Christmas 2009 loot report and a few words on random topics.

Oh, hey, look! I’ve got this blog thing I’ve been doing for awhile and I’ve been ignoring it these past few days as I play with my new toys. Sorry about that. Give a guy a little time off from work and he uses it as excuse to relax and catch up with friends and relatives. Why the nerve of some people!

I trust you all had an enjoyable holiday however you may (or may not) celebrate it. Mine started off a little slow, but picked up steam after the wife finished up her day at work and we headed over to the in-laws for Christmas dinner and gift exchange. Then the two of us went to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie which I highly recommend. I’m a bit of a Holmes fan and I was a little worried about the movie, but I have to say that I really enjoyed Robert Downey Jr.’s take on the character and I really liked the fact that Watson was not presented as a bumbling side-kick.

Saturday brought a charming visit with the famous Godless Girl at a local Starbucks as she was in town visiting her family for the holiday. We spent a couple of hours talking about this and that and our journeys away from religious belief to atheism. After that it was a relaxing day at home for me as Anne had to work, but Sunday we traveled up to the wilds of Otisville to visit with my parents and see Courtney who was there for a Christmas visit. Then yesterday was the day we were going to go out and look for a new couch, but we never made it. Instead we lallygagged about the house.

Loot-wise I am most pleased as I picked up three new video games — Uncharted 2, Assassin’s Creed 2, and Metal Gear Solid 4 –a copy of Simon’s Cat which is just as delightful as his animations, a copy of The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution by Richard Dawkins, a copy of The Complete Works of Mark Twain, a set of very sharp knives and a hand-made Christmas ornament, a Book Bungee bookmark, and a couple of gift cards. And, at some point, a new couch once we figure out what we want and where we’ll be buying it from.

I haven’t kept up with current events much beyond following the news about the incompetent suicide bomber who tried to blow up a plane landing at Detroit Metro with an underwear bomb. It seems the package of explosives were sewn into the crotch of his briefs so as to be disguised as his, well, package which is not normally part of the pat-down process. I suppose we’ll be dropping trousers at the security gate soon for a visual inspection if we seem a little too well endowed, eh? I gotta admit that you really have to be dedicated to your cause to pick your genitals as the place to blow yourself up. I couldn’t bring myself to do that. They’ve given me far too much enjoyment over the years.

And with that mental image I shall bring this little entry about nothing in particular to a close. Time to go back to more of that relaxation thing I’ve been so busily engaged in the past couple of days. I may not be in Hawaii like some other blogger I know, but I can be just as productive as I would be if I were actually there.

7 thoughts on “Christmas 2009 loot report and a few words on random topics.

  1. Hey Les,

    Glad you had a relaxing Christmas. Picking up some new goodies is always nice.

    We got snowed in here in Minneapolis and postponed our travel plans until this coming weekend. Picked up a few nice gift cards for Best Buy and Target, which burned holes in our pockets as we needed new cordless phones around the house and a few other items. Nothing too exciting. But will be ordering a new laptop, so I will have a decent toy to play with after all.

    Hope everybody had a nice holiday and wishing the best in 2010!

  2. The underpants bomber has succeeded in making terrorists look ridiculous. We should be working on doing more of that when we can: all our bombs and invasions and tanks and stuff just make the terrorists look powerful and scary.

    Somewhere I read an article that said something like; “this event reminds us that air travel can be very dangerous”. Bollocks. Danger is the high probability of harm, and even with terrorists on the loose, air travel is safer than auto travel. We need to get a grip.

    Also, President Obama said that only quick brave action by the other passengers averted disaster. Putting aside the fact that the bomb was way too small to do much other than prevent another generation of Abdulmutallabs, airline passengers are not going to be passive ever again. Whipping out a weapon – any weapon – on a plane is likely to get a criminal beat senseless for the for the foreseeable future.

  3. For some unfathomable reason, this story reminded me of this decades-old quip:

    “Genitalia is _not_ the national airline of Italy.”

    And yes, my holidays have been a bit weird.

  4. I’m calling that idiot the Undie Bomber. His threat turned out to be more like Steve Urkel whining “Did I do thaaaaat?”

    I’m glad we met up! I can now say I’ve met The Great Les!

  5. I understand the Undie Bomber has been added to the “No Fly” list.

    Go to your room!

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