Well that didn’t take long. First CoD:MW2 wallhack/aimbot already out.

11/13 Update: Thanks to the folks over at the MacNN Forums the video is working once again.

11/12 Update: It appears that this video has been hit with a take-down claim from Activision or Infinity Ward. They claim it’s a copyright violation, though I’m not sure how that can be the case. I asked IW spokesman @fourzerotwo for IW’s official stance on the hack yesterday on Twitter and never received a reply. I guess they’d rather just hide the video than talk about it.

The game is out just a few hours and the first aimbot/wallhack has already shown up for the PC version:

I figured someone would release a cheat along these lines eventually, but I didn’t think it would happen this quickly. As the game currently stands there is no way kick these cheaters off your games. Can’t do it as an administrator or host and can’t do it with a vote. If a hacker joins your game you’ll just have to suck it up, or go find something else to play.

Considering that one of Infinity Ward’s big justifications for not putting out a dedicated server was that their network would do a better job of policing against cheaters and hacks, this doesn’t bode well. IW is going to be looking at a lot of unhappy gamers if they can’t get rid of this hack pretty damn quickly. If they respond as slowly as they did to hacks and cheats in the first Modern Warfare they may find their place as a fan favorite deteriorating quickly. Especially if they don’t add in some means of allowing the players to boot out cheaters.

It looks like the bloodbath may have already started. The IW Forums are swamped right now with page loads timing out due to too many database connection attempts.

97 thoughts on “Well that didn’t take long. First CoD:MW2 wallhack/aimbot already out.

  1. BoomerMMW,
    Nicely said and eloquently placed, not sure if I have come across you on line, but I play as Codral- 2 reasons, when I first started playing I cleared a lot of heads (not with a sniper rifle either) and I was proud to soldier on! if I see you I will definitely say G’day one Skip to another!
    Thanks to all who have contributed thus far, you have steeled my resolved and rekindled my faith in human nature ( well some of us are still human !!
    Bentbullit, I hear you and would love to tenderise some face steak with you !
    Thanks for supplying a place to vent and the words of wisdom !
    Keep up the good fight!

    Fuck the hackers!
    Fuck Activision for not having any ! (vision that is)
    Fuck IW -just for acting like a turtle on gamers!
    Fuck Steam – For the lame anti cheat !
    Fuck em all!!
    Lets get the little pricks and make their lives hell!

  2. LOL , Boomer , Ralf good on ya guys, I got a feeling just our comments on this site has a few little shits lookin’ over their shoulders in real life, at least I sure hope so, speaking of new weapons (Bats Brass knuckles) did you guys ever play Day of Defeat on line, I use to hide in dark corners armed with only a shovel, lol an awesome melee weapon, Thank you guys, you’ve given me hope that someday the earth will open up and swallow all the hackers in the world, may they rot in anti-hack hell !!!

  3. Hi Guys, I am working towards creating that fear, a new tactic is if I find a player in a match who is obviously hacking then I go hunting and devote the entire match to killing him at every opportunity and bugger the score. Didnt have the pleasure of day of defeat but agricultural tools are indeed awesome, cant begin to imagine how a nice a chainsaw (ala the original Doom, yes im that old) would go as a counter to those knife monkeys who appear out of nowhere, yes Ralf & Bent lets make their life hell.

  4. Well im glad to see that we are all on the same page here..;) I was playing on the “derail” map last night and BUGGA me but this guy appears right in front of me??? so i thought yea must be a hack!!! and apparently (i could be wrong) its a hack called GOD so basically the player is visible to his/her team but not to the enemy… Dam what are they going to do next??? My personal opinion is why buy the game or get a patched game.. GRRR and go to all the trouble of hacking?? have these F..ing players got absolutely no skill at all??? I have only being playing mw2 for about 3 months now and i have had to use prestige mode 4 times!! that sux..;( any way thanks for this awsome forum.. we should all hook up on steam and have a NON HACK GAME..;)))

  5. Bob, the god hack is pain in the arse to say the least, we all like to play the logical progression of the game, forcing you into prestige takes away the ability to complete the challenges, which after all is the point of the game. Why Bother, well thats up to you. You can however join the hunt. All you have to do is spot a hacker and hunt him, perhaps we can set up a list on this forum of ID’d hackers and cheats to make spotting them that bit easier, you dont worry about scores just the target, I have found on a couple of good hunts that it really pisses them off because it spoils the their KD ratio and frustrates them no end especially if they are in the act of doing it to someone else.

