Well that didn’t take long. First CoD:MW2 wallhack/aimbot already out.

11/13 Update: Thanks to the folks over at the MacNN Forums the video is working once again.

11/12 Update: It appears that this video has been hit with a take-down claim from Activision or Infinity Ward. They claim it’s a copyright violation, though I’m not sure how that can be the case. I asked IW spokesman @fourzerotwo for IW’s official stance on the hack yesterday on Twitter and never received a reply. I guess they’d rather just hide the video than talk about it.

The game is out just a few hours and the first aimbot/wallhack has already shown up for the PC version:

I figured someone would release a cheat along these lines eventually, but I didn’t think it would happen this quickly. As the game currently stands there is no way kick these cheaters off your games. Can’t do it as an administrator or host and can’t do it with a vote. If a hacker joins your game you’ll just have to suck it up, or go find something else to play.

Considering that one of Infinity Ward’s big justifications for not putting out a dedicated server was that their network would do a better job of policing against cheaters and hacks, this doesn’t bode well. IW is going to be looking at a lot of unhappy gamers if they can’t get rid of this hack pretty damn quickly. If they respond as slowly as they did to hacks and cheats in the first Modern Warfare they may find their place as a fan favorite deteriorating quickly. Especially if they don’t add in some means of allowing the players to boot out cheaters.

It looks like the bloodbath may have already started. The IW Forums are swamped right now with page loads timing out due to too many database connection attempts.

97 thoughts on “Well that didn’t take long. First CoD:MW2 wallhack/aimbot already out.

  1. Destroy this piece of pc shit, i hope iw goes bust for this move, die ****** *****, no dedicated server wtf? pc users are not dumb and they know how to find a server

  2. That’s true. You can’t hack Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on a Mac. Of course that’s because you can’t play it on a Mac, but the point remains that if you own a Mac you don’t have to worry about having to play against hackers in CoD:MW2.

  3. No, he was trying to imply that Windows is so full of holes that it’s easy to hack. Never mind that these hacks aren’t written using an exploit of the OS in anyway.

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  5. Moloch is an example of an “idiot”.

    I’m putting off playing anymore MW2 for the rest of the week. 9 out of my last 25 games had at least 3 rank 50 cheaters. I got so riled up I almost got up to punch my monitor with my fist.

    Typical that IW’s reasons are plain lies. Lets see how long before MW2’s online play turns into a cheating fest.

  6. WTF? I don’t have the game nor do I plan on getting it, but this is the first I have seen of MP so I have to ask. Just WTF is with all the arcady sounds and 1-up like bullshit? I thought this was supposed to be a military shooter but it looks like Unreal Tournament and BF2 had a baby! LOL at the losers that find anything remotely redeeming about this game.

  7. “Just WTF is with all the arcady sounds and 1-up like bullshit? I thought this was supposed to be a military shooter but it looks like Unreal Tournament and BF2 had a baby! LOL at the losers that find anything remotely redeeming about this game.”

    +1 (the irony?).

    All the crap going on the screen really takes away from all the “realism”.

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  9. Anyone tell me where to download this.. “Conspiracy” as Madez called it…
    No but seriously… Anyone know where to download the hack?

  10. Scott, I am forced to assume you must be an idiot for two reasons. First for assuming that I would be open to helping you cheat at the game and second for not knowing how to work Google to find it on your own. Then there’s also the fact that the assholes who made the hack advertise where to get it right in the video. Of course they’re going to want your money for it at a rate, if I recall correctly, of $20 a month to ensure that you get the latest versions and know whether or not VAC is detecting the hack.

    You do know that eventually VAC catches up with the current version, right? Then they have to make a new version to try and hide it again. Which means you need to keep updating it which means you need to subscribe to their “service.” Sure, you could probably just download the hack from a torrent site, but there’s a good chance it’s out of date and will get your account banned.

    Here’s a suggestion: Try not being a dick and learn to play the game without cheating.

  11. Very disappointed in Activision and Steam , never have I seen so many hackers as I’ve seen in the last month playing COD MW2 , unbelievable, you would think that these two companies would have had some sort of security against hackers before they released the game , and there is no place to file a compliant , Steams support is a joke. Very sad , very sad indeed.

  12. Amen Bentbullitt, I couldn’t agree more with everything you’ve just said.

    This game was a lot of fun about a month ago. I’ve tried playing in the last 3 weeks and no joke I’ve never seen so much cheating going on in my life. I remember the days of CS v1.3, there was a hacker on almost every public server.

