I’ll be messing around with SEB’s theme soon.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m currently using the Atahualpa theme for SEB because it’s the most configurable one I’ve found outside of Thesis. The latter of which costs money while the former does not, though they do accept donations. Athualpa has a few annoying quirks, but it is amazingly malleable so working with it is worth the effort. I’ve already made a major modification by reducing the layout from a three column format to a two column format as several folks seem to prefer that. I’ll be working on the color scheme as well in the days to come to get us back to a darker look. Alas, this means updating a lot of different sections one by one so as I do it the site will look somewhat funky during the process.

So this is just a note to say that if you stop by and the site looks a mess it’s because I’m working on getting it back to something a bit more familiar. Just so you know.

11 thoughts on “I’ll be messing around with SEB’s theme soon.

  1. On the contrary, it already looks cleaner thanks to moving to a single sidebar. No more YouTube videos covering up the recent posts section! Yay!

  2. I think it is fine like it is…But some of us know you will ” just not leave it alone “.

    Anyways….I see momma posted, so I clicked on her name and was reading about all the Christmas stuff. I don’t have my reading glasses on…

    I see this:
    “The other bit of business was concluded at 4 am this morning and is tucked safely in my bedroom out of sight. I have seen enough of those lovely shades of blue to last me a long while”

    I do kind of a double take, ” Why would she say that ? ” I get my glasses to read it again… Oh….tucked:)

  3. There’s a bunch of features missing from the old site and the glaring white background isn’t fun at all. Other than that, I don’t care.

  4. Leguru, you, and everyone else who has registered, should now be able to access the entry posting part of the dashboard. I’ve changed everyone’s role to contributor which allows you to submit new entries to a pending queue. I’ll still have to approve each entry, but this should make things somewhat similar to how they worked under EE. I’ve also changed the default role for new members to contributor.

  5. should now be able to access the entry posting part

    Thanks, Les. Still fiddling with the HTML tags, like blockquote. Had to look it up in my textbook.

  6. What was the sidebar’s width on the EE site?

    The thing with a two-column layout with a fixed sidebar and a fluid body on a wide screen is that sidebar seems all scrunched up, while the main body just keeps going off into the distance. Neither column is very readable, but for opposite reasons.

    I’d be tempted to try a fixed layout; sidebar 250, body 775 or so. Or 25% and 75%.

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