Edward Current says “Atheists Can’t Think For Themselves!”

Edward’s back with more on his War On Atheism series. This one is so good I nearly choked on my popcorn:

Found via Atheist Media Blog.

9 thoughts on “Edward Current says “Atheists Can’t Think For Themselves!”

  1. Good grief, I thought that was Poe’s Law for a second.

    The simple fact that I was hooked as it being authentic and nonsatirical for a good portion of it really does say something, doesn’t it?

  2. 2:15
    Pillow of salt. I had to rewind it several times to make sure I heard it right, very nice, lol

  3. Thanks Les, it has been a while since he put out a video.
    His “Test Your Faith-Vision” video that came before this one is also very good, I would recommend it.

  4. Holy Shit, for a second I thought this guy was sucking Kirk Cameron’s dick for communion wafers. Then I remembered whose blog this is. The scary part is, I know a few people that truly think the way he was making fun of, sad really.

  5. I am quite amazed by this guy. Is he for real? He really is quite amusing. I will have to find more videos by him.

  6. Im slow…I just realised he is just joking. The thing is I have friends who do actually argue like that so I was fooled for a minute into thinking he was real.

  7. @bharatr,

    Just like many Christians are fooled into thinking the Bible and Christ are real. Sad, no?



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