    Now theres a handful in what seems like every game in MW2.

    Popularity of this game is going to sink fast. and the makers of the game have already made their money so they dont give a crap about it.

    It’s just testament to the fact that all game makers really care about is making money, nothing more. 🙁

  13. I agree with pretty much everyone on here. I am new to the game and I haven’t cheated at all(though I did think about it the other day when I had 0 kills and died like 40 times). I can’t stand to play it anymore because of all the bull that goes on in the multiplayer sessions. Now there is somethings that I know but how do you know for sure when someone is cheating? Like I said, I’m new to the game.

  14. Robert, it’s usually pretty easy to tell if someone is cheating if you watch the killcam playbacks after you die. When they’re using an aimbot it’s obvious because their gun sight will practically teleport from person to person and every kill is a head shot. Not everyone uses aimbots though.

    If it seems like they’re able to determine where you are in spite of not being able to see you then that’s usually a clue as well. Generally speaking if they can see you then you should be able to see you in the killcam playback. Some folks use wallhacks for that and others use texture hacks that remove things like the obscuring ground cover (grass and bushes).

    A high kill/death ratio alone isn’t enough to say for sure someone’s cheating. I even manage to get high ratios and I’m not a great player. It can be a clue to watch a player closely, though.

    Not that it matters as the only thing you can do if someone is cheating is quit and try a different server.

  15. Ah, well, notice that the hacks are mostly abused in regular matches. I play nothing but hardcore and do not encounter botters as often as you guys seem to claim. I’ve played solidly for about a month and no complaints. Still kill on a good ratio.

  16. RawrNomNom, you just must either be lucky or simply oblivious. I also only ever play hardcore team deathmatch. And I’d say at least one in every 10 matches I play, I encounter a wallhacker. I don’t throw accusations around unless i’m sure, and usually when I do find one and call it, the hacker just admits it, laughs and says something like, “haha I have a no-steam patch, so what are you gonna do about it?”

    The vast majority of the time I’m in the top 3 for scores anyway, but it’s pretty easy to detect a wallhacker if you have cold blooded and ninja pro (i.e. no possible way for them to know you are there, no detectors work, no footsteps, so they can only detect you if they visually see you).

    So for example you’re hiding deep in a warehouse on a map somewhere (away from any windows) so no enemies outside have any line of sight; there’s no way they could know you’re there. Suddenly, a hail of bullets come through the wall and hit you without missing, killing you instantly, and then mere seconds later a bunch of your teammates die the same way. Situations like that are pretty conclusive.

    I have to say though, I can’t remember encountering anyone with aimbot. But aimbots are pretty useless anyway in COD so long as you have a good mouse & pad. Unlike CS, which is all about aim, I mostly find COD is more about the tactic of spotting other players before they spot you in order to win, which is why wallhacking completely ruins the game.

  17. There’s the thing. I play Hardcore HQ most of the time, so even having the wallhack/aimbot setup, it’s pretty much useless when you’re the one person left and we know where you are.

    I don’t play Hardcore TDM, I consider it full of campers and no skills.

  18. So in essence what you’re saying is that in one very specific instance of the game the cheating isn’t a factor and so you don’t understand why the rest of us, who prefer to play more than just one of the multiple game modes available, are upset?

    “Hey, if you just limit yourself to Hardcore HQ then you’d have no problems with the cheaters!” I suppose that may be true.

    You could also say that if you limited yourself to only eating broccoli then you’d never have to worry about choking to death on a hot dog. Not sure how that addresses the problem of people who like hot dogs who’d prefer not to choke on them, but at least you’ve expressed your opinion.

  19. Hahaha. Well, I did say ‘most of the time’. In fact, I just got out of a couple hour session of Ground War. I did moderately well, just not used to not killing in one hit most of the time. No indication of a wallhack being present, though some aimbotting was debatable.

    Someone did make a good point in an earlier game, though:

    “There’s always hackers in pc games. You pay good money for the game and should know what exactly you’re getting yourself into. Deal with the fact that some people exploit, and realize that not everyone does it, so quite your whining.”

    That was through the VoIP in-game, so I had to paraphrase quite a bit. As for expressing my opinion, isn’t that what you are all doing? Constantly complaining about something that could never be completely fixed is like whining about politics: you can complain all you want, but it takes awhile to comb through all the details.

  20. Of course there’s always hackers in PC games. Which is why the removal of dedicated servers and the kick vote was such a bad idea on IW’s part. Which was the point of the original post and the subsequent posts I made later.

