store at the age of 8 or 9 — not sure how old I was or what store it was, but my mother will probably remember — after asking my mom to buy them and being told no. Later that day she caught me with them and marched my ass back into that store where she made me return what I hadn’t already used, offer an apology for stealing, and pay for all of it out of what small savings I had. She asked the man at the store if he wanted to press charges, I can remember my heart stopping as I held my breath at the time, and he said that it wouldn’t be necessary as I had just made amends. I don’t recall a lot of my early childhood, but I can clearly remember her telling me how lucky I was that he didn’t want to press charges as we marched right back on out of there. I don’t know if she really would have called the police if the man had said yes or not, but I wouldn’t bet against it even today. There were some things my mother just didn’t abide by and I’m a better man for it.

Somehow I don’t think Ms. Mejia has that kind of fortitude:

Mejia said she approves of athletic-themed videos, but as for “Grand Theft Auto,” she said, “I would never buy that kind of video. No way. I called (police) because if you don’t respect your mother, what are you going to do in your life?”

So not only is the kid disobeying her by staying up late playing video games, but he’s playing games she doesn’t approve of and she doesn’t do anything about it?

I can’t recall at what age I finally allowed Courtney to play Grand Theft Auto III, but I was still working at Ford Motor Company at the time and that was at least four years ago, so she was probably 14 or 15. She was right around the age of the kid in this story at least. Up until that point I hadn’t even allowed her to be in the same room when I was playing the game due to the content. Every now and then she’d ask if she could play it and after much consideration of where she was maturity-wise and the content of the game I eventually said OK. It wasn’t long after that that I got into a rather heated argument with a coworker who suggested that I only had myself to blame if Courtney ended up becoming a prostitute someday because I allowed her to play GTA III, but that’s a whole other story in itself.

The point being that Courtney respected my decision not to allow her to play the game until I felt she was ready for it. She had that respect because I made it clear to her that I had concerns over the content and felt that the time wasn’t right for her to be exposed to it. She wasn’t happy with the decision, but she understood that I wasn’t withholding it just to be a dick. As it turned out, she only wanted to play the game so she could drive around the city crashing cars and doing the stunts. She didn’t care about the actual story at all so she never saw most of the content. She did a few of the missions, but mostly she just took great joy in launching her vehicle off of whatever nearby ramp she could find to watch it smash into traffic and then giggling as though it was the funniest thing in the world.

Again I’m not privy to all the details of Ms. Mejia’s situation so I probably shouldn’t judge, but it seems like she’s doing it wrong.

12 thoughts on “Mom calls police when her son refuses to stop playing video games.

  1. Dude, I mentioned that I worked for Ford back when I was first let go. That isn’t a secret. And they let me go long before they got into financial trouble.

  2. The sick thing is my neighbor calls the police on her son often. The kid won’t listen and do as he is told, the police come. The kid won’t come in when he has been told, police come. I can honestly say the police have been at their house twice in one night and over all in the last 4 months at least 4 times. I have called the police myself on them as there was a time when the kid (he is around 9 or 10) was out in the backyard screaming after he had been locked out by the mom at 10 at night. The police come, over and over, and is anything ever done? Nope! As a matter of fact one time I heard a officer tell the child that he needed a spanking.
    This story does not surprise in the least, it just sick that it is not only my neighbor.

  3. Ugh. The woman should get fined for abusing the 911 system.

    Rachel-g: Sounds like Child Protective Services needs to get a call about your neighbor, if only because they’ll probably do a better job of counselling and reporting than the cops.

    Personally, I like just driving in the rain, listening to the radio in GTA, preferably after a few drinks. Call me a bad person, but I love drunk driving – but only in the fantasy world of video games.

  4. Unless that kid was getting ready to beat the cap out of his mom, that is a horrible use of 911.

  5. First off…she probably let him get away with murder when he was a small child and is now trying to control him. You can’t do that. And like Mouse said…unless he was threatening or beating her, 911 is not the people to call.

    my own mother wasn’t the best mother, but I do believe in some of her strategies on how she did things…I would have just turned the breakers off for that part of the house. When he got up to turn them back on I would take the game and/or controllers and put them away. I have already told DH that if there is ever and issue with the computer and our kids, then all the power cords would mysteriously disappear.

    Now you can say a lot about how far the kid could go to get the games and controllers and such…but the point of it is that yo are proving you are the boss here.

    I can also say that he may have some issues with depression and such that makes him a gaming addict, I know all about it since I was married to one (and before anyone gets all riled up…I am a gamer. I know all about gaming and my ex WAS a gaming addict). However, without more info I can’t really speculate on that…my guess is she just never dealt with her son before and now that he is older she can’t really “do” anything to him. A great many parents are like that…

    And on a side note…if she doesn’t like the game…why does he have it and why is she allowing it in her house? If someone gave it to him then she needs to toss it or give it back.

  6. Seems to me the problem is the mother assumes the child is supposed to respect her because she is the child’s mother. I would agree with her that yes children should have a level of respect for parents, but as the parent you should work to have your child grow to respect you as the parent. Calling 911 like that basically shows the child that they do not have to respect the parent and that they are in control and the parent has no control.

    I don’t have kids yet this mistake seems pretty simple to me.

  7. vjack, if my wife were to call it’d be for my PC addiction, not PS3. I’m actually on my computer a lot more than the PS3 at this point. Not that the PS3 doesn’t get used, but not anywhere near enough to be considered addicted to it.

    As for this lady and her kids, it sounds like a little family counseling wouldn’t hurt. The question is: Even if she were willing to take that approach, can she afford to? Is she working someplace with benefits that would help cover the cost? Are there any public programs she might take advantage of? It doesn’t matter if help is available if you can’t afford to avail yourself of it.

  8. What we need is some sort of “public option” for health care, to attend to the medical needs of the less fortunate. Someone should right Congress. I think it sounds like an excellent idea.

  9. Actually I hadn’t thought of that, but that is a good point. Her being a single mother I’m sure there are some complexities I’m not considering.

    I also agree with Mook, it would make sense to hav gov program to help with these things.

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