Don’t expect Infinity Ward to address CoD:MW2 PC issues anytime soon.

Updated 12/17/09: I just might have to eat my words as IW looks set to prove me wrong. A couple of recent Tweets from Robert Bowling indicate that there is indeed a patch for the PC version of MW2 in the works that will fix several bugs and at least one currently undetectable cheat.

While it doesn’t appear to deal with the issue of people using aimbots/wallhacks to cheat — IW seems content to rely on Valve’s VAC system to identify and ban those players — it will fix a cheat involving substituting texture files that paint all players as red, remove extra foliage that obscures line of sight, and eliminates the blood splatter effect when you’re wounded. All three of those changes give a huge advantage to the player using them, are not detected by VAC, and won’t necessarily result in a ban if you use them according to Valve’s official FAQ on the topic. The patch should fix that exploit and repair any modified texture files.

I still say that the problem with aimbots/wallhacks and the lengthy delay between when someone uses them and when they are actually banned for them (Valve says it can be many weeks before you’ll be banned) is still something they need to address. It only takes a handful of cheaters in a night or two to put you off of playing the game and that’s something you’d think IW would prefer to minimize. Still, they are working on patching exploits and bugs in the PC version and I have to be fair and admit that’s more than I thought they’d do. Bowling has even hinted that IW might be, and the emphasis is on the words “might be”, considering making available some means for custom content such as user created maps.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 moved over 6 million copies for the Xbox 360 and PS3 combined smashing records along the way in November. Sales on the PC? Well, those numbers are much less impressive:

According to a new report from Gamasutra on last month’s NPD figures, the PC version of Modern Warfare 2 moved “nearly 170,000” copies at retail. That doesn’t include figures for Steam, Valve’s digital distribution system, which are likely to have been significant—today, over 100,000 Steam users were playing the game online at the same time, but we’re not sure how that breaks down to retail and online sales.

Still, at least 170,000 copies to a group of gamers that balked at the lack of dedicated servers and a higher-than normal price tag is…. pretty good?

On the one hand it’s good to see that PC gamers are generally voting with their wallets, but on the other hand the success of the game on the consoles pretty much guarantees that the folks at IW aren’t going to be too concerned with the plight of those 170,000 PC gamers that did buy the game. If anything I’d hazard a guess that they’ll probably just use it as a justification for dropping PC development altogether.

To date no one at IW has had anything to say about what they plan to do with all the hackers/cheaters running rampant through the PC version of the game. Infinity Ward front man Robert Bowling (a.k.a. @fourzerotwo on Twitter) has been addressing player concerns about issues such as the over-powered Model 1887 Akimbo shotguns, the public-private match glitch, and the unlimited ammo glitches, but both of the attempts I made to ask about IW’s plans to deal with the hacking/cheating issue on the PC went completely ignored.

Now he does get a lot of tweets and he does end up repeating a lot of the same answers, but in digging through the last 24 hours of his tweets I found only three replies to people raising concerns about the PC version. One of whom had to send out 16 tweets of his own before Robert even responded and when he did, this was all he had to say:

@Zube56 what specific issues on PC are you wanting the team to look into? You’re 16 tweets in and haven’t named anything (besides cheats)

Considering cheats are probably the biggest issue the PC version is having at the moment, you’d think that would be enough. The other two replies weren’t any more useful.

One was to report a cheater through the player’s Steam account page, which isn’t always practical. The cheater in question was named “Multicam” and if you do a search for that name on the Steam forums you find at least two people with that name. Given that only one of them has played MW2 recently you could probably figure out which one to report, but type in my gaming nick (GodLes) and you get five people. Type in “Sgt Mike” and you get 9. Type in “Sniper Killer”, and I’ve seen a lot of players who go by that name, and you get 33 possible choices. The more popular the words the more possible players you pick up. “Ninja”, another popular gaming name, gives you 9,228 possible players.

Given the low number of PC copies sold combined with the ridiculous number of Xbox 360 and PS3 copies sold, I’m not too optimistic that IW is going to lose any sleep at night over the problems the PC version is suffering from. I know I won’t be bothering to ask Robert Bowling for comment on the issue any longer as it’s clear he has nothing to say. I will continue to follow his tweets to see if IW does decide to toss us a bone somewhere down the line, but I won’t hold my breath waiting for it.

