I missed my own Blogiversary.

Holy crap! I’ve been so busy with life that I totally forgot that I started this little experiment in egocentric rambling back on December 2nd, 2001. Not that I did a lot with it that month, but that’s when it officially started which means Stupid Evil Bastard is now, officially, 8 years old.

Had you told me at the time that almost a decade later I’d still be finding stuff to write about I probably would’ve laughed. I’m ADD. I have a hard time finishing all the video games I own. Yet here I am still plugging away. Sure, I tend to go in phases where I’m not as active as I am at other times and what I blog about tends to also go in phases, but I’m still banging on the keyboard when something catches my attention.

What’s even more amazing to me is the fact that there are so many people that drop by daily to see what nonsense I’m carrying on about at the time. I’ve heard from a lot of people I’d never have imagined would find my rantings worth following and even been lucky enough to meet a few of you.

I did come close to giving it up a couple of times and there are periods when I haven’t been able to come up with something to write about that I revisit the possibility. Right about then I’ll read something that pisses me off and I am off and running once more. I can’t promise you that I’ll make it to the full 10 year mark, but we’re starting on our ninth year so it’s looking like a good possibility.

Thanks for checking in on me over the last eight years. It wouldn’t have been as much fun without you.

7 thoughts on “I missed my own Blogiversary.

  1. Happy belated blogiversary!!

    I’ve been stopping by for several years now (holy crap, has it really been that long?) and I always enjoy your writing. Keep it up!

    p.s. I’d have sent you a Blogiversary or Annibloggary card, but Hallmark hasn’t kept up with the times.

  2. Congratulations Les, I think I have been here for quite sometime myself. This is an informative site in so many ways and in so many subjects. The occasional fucknut that wonders in even makes it interesting.

    I don’t really think of SEB as an Atheist website, I feel comfortable coming here, and I am still a person of Faith.

  3. Way to go! For me, the need to write ebbs and flows. I have large gaps in my blogging. I started back in 2003. Part of the issue for me now is that Google Newsreader seems to fill some of the creative urge.

    Call it an early New Year’s resolution, but I’m going to try and make a regular thing of it again. Making humourous little quips against other people’s RSS feeds just seems to be lacking something.

  4. Well, I hope that you keep it up, as long as it provides some meaningful creative outlet for you, and I think that many people enjoy coming here because you manage to distill arguments succinctly into a clear, rational, and accessable writing style..

    SEB is one of only three blogs on my favorites.. For me, I get so depressed about it all that coming here brings a sense of intellectual relief since I am reminded that there exist other rational beings.. The anti-intellectual crowd has gotten so noisy that SEB is like a refuge of sanity and clear-thinking.

    I always enjoy reading everyone’s posts too, in addition to yours..

    So, in some way I consider your blog a valuable and generous public service! 🙂

    So thanks for doing the arguing for those of us too lazy, dispirited, depressed and hopeless to keep up the fight to keep alive the great and honorable legacy of the enlightenment and its ruthless devotion to the truth, and to the pursuit of a more rational and humanistic future for our tiny little planet!

    I salute you Les Jenkins on a job well done!

  5. Edit feature is screwy, the text oscillates up and down if you edit a post larger than a paragraph, and wont stop long enough to make changes.. Weird!

    Anyway, I should have said “blogging” instead of “arguing” lest some fundie see my post and misconstrue my attempt at human kindness and encouragement as intellectual back-slapping and clique-ishness.. That is, certainly we rationalists need **nobody** else to do our thinking (unlike them, who must “receive” truth from, uh, somewhere else besides whereever it is).. So, the beauty of rational thinking is that it’s based on a set of principles, the implementation of which results in verification of truths by independent parties, proving that truths are subject to a more general principle of consistency and repeatability (thats called empiricism for the fundies).

    So, as I said before, we rationalists rarely need to concur on things clearly self-evident.. I don’t come here to verify or validate any of my beliefs.. I come here because it’s therapeutic for my intellect..

    I posted this second part because I review old archives and often have seen people wander by and try to assert that there is some kind of *parity* or equivalence between “us” (whomever we are) and people who are religious. People like that Buck guy (and many worse examples) try to assert that atheism is a religion too. This ignores the major difference between faith and reason, but what can you expect from cult-members worshipping stone-aged beliefs? What the fuck is wrong with these people?!? LOL! 😉

    So anyway, like I posted originally, I thank you for doing your part; I’m too lazy.. But if I were the only living human on the planet who held my worldview, it would make zero difference; I’d still be exactly the same.. And I’m sure that’s true of you and many of us… Could you imagine a religion like Christianity with 1 or 2 members? Having no tradition, custom, and history to hold it together, it would collapse into cult status before it even existed, by definition. Whereas, with rationalism and science, eveiry living human could perish forever, and some alien race somewhere, if intelligent, would eventually discover all the laws of science for themselves. Why? Because they exist independently of human experience. Unlike the anthropogenic Gods of Earth, reason is the only universal. So it is invincible and eternal. Gee, is reason God? Maybe we shou.d worship it? LOL!! I’ll carve a statue of Voltaire; he’ll be my, uh, (snicker), IDOL.

    LOL thanks for reading this remarkably off-topic post.

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