  6. Boomer, good idea, i have had the pleasure of “hunting” tonight… much to my demise..lol im pretty sure he had an aimbot coz dam he knew when i was coming, hiding, and trying my best to kill him, but in saying that i think my best game i got like 9 kills anyway so im not the best of players (yet) but the hunt sure is fun..;) got killed about 18 times the team kicked me but hell i say F!@#$ the hackers!! im thinking of changing my tag to HACKER HUNTER -BOB-..;)

  7. Sure seems to work Bob, perhaps we should prefix our tags with {HH} for Hacker Hunt or something like that so that we can see each other coming, needs to be unique, it really is good sport pissing off spotty little underachieving nerds. More power to your bow or whatever you find convenient, fun sniping them with an RPD too.

  8. Great idea guys , putting HH in your tag , only one silly damn question how do you change your tag without losing you lvl progress ,I’m sure going to put it in mine. should maybe be HHH Happy Hacker Hunter , sort of like 666 to the Hackers lol

  9. Very early in the peace I changed to my current tag without any loss, I think as long as you dont change your account name in Steam you should be right, it is the Steam account that holds the Lvl Progress data. I’ll give it a go and see if it works. [HHH] looks good to me, so perhaps the Happy Hacker Hunters we should be, will let you know if it works withouth harm, if it clears my account then my loss.

  10. Ok folks, this is not a problem, click on the steam icon on your taskbar and select settings from the menu. Click on the friends tab and you will see your player profile name in the first text field. You can edit it from here without any risk. Happy Hunting,

  11. FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS, DANZ RAPE DUNGEON, this is another God hacker, he fucked up my score this afternoon, he is dead meat, if you catch this prick fuck him over good. Very Very Pissed with this tool.

  12. cool thanks for the info..;) [HHH] it is, another one to the list is UNBOUND.. i was playing and im pretty sure that there was a “clan” ..;), we should make another forum for the [HHH] so we dont clog this?? also im in new zealand on a tstick, (coz NZ internet providers suck!!!) and we can get broadband in the country ;(( so the only games i get on are in Australia so if anybody here is in Auz hope to see you soon ON THE HUNT!!!!

  13. Good point, also anyone know if Steam can reset levels after they have been bosted to 70 or if there is another way of doing it. I’v come across UNBOUND a few times as well.

  14. As far as i am aware you can only reset your level by using the “prestige” option in the game itself, it takes you back to level 1 again but you still have all your tags, it does mean however that you start as you did in the beginning..;(