11 thoughts on “Don’t expect Infinity Ward to address CoD:MW2 PC issues anytime soon.

  1. Les, I’m sure you read this part, but that is 170,000 physical copies.

    Since the game requires Steam to play we can probably safely assume that most people bought it through Steam.

    I’m sure at the least there were a million total PC copies sold.

    Also I remember reading somewhere that PC MW2 outsold PC CoD4 within the first week or something.

  2. I’ve updated this entry with some new thoughts at the start. If things proceed as they seem set to do then I may have to eat some of my words.

  3. If I may interject my two cents. IW has seem to forgotten that they have made money with MW2, but they could have made a lot more if they would have planned a little better. (Swing and a miss) I don’t know who’s idea it was to use steam but I am pretty sure that there was a lot of money involved. Using steam to join an MP game is like walking into a bar with a blindfold on, you don’t know what you are getting into and with whom. The botters and hackers are in most of the MP games I have played on. But the other problem is the swearing and the racial slurs, no one is stopping it. I am a server admin for two dedicated cod4 servers and I have banned people for swearing among other things because believe ti or not, we have people who play with there kids on our servers. I tell you now that wouldn’t let my kid near a steam run MP game because they don’t care and don’t police their servers.
    members of my gaming clan have called me “Sell out” because I bought MW2, but in the same breath they ask me, “Is it worth buying?” I tell them to save their money buy something else. Out of the forty plus members of my gaming clan, two of us have bought MW2 and I am sure that no one else in my clan will make the same mistake I have made, I want my money back. *sigh*
    IW spit in the eye of the PC gamer MW2 falls far short of what they could have done. I don’t know who is running IW or care because he should be unemployed.

  4. so they’re not fixing anything… great, just f**king great, half the weapons, perks, maps, etc. are either just plain stupid or OP! why is Estate or Overpass a map, those are just the stupidest maps i have ever seen in a game! F**K YOU IW!!!!

  5. Actually Dave, they’re fixing some things. A recent patch did fix the texture exploits on the PC along with a few bugs. What they haven’t yet added is the ability to initiate a kick vote for dealing with troublesome and cheating players.

  6. 170,000 X $50USD…Since they might not care about the amount on their bottom line – can they send me a refund? Single player mode was great – Multiplayer is worhtless for PC…3 hours of Lag…back to COD4 on my usual dedicated servers. If they don’t want to support PC – then they should have stopped! Most of the COD4 dedicated servers are full of adults…We don’t play XBOX or PS3. If this was part of their 5 year plan.. thats great…..but don’t charge PC gamers $50+ to get an experience far less that their past releases.

  7. You guys are Still whining about Modern Warfare 2 and dedicated servers?? So dont buy/play the F+++++ game.Its IW’s game and franchise, not yours’. Youre Dad never taught you guys to never grow up to be a pussy?

  8. Dank your a idiot and i think you typed that just to f****** type something. Ive play Cod games since COD 1 way back in the day. Dont get me wrong i like COD mw2 most of the maps are good the graphics are great and most of the guns are great also. but what gets me is the hacking bullcrap and no dedicated servers. If they would just put dedicated servers in this game with a big patch 99% of all the hacking and b.s problems would go away. But im also glad that they didnt just cus the people that go and pay for the dedicated servers can easily get mad if you beat them on there server and just banned you for no reason.I get this all the time just cus i said the word crap or poop or i totally own them on there “server”. So in some way im glad and some ways im not glad about the whole servers situation. On the hacking part, VALVE grow the F*** up and do your job, catch these guys there going to ruin this game perm.


  9. I want my money back for this game. The PC version is TOTAL FAIL. The single player is good, but I don’t like single player, I wouldn’t have paid $1.00 for the single player. Why do so many FPS companies waste SO much time with single player? Single player should be an hour of fun. Focus on multiplayer for once.

    People hack like crazy in this game and people always will in multiplayer games, but without dedicated servers, you can’t ban or even kick them. When playing with friends, with all the bugs it’s hard to get a game going, once you do 1/5 games has hackers in it. Then you have to back out, start over, fail again. Prestige is stupid too. People shouldn’t have to spend a thousand hours to get the same perks as someone else. Not everyone has that kind of time.