    The fact remains, whatever experiences you may have had, that the game is rife with cheaters and the reliance on Valve’s Anti-Cheat technology is a poor decision due to how long it takes for bans to occur. With a kick vote (as a minimum) or dedicated servers (ideally) the impact of cheaters could be significantly reduced.

  21. I agree totally with your initial post Les. The hacks are destroying what is otherwise a kick ass fun game, and the VAC system just doesn’t seem to work. As you say, the power to stop hackers needs to be controlled by the gamers themselves… But, even then every SOB that dies in the game starts making wild accusations towards other players, who, may have simply played a great game that round.
    I have been known to point the finger, however, i watch every kill cam, and only do so when there is not a shred of doubt in my mind… Strangely enough, every time, the player has either laughed mockingly (little fu*@ers), or left the match the following round. I have an ever growing list of HACK handles, but steam are certainly not interested… Not even a public forum to shame these individuals would help, they could simply change their handle. In short: The game is being ruined, and i for one am over it all together… UNLESS something is done NOW!

  22. Well i got the game in February and back then the hacking problem was a complete shitstorm. Nowadays the hacking has kind of worn off. Theres still hackers out there, don’t get me wrong, but i guess IW wanted to get rid of most of the hackers with no initial work on their part; by waiting it off… Hopefully in Black Ops, dedicated servers wont be a problem anymore…

  23. I bought this after watching my son play on his 360.
    The PC version was prettier, but once I got online I was having a serious fun time.
    that is, until the wanking Ninja-Flash crew arrived killed every one and set off a nuke F*@#$d the game up, and did so all frigging evening – there were 5 of them that took turns in killing the game and everyone else’s enjoyment.
    Wallers and aimbotters what an absolute joke. These guys are just into self gratification on an off line. I bought the game in May 2010 and like a heap of other people love it but hate the sub human failures that need to hack and wall to get a win up, even a kill up.
    Some of these guys and girls are so f****d up that they don’t see that they are screwing the game for NORMAL people or that they are deficient in any way.
    We need dedicated servers, we also need the ability to self govern and boot some of these dicks off.
    IW need to start banning cretins and do more to protect and support the paying public – without us they have fuck all any way. Lets hope they sort it out in Black Ops !

  24. I have to admit that the amount of cheating is definitely lower than it was, but there’s still more than I’d like going on. That said, my biggest complaint these days about the lack of dedicated servers is that sometimes you just want to play with a different group of people.

    When you end up on a server where you’re totally outclassed by the other players it’s nice to jump to another server to see if it’s a little more on your skill level. The problem is IWNet just matches you up based on the best ping so you may have to quit a server five or six times as IWNet keeps plopping you back down into the same fucking server over and over again. Of course each time you quit it counts as a “loss” on your record. Which is why I stopped giving a shit about the win/loss ratio a long fucking time ago.

  25. Here we are 5 months later and the Hacker Army seems to have grown , man it is so messed up its not worth playing anymore , well I hope that IW and Activision enjoy the 60 bucks they stole off me and the other million or so legit players that were expecting a well policed non-hacked game ( like they promised ). All I can say is well done guys , you sure as hell won’t be gettting any more money outta me .
    P.S. Thank the Gaming Gods for BFBC 2

  26. Got MW2 last month i got to level 51 and cant be bothered with it anymore for online play and the single player mode is full of bugs, and when online its really simple to spot on replay if u have silencers, scavenger pro, cold blooded pro, and ninja pro, as they aim through walls and follow to open points even if ur not visible on their screen from replay they get instant headshot, already hack fest, sometimes i feel as though im only humanoid player left, so time to phone iw and get a refund.. as its not what i want to be paying for. If i wanted to be beaten by cheats that lol and deny obvious truth i’d play gta-sa online.. -.-

  27. Tho the cheaters haven’t yet mind-blastingly went up or down, there’s a cheater in 5-10 games, and they mostly wont be just a single bunch, I’ve seen “clans”, teams, groups, solo players and whatsoevers cheating, just laughing at others or simply being quiet while others are having a flamefeast.. I sure wish there’s dedis in black ops and decent support for reporting cheaters and busting them quick.

  28. Fu*£ing A… Skazi, you got it right. They either deny it to the death, or laugh in your face… Either liars or bastards…
    Man, it wouldnt bother me if the game sucked balls, but its wicked…
    Some people suck so fu*£ing bad
    You know, i would rather suck for who i am then be reveared for who im not.