  15. Hi Guys, missed the vent !
    UNBOUND is a smarmy little anal wipe who is usually found with a couple of guys who hack like shit.
    He is never on the play roster and uses the GOD hack no end.
    Gotta share this first last night I was on and got into a game on RUST (I dread that it hacker heaven).
    Fisrt kill and I got a predator missile strike, picked up a triple on the predator and got another. Some asshole was screwing with a lag hack and as a result I screwed over anoth 2 of the otherside before they go the hacks lined up and I got slaughtered.
    Net result 14 kills 5 assists and a big smile on my dial Fucked em at their own rort!
    So back to business is the {HHH} or {HH} the go or what. Gotta be honest I considered downloading a hack (for about 2 minutes) and giving the turds a taste of their own, but that would just prove that I had no – Heart, No Honour, No Skill, No Balls, No Spine and No Brains – not neccesarily in that order !
    I too have indulged in the HUNT !
    It gets easier when you have a pretentious little turd camped and picking you and others off long distance. I have taken to having a grenade launcher on hand and feeding them genades for breakfast. They hate that. But thats life, I paid my money too so fuckem all !!!
    BTW it also doesnt hurt to report these ass wipes on a regular basis, I note that a number of real nob heads I reported have disappeared since reporting too so maybe IW or Steam are listening? (maybe I dream too).
    I still havent worked out the mentality, $80 for the game, and $20 for 4 weeks access to hacks? potentially thats $200 for the game ?
    These lamers are seriously fucked up, and in total denial. You used to get a “not me” or “I dont hack” now you get silence, wanna really piss them off, accuse them and kill them tell them they are lame and skill less. A clear example is DANZ RAPE DUNGEON I did this to him and he killed me 8 times in a row when I spawned using God, except I was ready the 8th time with a preprogrammed key and hit him with a sticky. He got even more pissed when I went inside for his AC130 bout. What a lame fucking Loser.
    Anyhow guys let me know what the routine is {HHH} or {HH} I’ll wear it with PRIDE !

  16. BTW
    Has anyone noticed that COS Hacks dot com are already claiming to have hacked COD Black ops beta ?
    Fuck me if these dickheads arent walking a fine line?
    Trying to fuck a game before its released ?
    I mean knowing that the game may be filled with hackers will put all but the kids on hold, waiting to see how bad it is, but selling the hacks to other hackers ? Am I missing something here or has this proved a point about the mentality of those that do hack?
    Fuck that was too deep and meaninful even for me, I need to take my pills and lie down a while!
    See ya all out there. Happy Hunting !

  17. Well said Ralf!!!!
    Has to be an inside job, some, dare i say it “geek” wanting to make more money????

    anyway i think the happy hacker hunters {HHH} is the go..;)

  18. Hey guys the HHH went on my chars name np , thanks for the help, and if that’s true about the new hack already setup , looks like I’ll be saving some money. Maybe if the gamer companies lose some money, the light bulb mite finally go on , ( Gee maybe we should do something about all the hackers ) anyway we can hope . Good Hunting gentlemen hope to team with you all soon .

  19. Good rant Ralf, bit like peddling drugs isnt it, for the poor saps who cant cope with what life throws at them. I’v come across unbound (I wont dignify this tag with capitals)and yes he is a little twit, personally i would’nt use him as a buttwipe because I value my personal hygiene. Not much time for the game the last few days but I made up for lost time this arvo, made up six levels using the base offerings which goes some way to soothing my battered sense of values after Danz rape dungeon, and one good hunt, just for the hell of it “A Homeless Man” not quite sure if he is hacking but he racks up the kills needed in the first 3 or 4 minutes, got in a few good hits but got my butt kicked as well, still all good fun, very satisfying, If I see any of you we can link up and do a bit of team hunting. Tally Ho

  20. Well put guys
    I have a few surprises myself.
    I was on last night wearing {HHH} with pride, scored a few big kills, but on the whole got slaughtered.
    Screw them all as long as I have fun WGAF ?
    You know you can always spot the losers.
    I had one tosser who will remain nameless, who had his hax off. I killed him seven times before he turned them on and racked up 41 kills.
    Just to make the KDR look good.
    Happy hunting!

  21. I play MW1 only or atleast until the hacking and jacking slows down. Theres two who visit my server alot. Veronica(aimbot,nametag hack,possibly wall) and Kill God(or something like that,mostly aimbotting and wall hacking)

    When I find hackers i usually break out my tube just so i can piss them off. I mean LMG aimbots? the RPD and the M249 are common hacked weapons.

