Man beats priest he believes to be a terrorist.

If you’re going to take the job of protecting the country from terrorists into your own hands, it’s always best if you can tell the difference between a Greek Orthodox priest and an Arabic Terrorist. Apparently, despite being a Marine reservist, Jasen D. Bruce is not one of those people, but that didn’t stop him from stepping up when his country needed him most:

The incident took place around 6:35 p.m. Monday, police said. The priest, Alexios Marakis, 29, is from Crete, Greece. He is visiting St. Nicholas Greek Cathedral at 17 E Tarpon Ave. but police said he was in the Westshore area to bless another retired Greek priest.

But Marakis apparently got lost and exited northbound Interstate 275 into downtown Tampa, police said.

The priest followed several cars into the Seaport Channelside Apartments on Twiggs Street. He got out of his car and asked Bruce for help.

Instead of offering help, Bruce struck the priest on the head with a tire iron, police said.

He then chased the priest for three blocks to the Madison Avenue and Meridian Avenue, police said, and even called 911 to say that an Arabic man tried to rob him.

Next time perhaps he should call the police first and let them handle the situation before breaking out the tire iron.

Still, you’ve got to give Jasen credit for knowing when he’s screwed up big time:

The priest was taken to Tampa General Hospital. There, a translator helped Marakis speak to police.

Then officers went to Bruce’s apartment to speak to the reservist again. But he already had an attorney with him and refused to speak, police said.

I have a feeling someone is in for some anger management and racial sensitivity courses, at a minimum, in the near future.

6 thoughts on “Man beats priest he believes to be a terrorist.

  1. I think I better punishment would be activating him and having him go on an ethnic sensitivity and latrine cleaning tour through Greece courtesy of the United States military.

  2. Actually now he’s claiming the “terrorist” followed him around and tried to sexually assault him.
    The most fitting punishment would be to charge him with attempted murder, possibly under the new hate crimes laws.

  3. He’s already being punished. All those Fox news interviews he was imagining as he held the greek orthodox terrorist down have disappeared into the aether.

  4. @legacyABQ: Yeah, for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. Less than he should have been charged with, but more than I expected. It’s a felony, but only just. They’re also investigating whether it was a hate crime…Because “Bashed someone I thought was a Muslim over the head.” is apparently a gray area.

  5. It appears Jason has been in an altercation and charged as such.

    I saw a picture of the Priest, He is an older man dressed in black from head to toe. He wears a head dress of sorts and has a long gray beard. He looks like, and could be mistaken for the Ayatollah of Iran.

    He also walked up behind this man and possibly “Touched ( Tapped ) him on the Shoulder”

    I am not defending Jason, I was not at the alleged crime scene, and do not know all the facts. But I am saying this would not be a good individual to walk up behind and surprise him wearing a costume, We just had a bunch of soldiers targeted and murdered at a Military Base in Texas. Now…In that case we are not saying it was an act of Terrorism, or even a Hate Crime. It seems to be just an unfortunate incident. There needs to be an Investigation and Trial before people rush to Judgment.

    But in the case of Jason, The usual double standard ( Kangaroo Court System ) seems appropriate in some media outlets. Perhaps even some blogs.

    If it really is found to be a complete unprovoked act of violence, Then Jason ( I’m almost sure ) will find he is not an exception to the laws of the land.

    That is a process, that is yet to have taken place.

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