Games I’m Looking Forward To: Medal of Honor.

I love the Call of Duty franchise, but my first love was the original PC version of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault which was released back in 2002. The very first game was for the Playstation in 1999, but I never played any of the Playstation versions due to my aforementioned hatred of FPS games on consoles.

MoH:AA was developed by 2015 studios for EA after which a good portion of the developers of the game left and formed Infinity Ward and went on to produce the CoD series. I’ve always thought that part of what made CoD such an excellent series of games was the desire by the developers to put out a better product than their old studio which was continuing to develop the Medal of Honor series. Indeed the MoH series kinda fell off a cliff with the release of Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault. Which ran sluggish on even the best hardware and was uninspired story-wise. Medal of Honor: Airborne wasn’t much of an improvement as I recall and that was the last we heard from MoH on the PC since 2007.

Now EA has decided to follow in Infinity Ward’s footsteps and bring Medal of Honor into a modern setting with the just announced fall 2010 game and it looks pretty good. Check it:

Details are very scarce at the moment. For example the only platforms confirmed for the game are the Xbox 360 and PS3, but I’m holding out hope for a PC version that will include all the stuff the folks at Infinity Ward decided to leave out of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 such as dedicated server support and the ability for admins to kick/ban cheaters and troublemakers. Given all the ill will IW has drummed up with the PC version of MW2 now is a good time for EA to regain some ground in the hearts of minds of FPS gamers.

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