  22. Well if theres supposedly hacks already out for Black Ops, then I’m just gonna wait until i see how bad the hacking is before i put down 60$ to buy a hack infested game…

  23. Good morning fellow HHH well I got a new trick, works like a dream on the little f–kers who seem to appear outta no where and knife ya , if you’re sniping, put your claymore down and go prone on top of it, the little turd tampers never see it till its to late , lol you die but it sure f–ks up their score 🙂

  24. I’m Really missing my Claymores at the moment, languishing on level 10 but I’m a great believer of their creative use having seen first hand how effective the real thing is, cant wait to try this tactic and bag a few knife monkeys, also try this. In the office scenario where there is a row of pc’s on a counter, get up into the corner because you then have a clear view of a common walk through and a look through to a spawn point as well, before you get into position place your claymore as close to the corner of the counter as possible and then watch them get shredded, Tally Ho!

  25. A little up date on the claymore prone trick, not sure what hack this prick named Blue was running but he nucked us twice with in 5 mins in two games , the third game I guess all my off colored comments got to him so he came after me , my clays got him 4 times, (not to smart this boy )his final score was only 5 kills LOFL Made me feel great.

  26. Good Arvo – Bent – You have achieved shredder supreme, this is a usefull piece of weaponry used in a creative fashion as I previously alluded, I must admit it is so funny to see these little unimagionative pricks running onto the same tactic so frequently, must be hard having only to rely on hacks and cheats for your creative output, LOFL FOR A LONG TIME – GO BROTHER HUNTER, TALLY HO

  27. EML WRATH, Here is another one, even boasts to his hacking buddy and pats himself on the head, (Good Doggie WoofWoof)

  28. OMG guys…lol i was on last night, and this player (cant think of the name) asked if i was a member of the Happy Hacker Hunters…lol and so i said PROUDLY!!!! yes i am, so he left the game….HAHAHAHA made me chuckle to my self!!!!! oh and Bent do you play under the same name?

  29. Not to rain on your guy’s parade, but given the scores of the hackers you keep mentioning are you sure they’re even hacking? Claymores shouldn’t be effective against most hackers unless all they’re doing is knifing people. Anyone using a wallhack, texture hack, or aimbot should be able to kill you effortlessly from across the map. That’s the advantage those hacks give people. They don’t have to be close to be able to take you out. And in the case of the texture hack they wouldn’t fall for the claymore trick you describe because it would be brightly colored in a different shade than your player model and would stand out easily.

    Based on what you’ve been describing these people have gotten in a couple of lucky shots against you, but weren’t really hacking at all. You have to really suck to be using a wallhack and only get 5 kills in the round and if they’re using an aimbot there’s no way their score would be that low.

  30. Actually Les , what you say makes sense, on the last game he (Blue) his style of playing seemed to change radically , it may have been my and other players comments that made him turn the hack off, But for the first two games I’ve never seen anyone get 25+ kills and a nuck job in less then 5 mins play time. Very possible in my excitement at beating the little shit I over looked that, but as far as the claymore trick, its seems to work on the people who appear by magic behind you with a knife.
    P.S. Les are you sure about the claymores showing up as brightly colored, if your toon is laying on top of it , wouldn’t it mask it ? It sure seems to fool alot of people .

  31. I tend to play HC alot on MW 1 and i noticed a surge in hackers.mostly aimbotters so i decided to be a little devious to them.Plant a claymore next to the car(or under it if you can) they go walking by it KABOOM goes the car and anyone near them:D

  32. Hi HHH’ers
    Havent been on the past few days, had this rotten bug going around (like the wife said “I must be REALLY sick).
    There have been a lot of NEWB hacklettes on line of late, who like a few of the veteran hackers said, are just so shit as hackers they should just give up.
    I have seen the texture hack on Kill Cam in Skid Row, as a guy ytook out a claymore through the stairs and then shot me through the floor – I still dont understand that logic unless it was supposed to look legit.
    And Les, I think it was you earlier in this thread pointed out to one wannabe hacker, that if he needed to come here and ask where to get a hack he was a bigger moron than you thought?
    Kinda shows up a distinct trend dont you think ?
    Not all morons are hackers, but all hackers are morons!