  29. Hughes got it ..nearly they are LYING BASTARDS.
    As much as it hurts, you guys have it in one. Most of these guys and girls are in denial. I got aced across the field by a guy with thermal sights and an SMG. I was running Cold Blooded Pro & Ninja Pro and on the replay he couldn’t see me. Last night in Scrapyard a guy cleaned up 4 of our players without moving or reloading even though he was pinned to a wall across about 160 degree sweep.
    The majority just hide behind “I’m having a great run” or some such Bull$hit. Watch the replays and then call the cowardly bastards out by name -they will leave after a few times, I’ve even been booted by a few as well.
    I cant help but wonder how insecure and inadequate you would have to feel before you have to resort to hacking ? Really suicidal I would think, but F*%k them all I paid for the game, I will have my fun even if it has to be at their expense…
    I wonder if any of them thought about counciling? Might be cheaper than the cheats the buy and improve their self esteem – Wont fix them being dickless wonders with a shrivelled courage organ the size of a pea !
    I used to note by a non specific call but make it personal – name them.
    Having said that there are still, hackers or botters who are still semi human, and will leave when asked.
    I personally believe we need to take back what we paid for. These wankers have tried to take the fun out of the game (and there is still plenty of fun to be had).
    They have made it nearly impossible to rate a decent kill score.
    Removed the true element of surprise attack with walling and using the aimbot hack.
    What really sucks is that REAL people who have paid good money for this and are half decent players, are walking away saying its too hard because these no hoping waanbes have turned this into an absolute joke. They boast about how good they are but hey, real people on MW2 unite ! If you spot one name them and go after them as a group ! I watched it and it works.
    Just another point playing last night I watched what I thought was a team member (Green label) morph into an enemy (red label)as I watched, so I shot him. Took a whole clip from my Scar with FMJ at close range too. As I reloaded the same bastard spawned behind me and returned the favour ( I got the last laugh as the grenade I dropped on death killed him again)- Is that a bug a hack or what ? is it new ? I have seen it before as an “ally” aproached me he changed to an enemy and knifed me. I thought it may have been my eyes slow to react or an overlay of images. but last night ithe guy was out in the open no mistaking what happened, usually happens in Scrapyard, but every where last night.

  30. I have a new gripe. I was playing last night and noticed players floating around, this wasn’t an entirely new sight for me being that i had seen it in the first instalment. What is really crap about it is that when i asked why, i was told that it’s the same reason I’m level 70. Another told me that it was a hacking server. Indeed it was true, I’m suddenly level 70. Not happy. I can’t even go through the game normally now. Seems the hackers have found another way to screw everyone’s fun

  31. Shit, This is the third time it happened to me. banged up to level 46 and next minute level 70.
    You know I thought it had something to do with a perk, and didn’t worry about it but as I recall it was around the time I got into the hacked version of RUST, everyone is Ninja walking and dick heads with Sniper rifles are leaping way up out of sight.
    I have run the prestige twice now to try to do it naturally.
    I think its time someone did something, I noticed an ad on Steam for another expansion, wanted to, but it will just be another way to make my blood pressure rise and make me feel homicidal toward these nasty little genderless cretins who think nothing of over running the game with their pissant antics. Camping at respawn points, running god mode, walling and just generally annoying the piss out of all the other players.
    There are that many in some games that I’m the only real player on line.
    The only really redeeming feature is that from time to time you can get into a game with really players who dont hack.
    There was one guy who concerned me a bit over the week end though. His tag escapes me, (I normally note them down)over 8 games I didn’t see his character once but was butched at long range 6 times every game, he always camped away from the action and long shot someone, I found that kinda creepy.

  32. ok i have to say dedicaed servers would be nice bu all it would mean is us paying more for them to fix the problems they failed to fix to begin with and i have a prob with that because they already said dedicated servers means an additional fee

  33. You know after the last few weeks of carnage and bullshit maybe I would pay to play on a managed server. Only to watch some of these cocksuckers get a bit of what they have dished out.
    The other night one try hard actually said the reason he was hacking was to complete a challenge.
    Saywhat? Does that make sense ? I thought the aim of the game was to complete the challenges ( and shoot the shit out of everything and everyone – just kidding) and increase your level using you skill and ability.
    Shit I get it now!
    These nob jockeys have neither and have no character either.
    Shit reading the blogs about famous hackers they have no creativity, they even steal the names of so called legendary hackers.
    Let’s remember one thing a hacker, legendary or no, is still a fucking cheat!

