Keith Olbermann slams Obama and Congress over the Senate HCR bill.

There’s not much here I disagree with:

There are some out there that argue that the bill still accomplishes a lot, but I’m very worried about the provision that mandates everyone has to buy health insurance or face a fine unless they can prove they can’t afford it. Combined with the lack of controls over prices this sounds like a wet-dream come true for the health insurance companies.

Kill the provision or kill the bill.

13 thoughts on “Keith Olbermann slams Obama and Congress over the Senate HCR bill.

  1. Wow. I wasn’t aware of this. I haven’t been following the news. I hope things turn out alright.

  2. I disagree with him on one point only: leeches are making a comeback: being used to great effect for all sorts of things.
    Other than that: the entire bill has become an insult to the name of ‘health care reform’. One would hope that the Supreme Court would overturn the buy insurance mandate: but wait, this court contains people who believe that :
    “This court has never held that the Constitution forbids the execution of a convicted defendant who has had a full and fair trial but is later able to convince a habeas court that he is ‘actually’ innocent. Quite to the contrary, we have repeatedly left that question unresolved, while expressing considerable doubt that any claim based on alleged ‘actual innocence’ is constitutionally cognizable.”
    So I guess there’s not much hope there.
    If this bill passes, in it’s present form, we the people are once more screwed to the wall to satisfy corporate interests.

  3. “Hope things turn out alright” don’t make it friend. That is how the abomination of some honest people’s work came about. I don’t know where the leader we elected lost his ability to see what needs to be done fairly and honestly but he did and it is gone. Don’t pass this bill. It would be better to keep floundering in the mess we have got until some people with balls stand up and are ready to be counted.

  4. Lol, no. I merely meant that I hope that the bill (as it currently stands) gets killed. Hopefully, people can get their shit together and do the right thing. It is depressing when things like this happen.

  5. I think this commentary is bullshit. Let’s kill heathcare reform and accomplish nothing. That will go over well with the public and make the Democrats look real good (sarcasm). Then we can all go back under Republican leadership and get stuff done…

    The mandate is there to force people who don’t buy insurance but use health services to pay for something. Right now people with insurance pay higher premiums to cover those who are un-insured. The goal is to reduce health costs for everyone. But hey, don’t listen to me, listen to this year’s noble prize winning economist:

  6. That’s fine, but some of us almost never use medical services at all. If I go to the ER and rack up a bill, I will owe them money, like in any other business transaction. They can collect, sue, and damage my credit, like any business, or I can pay.

    I choose to

    a: only use medical services when neccesary
    b: pay my bills when I do so

    So what’s wrong with that? Mandatory insurance is BS. Medical costs are too high regardless of how they are paid for. Have you ever examined, in detail, a medical bill from a hospital stay? I have. My kid was in the hospital as a baby. Diapers were 40 dollars EACH. It’s true.

  7. Les:

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  8. JCali, I’ve read Krugman’s article and I don’t entirely disagree with parts of it, but I still think that without a public option or Medicare buy-in compromise the mandate makes this bill untenable. I wanted us to go single payer anyway so I was already compromising with a public option.

    Legacy, what browser OS combo are you using. The edit function works fine in Firefox under Windows 7. I know it’s working for most folks as I get emailed every time someone edits a comment. It uses AJAX to do it’s trick so that might be part of the problem.

  9. OK, well, I’m using a fully-updated version of Win XP, SP3 with the latest IE and all updates.

    What is AJAX?
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  10. legacyABQ, nothing is wrong with you not having insurance if you actually pay the hospital bills. But the problem is many people don’t, driving up the rates for those who do. A bad car accident or illness can bankrupt healthy, middle-class, un-insured people who intended to pay only if they needed the services. Hence they don’t pay or only partially pay and then the doctors and hospitals must find some other way to cover the costs.

    I’m suspicious of the argument that the mandate makes the bill untenable. I agree that it may impose a burden on some people initially, but I think the market will adjust. Poor people will get government assistance, and if middle class people are having problems paying for insurance politicians will have to do something or face the political implications pretty quickly.

  11. Initially, I thought the premise of universal health care was a good idea. And since then, our senators and representatives under the influence of greed have turned it into a bastardization. It appears to prove that you can buy politicians and policy. Obama does not need a false win. Attack the industry of healthcare, not the American people. You want to fix this country, get rid of lobbyists and put in heavy reform on campaign contributions. You want to fix this country, stop giving banks money that proved they could not handle it in the first place. You want to fix this country, stop letting drug companies and “care” providers mandate policy. KO and I have shared many of the same opinions and this one is no different.

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