    On bent’s remark about Blue, I’ve seen the same thing where I have averaged about 10 – 12 plus assists and the very next round the guys I have been cleaning up are killing in the mid 20s + assists.
    It seems like there is a pattern and if they get too far behind – on go the hacks and up goes the KDR.
    The most obvious hack is on highrise, starting in the buildings trying to ge out a window and a sniper picks you off before you get out in the open !
    There are guys that rack up incredible KDRs (one got 45-2 on highrise on Friday night) that you never see. there arent that many places to hide !
    RUST is another where you end up with one guy with a really odd KDR.
    One of favourite moves is –
    When you have a “knifing” cretin coming at you, you empty your clip into him and he keeps coming (because you missed at point blank – yep !), drop a claymore or semtex works too . You die, but its kind of satisfying seeing the words – REVENGE , and reading you buggered his killstreak run.

    Happy Belated Birthday for last week Les, Thanks for a great arena to rant!
    Happy Hunting Guys !!!

  33. Ralf, the guy I yelled at earlier in the thread turned out to be a kid. We had an extended conversation via email and he actually came to understand why using hacks was a bad idea. Or at least he seemed sincere about it.

    As for people who are doing shitty one map and suddenly kicking ass the next, well all I can say about that is you’ve just described me to a T. I have my good maps and my bad maps. I tend to do really shitty on small maps like Rust and I tend to do very well on bigger maps like Favella. I’ve gone from maybe a dozen kills on one map to a ratio of 31 to 2 on another if I manage to get a few kill streaks going. It also varies depending on the skill of the people I’m playing against. If I’ve been on a server with a couple of people who are way better than I am my score will be low to average. If they leave and I’m left with the noobs I’ll suddenly start to dominate. My point being that a suddenly high kill/death ratio is not a valid indicator of cheating.

    The most obvious hack is on highrise, starting in the buildings trying to ge out a window and a sniper picks you off before you get out in the open !

    Sorry, but that’s not a hack. That’s taking advantage of line of sight. I’ve done it myself on that map. In fact it’s so well-known that you can watch the snipers on either team scrambling to get into position to take advantage of it. Both sides start not far from the optimal position to take out people exiting the windows. If you’re quick and a good sniper you can get the first kill most of the time.

    RUST is another where you end up with one guy with a really odd KDR.

    That’s the nature of that map. It’s so small that if someone manages to get a killstreak reward such as a harrier or attack chopper you can really clean up because everyone is so close together most of the time. Again a high KDR is not necessarily evidence of a hack. You have to pay very careful attention to the kill-cam.

    BTW two of the most effective methods for dealing with a knifer include A) using a shotgun, particularly one of the automatics or B) crouching with an assault rifle as they approach. It’s really not that hard to deal with them if you use one of those two methods. I have a knifing build for when I feel like pissing people off and those are the two best defenses against it.

    And thanks for the B’day wishes.

  34. Hey Les whats your online call sign and what style of game play do you usually run ? I don’t believe in the use of the Killcam , to me it just give a persons hide away .

  35. Hi All, is anybody out there, this thread seems to have gone to sleep. Bentbullit love where you are, had heaps of fun there last year, would like to talk BC is a nice place, Ralf the hackers are still out there. Les, very good point, we all have our good and bad maps, because of the latency issues with our shitfull Aussie connections you have to adjust your tactics to use usefull locations with a good line of sight and good rear cover also using tools like claymores to cover blind areas, we need that distance to bring home the shot, I hate wasting a full mag or half a belt at point blank for somebody to go bang and kill me in one shot or knife me, I have thrown a knife at what would be 3 or 4 meters and still been killed at close range. All I can say is use a bit of imagination and the terrain to best advantage. TALLY HO

  36. I am never going to buy games from infinity ward agien. Even my friend got this kind of hack, he have used it for months without getting banned.
    Lately i’ve been playing on alot of servers, which contained hackers.
    Infinity ward ain’t doing shit… in the start i liked COD MW I & II but now it’s just crap.
    I won’t waste my money on black ops, i think it’s going to be the same…

  37. Hi Guys
    Long Hiatus, and not playing much at the moment either (magics Gone).
    Just on your reply Les,
    1) Highrise – There is no line of sight in the spawning room. I didnt think there was a Sniper rifle that could clean up 4 people side by side without a reload.
    I agree with your points mainly though.
    I still cant cope with peekaboo wallers who step out as you approach.
    Still a good fun game when your not being screwed over.
    On to tier 1 or Black ops.

