Praise be the Tweets.

And now, an important message from the future:

Found over at Pharyngula

2 thoughts on “Praise be the Tweets.

  1. Praise be to Stephen Fry.

    I was at the University of Dundee in the 1990’s when Mr Fry was the University Rector.

    I attended one of his lectures while there.
    He talked about the evolution of different educational models from the ancient Greeks.

    Also about now unfair it was that all the good degrees go to the students who have no lives (i.e. study all the time).
    So, he recommended that students should be able to buy scratch cards to win a First or Second class degree.
    The more scratch cards you buy, the greater your chance to win a good degree.

    Frank Lenehan BEng. (Dundee)

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