  34. This is just getting so bloody frustrating! I started playing free for all today and must have bumped into a clan, there were players popping up out of nowhere, shooting at you in the middle of jumps and getting single shot hits with an smg from across the board. This game is my first use of online gaming and have been playing it since late december 09 so I think I have built up a reasonable skill level, since my connection is fairly slow at times I have developed tactics to counter that (it is bloody annoying to empty a full mag into another player then have him kill you with a single shot or knife, no bloody realism here) such as working from a distance and ambush, call it camping if you like. (Funny that the biggest moaners about camping or tubing are the players who rack up 20+ kills in the first 3 minutes) its all about being creative with what you have. Anyway the reason for my spit here is the moral aspect of the game as in: WHAT SORT OF GRATIFICATION DO THESE TOOLS GET OUT OF THE GAME, ITS LIKE ATHLETES WHO USE PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUGS, IT SEEMS LIKE A PRETTY HOLLOW WIN TO ME, AS SUCH I FAIL TO SEE THE POINT IN DOING IT BECAUSE YOU ACHIEVE NOTHING, I SUPPOSE THESE CHEATS ARE SUCH UNDERACHIEVERS IN REAL LIFE THEY NEED TOOLS TO BOOST THEIR PUNY EGOS IN THIS FAIRLY ANONYMOUS WORLD, MOST OF THEM WOULD HAVE BOUGHT THEIR CHEATS ONLINE BECAUSE THEY HAV’NT GOT THE NOUSE TO WRITE THE DAMN THINGS THEMSELVES. Anyway, I also bumped into a hacked server that boosted me to level 70 on my first run, i had worked up to level 63 and was really pissed to have the pleasure of working up to 70 in my own time. Enough of my rant, I’m glad to see i’m not alone, thought I was though for a long while.

  35. You have full rights to rant Boomer, I get so pissed off at the hacking it makes me want to quit playing altogether, I think all the paying customers should get together and SUE Activision and Steam for failing ( or even trying ) to do something about the Hacking. I guess you guys at Activ. and Steam are to busy spending our money to really give a shit !! All I can say is the next time you FUCK us please show us the CURTSY of kissing us first !!

  36. Well put Bentbullit,
    Just a question though, I was dickhead enough to pay for the expansion pack, and for a few hours it was clean, but didnt last.
    I was in a game on the Carnival map, and in the opening minute had been killed by players “beaming In” – just materialising infront of, behind or next to me, and blowing the shit out of me.
    I finally managed to sneak up behind one guy and emptied a clip in his head.
    The result was, he got up and stabbed me.
    This isnt funny anymore, I tried to log a report during the game only to find I was the only player in the game, go figure!
    Screw them all !
    And god help them if I ever find out who they are!
    That goes for the wankers at Infinity Ward and Activision who are responsible.
    BTW the next hacking fuck who calls me a noob will have his balls removed with a can opener !

  37. I may have been stupid enough to buy the first expansion pack, but I learned my lesson. I don’t really play MW2 that much anymore, because I realized that not IW or steam or activision is gonna make dedicated servers or vote kicks. I’d rather spend fifteen bucks on that then new maps.

  38. I simply dont play COD MW anymore. I have gone back to COD 4 Multi… I have not played MW in about 3 months now. I cant help but feel that the original is still the best, and for the most part the hacks have moved on, making it even better. I can only assume (and hope) the same thing will happen with the release of black ops on the 11/9/10. If the trend holds, a few months later perhaps MW will get a lot better (re the hack situation) the way COD 4 multi has.

  39. Yep,
    I am in the same boat, I bpought MW2 and loved it from the outset, and was naive enough to believe that the guys who step out in front of you were jut better players. After 4 months I recognise the names and what will happen during the game. Even though in my last post I stated I wont be beaten, I think I’ve had enough :{ .
    The writing is on the wall as soon as IW and Activision rlease their next disaster the better. The Hack brigade can move on and I can go back to MW2. I bough COD4 and Modern Warfare just after MW2, and will migrate over the coming weeks until the smoke (and bullshit) clears.
    Sorry, I know its been said over and over, but what the fuck kind of pathetic little knob jockeys are the parents of today breeding ? These little (and big) assholes use their anonymity to avoid a real world flogging (probably because at school/college or work they are someone else’s bitch anyway), they have no ability, no moral fibre and have hearts the size of peas.
    Grow some balls that goes for you girls or chicks as well! Get some fucking skill! not fucking hacks you lame assed loser fuckwits! You can’t hack your way through life ! up to now there aren’t any job-bots, or promotion hacks, time to grow up just a little.
    Oh and remember one thing hackers, dont brag too loud or spread your rep to far, there are a lot and I mean a lot of MW2 players who owe you guys – big time, and would love to repay some of the kindness you have visited on us noobs in the game, only in the real world. I have a shitload of names in my little book of payback, and mother Karma has a really fun way of making it possible.
    Wait for me Hughes I’m on my way.
    Why is it that I never feel better after a rant? All I want to do is what the voices tell me and track down one of these losers and listen to them screeeeaaaaaaammmmmmmmmm!