  38. Hi Ralf

    Nice to see you back, I know what you mean about the magic, its a little bit hard to keep the faith when you bust your ass to take another player down and then he just walks up and takes you out with one shot or knife. I believe that latency is a big issue in this, you can see through the killcams that you are not reacting as quickly as you thought, must be the difference in available bandwidth or as one of my techi mates put it a very high end video card can also speed up your play. Line of sight in the spawning room on highrise, at the back of the main office and over the top of the partition there is a small line of sight if you can stay alive long enough to use it, more usefull is if you spawn in or walk through the spawning room put a claymore against the back wall, seems to have worked a couple of times for me. As before, nice to see you back.

  39. Thanks Boomer
    HHH-CODRAL walks (and kills) again.
    I must be hopeless and pathetic. Played the othernight and had a blast actually played against real people – yep people who pointed weapons at you, walked past when you were hidden- a true novelty but real fun !
    That was from the 7th to about the 12th – looks like a lot of the hacks are back, including my friend UNBOUND (Alias serial wanker) but I’m into it and having fun.
    Les, I dont want to put too fine a point on it but you live in a different part of the world, I could name the little (or big) twats that are 100% boosting but that would give them notouriety (no spell check here!) and they dont deserve it. when ever I am around for a cross time zone fray its keen and even !
    One of the perks allows the detection of explosives (which show red).

    To the point !
    Are you doing a review of Black Ops or Teir 1 ?
    Really looking forward to your opinions.

  40. I am currently playing through Black Ops and will be doing a review of it. I’m hoping to pick up Medal of Honor in the not too distant future and will probably review that as well.

  41. Hi Ralf, would love to review Black Ops but number 2 daughter feels it appropriate to buy if for me as a Chrissy present (Bless Her) so I have to wait until then, I’ll keep an eye on the blogs to see how the background comments rate, so far, some love it and some not so, depends on your perspective and what you want out of the game (Maybe a nice primary weapon from Metal Storm with caseless ceramic rounds would be nice)! dream on. Currently just trying mw2 with different loadouts to see what might work better, still too much lag in this game though, heard reasons that range from IP network speed to standard of video card, currently I’m running currently running a core 2 duo e8500 @ 3.16 mhz, 4gb ddr ram and an nvidea geforce 9800 gt on Win7 pro 64bit, systems about 16 months old now but should still perform well. Any thoughts?

  42. Hey Boomer,
    The Lag issue is a bit of a grey area for me. I have heard other players blame a few of the known boosters for “lag hacking” not sure if its BS or true though.
    As far as machine specs go, I just built an i7 950 with 6Gb of kingston DDR3 HyperX, on an Asus Rampage III Gene with a 2Gb HD-5970 and Raid0 HDD array dual DVD RWs and a 750Watt Antec PSU, and guess what, I still lag !
    I think its more connection speed, not sure about the lag hack theory.
    Mind you the game looks so purty in 1400×900 I dont give a shit how it runs !! Seriously though it makes a HUGE difference to what you see and what you dont. What used to be hidden in the jagged edge of the edge of an object is now clearly a helmet skirting a jeep or a rock ledge. A lot of players use the fact that many people are on the edge of just complying to minimum standards in order to get a big advantage. Others are just hacking little fuckers with no skill no spine no ability and even less fucking testosterone ! (sorry I got carried away again)
    On the Subject of Medal of Honour Tier 1, I got a copy last night and played for about 3 hours. Great game, but it just dont do it for me yet, CODMW2 is still my first love, and if CODBO is anywhere near MW2 less the hacks Im there. (No pressure Les, but WTF you been doin the last 8 days ? LOL) So I’m guessing that there is a little pleasure involved in the reviewing pain. Looking forward to your comments.
    Can I just say this is a great place for not only venting, but for information.
    And BTW for all you guys celebrating – Happy Thanksgiving !!! (I hope thats politically correct, shit I dont wanna upset any one ).
    Come on Christmas !!
    See you guys around the traps !!
    HHH Codral Signing off – 6 2 and even over and out !
    (gotta remember to leave the little red ones alone )

