Jesus Christ booted from jury pool for acting like an asshole.

Man, you just can’t take Jesus anywhere any more. First he bites the living shit out of a dude and has to be shot by police. Then he comes back as a 59-year-old woman and makes an ass of himself when called upon to serve jury duty:
BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — Court officials say a Birmingham woman who changed her name to Jesus Christ didn’t live up to it when she reported for jury duty this week. The woman, previously named Dorothy Lola Killingworth, was sent to Judge Clyde Jones’s courtroom for a criminal case Monday.

Court officials told The Birmingham News Tuesday that the 59-year-old was excused because she was disruptive and kept asking questions instead of answering them.

OK, so it wasn’t really Jesus Christ. Just some crazy lady who changed her name. I only posted this item because I wanted to be able to quote the following line from the article:

Efforts to reach Christ for comment were unsuccessful.

That always seems to be the case, doesn’t it?

4 thoughts on “Jesus Christ booted from jury pool for acting like an asshole.

  1. LMAO!!

    Hey, I heard that in many places it’s illegal to change your name to such a thing as a diety. Well, a Christin one anyway.. Why, that would be takin’ the good lord’s name in *vain*! ..wouldn’t want THAT!

  2. Yeah, that whole forgiving the adultress by pointing out the authorities weren’t any better was real asshole-like behavior. Mrs. Killingworth probably has a better understanding than most Christians about how Christ’s subversiveness actually worked. Despite the crazy way she chose to show it by changing her name. I mean it’s much better to be an atheist blogging as “SupidEvilBastard” for shock value. That’s not crazy at all. [/sarcasm]

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