  40. Karma rocks Ralf, Obviously none of these Hacking run and gun Tools have the slightest concept of what the game really entails. It is AN ATTEMPT at a simulation of real life combat scenarios, not a good one, but then they have to work within the limitations of the medium and dramatic licence. Were this to be real life the likes of you and I Ralf would then be required to risk our arses to go out an pick up the screaming, bleeding and shitting bodies of these run and gun merchants who so proudly type up on the board “GET SOME SKILL UP”. You and I know that real warfare is all about ambush, concealment stealth and tactics using the resources and terrain you have to the best advantage, sometimes hard in mw2 but not impossible. In this game to me it is about the body count ratio, you v them, keep a good 1 to 1 or less and you have the SKILL. To all who read this, hang in there, the tools will move on to try and master the next you beaut game on the shelves, then and only then we might get back to a level playing field and enjoy this game as it should be enjoyed.

    Regards to all

  41. Hey Ralf ,give me 5 mins , I’ll find my baseball bat and brass knuckles and I’ll come with ya Bro , maybe we can start a new game of our own ,,, HACKER HUNTING

  42. Yeh! Bentbullit, maybe we should all arrange to be at the same match on free for all and then go hunting as a group to get these tools, baseball bats and brass knucks, sound like good new weapon options to me

  43. Its nice to see that there are other ‘normal’ people out there. and, there is nothing I would love more than to make a few of these pathetic little twerps bleed in real life!
    One that rates a special mention is a loser with the tag of ‘unbound’ this piece of work has found a way around using a steam account, doesnt appear on the player roster and camps on spawn sites. UNBOUND you get a huge thumbs up from me! You’re a fuckin legend in your own mind !
    Get a life !
    Better still get a brain and then some balls!
    Play the game like a real man (or woman)
    These clowns must really be pathetic to carry on the way they do.
    BoomerMMW – the problem with these ‘entities’ is that even if you offered the oportunity to man up, they are really such wimpy little turds they’d send their mommies and daddies, maybe mom and dad should take a little interest their budding losers?
    Lets be honest, most of these shits are kids, I “listened” to 3 or 4 of em talking about exams the otherday I made them to be between 14 – 17. So they played and typed simaltaneously – because they all have 4 fucking arms and don’t hack!
    Bring on the next COD episode, their parents will buy it for them and we only need to worry about them when they are barred.
    Come on IW give us a go release the new game.
    Just one open question.
    I have played non stop for 3 months, I’m average if I’ve had a lotta beers I’m better, is the verbal abuse on line getting worse ?
    I’ve noticed an increase in the racial undertones of some agressive players.

  44. Ralf: I have taken leave from another online rant to reply, I know that 4 or 5 buddies does not a good player make, but when you think about it a century ago we all went into combat pissed to the eyeballs because it gave us the necesarry aggression to get the job done, bit like todays pub fights perhaps, however then they were doing something usefull for society, like killing the enemy using what they had to do the job.
    Mate, these tools would not venture out beyond the bunkers concrete walls because the sound of that richochet would make them shit themselves then they would be to embarressed to appear infront of their wimpy peers (or is that peeérs)for fear of losing face and all of that false bravado that the anonimity of online games gives them. Ralf, fight the way you see fit, if you feel you have fought a fair fight and their are some out there, had a good one this morning, then its worth while, but yes, I CANT WAIT FOR IW TO RELEASE – HACK AND CHEAT WAR V.1 – then all of these juvenile twits can go and cheat and tweak and whinge for their momies to their hearts content and we can get on with enjoying this excellent game. Ralf, I play as Pure Vanilla, that means I play with what the game gives me and make the most of it, if you see me, stop and stand and I wont shoot, its hard to shake hands but we can say G’day.

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