  43. Thank you muchly Ralf, I have long suspecte a lag hack, it just seems to kick in at the wrong place and time and when it goes away someone is there to knife you or snipe you, some would just say sore loser but hey, played a little prick called Drucula this morning who got really antsy when he was called out, but again hey!. Ralf you got an email address you wish to use or are you on Skype, if so and you want to talk and vent let us know.



  44. Hey Boomer,
    If you like you can get me at fuso58atyahooin australia.
    Hope you get the drift !
    I check it regularly!
    Couldn’t wait for Les’s review so I bought Black ops.
    First impressions……..AWeSOME.
    Im working my way through the story line. But its pretty to look at and depending on the skill level it can be full on.
    Haven’t played in an online match yet, but have been into the training grounds and played against real people.
    Can I just say that its great playing against people who dont see you !
    Because here I can manage between 17 – 22 kills + assists every round !
    Love the new moves and weapons – yeah !
    Better yet I love being able to ambush ! Fuk thats new to me ! Let them walk up to you and past you, knife some and shoot the rest…. Amazing concept – simulates battle ?

    Les, I look forward to your review, as I value your opinion, but I love this shit!
    Only played on 4 maps, but not one I hate (yet).
    Lets just hope that they can keep it bullshit free – well relatively anyways.

  45. Hi Boomer,
    I just wanted to add a few lines about your machine specs (no Im not a hardware engineer just a shithead who has built his own machines for over 12 years) Unless your machine is borderline to basic requirements, it shouldnt cause the game to lag. I use a little gadget in win 7 to monitor my machine’s load (CPU RAM Network AND HDD) if I start to have issues I run a game or program in windowed mode and watch the load on the PC. It will give a clear indication of where its going wrong (except for the video card)
    My last machine was a Intel Q9450 with 4Gb DDR2 ram and crossfire HD5770 cards. I still had huge issues with Lag.
    I run an i7 950 @3.06ghz 6Gb of DDR3 1600 ram and a HD5970 2Gb and guess what…still lagging !!
    Not sure where you are, but I’m on Bigpond with an 8mb connection (only cause I cant get adsl 2)I run a wireless network for the 3 other PCs in the house they cause me no grief, even when my son is on line with his 360 playing MW2 we have no issue.
    I would look at the Win 7 gadgets and get the system monitor gadget and play in windowed mode and when your lagging look at the cpu and memory usage.
    The other thing is a 9800GT ? – GTX275 or better depending on your cash situation would give a better FPS output. But I prefer the ATI cards, more bang for your buck !
    Lag hack – I have heard players whining at one of their fold to turn it off when playing on line, I read on a site that explained that by throttling down their own line speed a player can introduce lag into a game, and the availability of a utility to help do it. I have played a number of games where my connection speed was great and yet I was moon walking better than michael jackson ever did – back and forward over and over until i was killed.
    Mate if you have the lazy cash – investigate the cause, then fix it !
    Have fun

  46. Hi you guys, alittle on the lag issue, what I’ve read on alot of blogs and chats is it seems to be more of a cpu problem , the game itself is a cpu power pig , 100% power usage in duo core 2 cpu’s is not uncommon , if you’re running a quad core you shouldn’t have much trouble. The game says you only need a E6600 duo core to run it but I’m having some trouble with frame skip and some lag with my E8400 3g.
    They have promised a patch soon to fix the problem ,but lol when is soon? 🙂 One thing that seems to help is typing /snd_restart in the command prompt just before you start a run.
    Hopefully this will help.

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