    I wouldn’t be so upset if I didn’t remember reading a post by an Infinity Ward Community Manager who said in regards to the petition: “definitely made a big wave, and the response will not be ignored. I’ll ensure everyone at IW sees the petitions and responds to it.” Well- there was no response. I bought the game assuming that statement meant something… But really all it meant was “We’ll make sure we’ll try to spray air freshener on the crap we sold you.” Seriously, this game barely has an ounce of fun left in it- all due to the shotty Steam program which hogs system resources and doesn’t allow you to sell a game once you find out it sucks (per their user agreement), due to the shotty IWNet which doesn’t block out hackers adequately, and due to the mutliplayer hosting system which taxes peoples computers giving them unfair advantage and others a bad game experience. What the hell were they thinking?

    Spec ops was great, but I woulda rather had those maps for other multiplayer styles. I wonder if/when they’ll release a map pack.

    I’ll tell you what they hell they were thinking: They wanted to stamp out piracy. Well, those stupid idiots don’t realize there’s always a way around everything all they did was SCREW their paying customers with a barrage of assaulting security features. I know this because I spoke with an IW rep.

    IW Fail. IW Community response? Fail. I’ll never buy another IW game for PC again and I don’t own any consoles, but FPS games are nub on them without keyboard / mouse anyway.

    Oh yeah… Just to show how little they thought of PC users, they forgot to add the standard “leaning” ability in COD games during their security overhaul.

    Sorry for ranting so much here. The IW forum says I have the wrong password after it emailed it to me. IW forum fail. I feel seriously taken advantage of by them without recourse. PC game retailers wont take returns due to piracy and Steam games (MW2) can’t be traded, sold, or otherwise transferred. So I have no hope of getting even a PORTION of my money back, nor could I give the game for free to someone who actually wants it.

    Oh yeah- even if the next COD game is good, even if it does support dedicated servers, if it’s through steam only- they can most likely count my purchase out. I’d like to be able to sell the game or give it to someone else when I’m done playing it- or perhaps let someone play it on my old computer while I play something else on my other computer- oh wait, can’t due that because you are only allowed to be logged into your account once for Steam, so your son or your best friend can’t play games “you think you own” right next to you. ROFL Steam fail. ROFL IWNet fail. STEAM + IWNET = FAILOCALYPSE!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously Infinity Ward, don’t take your cues from the airport regarding security- Whether they admit it or not, it’s mostly there as a “deterrent.” Barriers don’t “deter” most hackers. Oh yeah, the Homeland Security guy promoting many security things has personal interests in their success (investments), so his endorsement of more security says nothing about it’s true worthiness. That’s another issue though. If you don’t want anyone to play your damn game, just don’t make it… Or make it so you can’t play it, like this lol

    I would have rather paid $50 for a solid standalone COD4 expansion with new maps, updates, weapons, perks, modifications (with stupid ranking turned off). I talked to many people who agreed. If made, it should be offered for free or at large discount to anyone who bought MW2, as an apology for that “response will not be ignored” which was exactly that- ignored. Honestly, whether he said that or not, I expected IW to be better than they’ve been. I expected them to release a dedicated servers patch.

  10. The COD series is dead, after what IW pulled on the PC version the next COD will be a financial disaster as will IW themselves.

    Personally i wont touch COD or IW again and a lot of people are saying the same thing. The had to stop retailers from cancelling refunds and made 20% more sales than they would have.

    I thought COD WAW was a complete tard for COD but i have been proven wrong. I’m not saying everything about COD MW2 is bad, but they cancelled dedicated servers which is 50% of a FPS Game, without its nothing, then bugs and the console dumb down on weaponry and movement, and to not have Punk buster was completely retarded of Avtivision for allowing this.

    Then they made it steam dependant, IW killed COD and their company, do i need to mention the lack of support?. . .

    R.I.P. COD4, the last and only good COD game, MW2 could of dominated online gaming, pitty! i guess i will have to stick with Battlefield, where there is full support and dedicated sevrers, ROFL!!!

    Ohh and Steam is great, 90% of the time 😀 got a lot of games for it so i guess i like just a bit more lol 😛

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