A Merry SEB Christmas to you.

So it’s just before 9AM here in Ann Arbor and I’m sitting in my living room watching TV on a very wet Christmas day. This year has been a big change for me and I haven’t always handled it well.

I’m spending most of the day alone for the first time in my life. Courtney has moved to Grand Rapids and Anne is working until 4PM so there was no early morning madness of gift exchanging, tearing into carefully wrapped packages, and gleeful squeeling. It’s been a tight year money -wise so there’s not a lot of gifts under the tree anyway. I wouldn’t even be awake right now except that Courtney called me at 7:15AM to wish me a Merry Christmas, which was a little annoying at first because it was a reminder of what I’m missing out on.

And then I pulled up my big boy underpants and adjusted my attitude. I have a very idealized idea of what Christmas is supposed to be like and this year I’m about as far from it as it’s possible to be, but life is about change and in the great scheme of things I have to admit I’m pretty lucky. I have a wonderful marriage to a woman I love greatly, I’m employed in a state with the highest level of unemployment, I have a daughter who appears to be well adjusted despite having me for a father, I have a roof over my head, toys of all manner to play with, a cat that keeps me company, food in my fridge, and an abundance of good friends. Later today we’ll be headed over to Anne’s parents house for Christmas dinner and gift exchange with people who have accepted me as family.

Nope, I’m not rich and probably won’t be anytime soon, but I’ve got a lot to be happy about. Things could definitely be much worse. Sometimes we need to stop and consider how fortunate we are. It can be easy to take things for granted that we really shouldn’t. That’s my Christmas gift to myself today.

So here’s hoping that your Christmas day is a good one and that you and yours are doing well. May you be safe, healthy, and happy. And thanks for making SEB a stop on your daily browsing.

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  1. Merry Christmas Les and everyone at SEB, Usually we ( Wife and I ) stay out and work through the Holidays. But out Truck stayed parked in Cocoa Beach Florida for 3 days, so we left. We moved to an area where we know it can load and move after the first of the year. I can’t say that I am really happy or unhappy. We do not own a home, We have absolutely no family other than each other, and our dog. We live in our truck, and stay in Hotels from time to time. ( We are in one now and it’s very nice ) Don’t get me wrong, It’s a nice truck, 2007 Volvo that resembles living in the Space Shuttle. It’s very comfortable and modern and has everything. If we got an Apartment we would not be there enough to warrant keeping it. We stay out an work most of the time. We go everywhere and see everything. But even that gets old after a while.

    I am Wakan Sioux ( Native Spiritualist ) It’s a very broad concept of Religion. That I often want to discuss on this Board. Many other Native Tribal people seem to have succumb to traditional Christianity. And I sometimes find it disturbing, considering the Historical background of how that came to be.

    In the Spirit of the Christmas Season I found this unique Cherokee Card from 2005. And I leave it to you to make of it what you will. If nothing else the web development is worth appreciating. The Cherokee people are mostly Christian mixed with some wicca type beliefs.

    Be patient in playing with it. You have to click around on various areas to make it work. And turn up the sound to hear the Cherokee Childrens Choir sing ” Joy to the World ” in their Native language.


    Again, Merry Christmas:=)

  2. Thank you Paul for sharing your story. You Les for giving Paul a place to introduce us to another kind of celebration. Many wishes for a happy and prosperous new year to you both.

  3. Les, Merry Christmas!

    Paul, thank you for that link and for some info about Native Spiritualist. My understanding about native religions is that they mostly respected nature and tried to fit tribal customs in a way that least affected the environment in a negative manner. Now that’s a kind of custom I can appreciate. Listen to the best in humanity and to the best in your environment. Live in a way that other humans can enjoy your presence and leave the smallest footprint possible on your environment. Pretty much basic Buddhist views, or humanistic views. The problem with most organized Western religions, and I believe most organized religions in the world, is that politicians have taken them over for their own profit and manipulate the followers. What a sad way to exist!

    Marry Christmas to all,
    and to all a Good Night!


  4. Sorry Les, that was a typo. I often type the word; “Wes” because that is a co-worker’s name. And I apologize even more for the link I am about to post.

    I have a very idealized idea of what Christmas is supposed to be like and this year I’m about as far from it as it’s possible to be

    Christmas is like any other day. It goes all the way up and all the way down: Hovey hall accident victim identified.

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